Remnant 2 Archetypes Guide – Choosing Your Optimal Archetype | How to Unlock Archetypes

In Remnant 2, the choice of your starting Archetype significantly shapes your gameplay experience. Each Archetype offers a distinctive set of skills and perks, fundamentally altering your playstyle. To assist you in selecting the optimal Archetype, consider the following factors, which will ultimately influence your journey through this challenging realm.

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Defining Your Playstyle

Prior to choosing an Archetype, ascertain your preferred playstyle to ensure a seamless integration with your gaming approach. Evaluate the following criteria:

1. Ranged or Melee Emphasis: Determine if you favor ranged combat or close-quarters engagement. Further refine your choice by specifying whether you prefer short-range or long-range combat.

2. Solo or Cooperative Play: Consider if you intend to venture forth alone or alongside fellow players. Your chosen Archetype should align with your multiplayer preferences.

3. Survival Tools: Reflect on whether you require a safeguard to revive you upon incapacitation. This safety net can greatly impact your longevity in the game.

Exploring Remnant 2 Starting Archetypes

The realm of Remnant 2 offers four distinct starting Archetypes, each fostering a unique approach to combat and survival:

1. Challenger Archetype: Emboldened by raw power, the Challenger excels in close-quarters combat. With an emphasis on melee prowess, this Archetype is suited for players who revel in direct confrontations and swift eliminations.

2. Handler Archetype: For those who prefer ranged precision, the Handler is a prime choice. This Archetype empowers you with long-range weapons and the finesse to strike foes from a distance.

3. Hunter Archetype: Equipped with skills that enhance both ranged and melee capabilities, the Hunter is a versatile choice. This Archetype suits players who appreciate adaptability and a balanced approach to combat.

4. Medic Archetype: If you prioritize supporting your allies and bolstering your team’s survival, the Medic is the archetype for you. Offering healing abilities and cooperative benefits, the Medic excels in group play.

Crafting Your Remnant 2 Journey

Selecting the most fitting Archetype for your desired playstyle will grant you a more fulfilling and engaging experience within the world of Remnant 2. Through careful consideration of your combat preferences and cooperative inclinations, you can embark on an adventure tailored to your strengths and preferences. By forging your path in Remnant 2, you’ll not only confront the challenges that lie ahead but also uncover the joy of mastering your chosen Archetype.

Challenger Archetype: Unleash Your Melee Brute Power

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The Challenger Archetype offers an enticing blend of close-quarters combat prowess and supplementary ranged weapon bonuses, making it a dynamic choice for those who relish melee bruiser playstyles. This Archetype seamlessly combines durability, versatility, and solo viability, while also bringing a strong co-op presence. Below is a comprehensive overview of the Challenger Archetype.

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Prime Perk: Die Hard

The Challenger’s signature Prime Perk, “Die Hard,” showcases its tenacity and resilience. When struck by fatal damage, the Challenger triggers a 2-second period of invulnerability, simultaneously restoring 50% of their maximum health. This life-saving ability can be activated once every 10 minutes, resetting either at Worldstones or upon death.

Archetype Trait: Strong Back

The “Strong Back” Archetype Trait bestows a reduction in Encumbrance, alleviating the weight burden that comes with heavy armor and weapons. The reduction can range from 1 to 10, enhancing your mobility and combat effectiveness.

Starting Skill: War Stomp

The “War Stomp” starting skill embodies the Challenger’s formidable melee presence. By executing this skill, you unleash a seismic shockwave that inflicts 150 damage and stagger to enemies within a forward cone spanning up to 7.5 meters. At point-blank range, the damage radiates in all directions. This ability boasts a 50-second cooldown, enabling you to deliver devastating blows at opportune moments.

Embrace Your Melee Tank Identity

The Challenger Archetype thrives as a melee tank, excelling in absorbing and mitigating incoming damage. Its ability to withstand attacks, coupled with its potent melee strikes, positions it as a relentless force on the battlefield. Whether facing adversaries solo or in cooperative endeavors, the Challenger’s presence is undeniably impactful. Just bear in mind that its preference for close-range combat might inadvertently obstruct the shots of ranged teammates.

Unlocking the Challenger Archetype

To harness the power of the Challenger, acquire the “Old Metal Tool” from Reggie within Ward 13 and subsequently present it to Wallace. This initiation into the Challenger Archetype opens up a world of melee bruiser gameplay and allows you to explore the depths of your tenacity and might.

Embark on your journey as a Challenger, delving into the heart of combat with an indomitable spirit. Channel your strength and resilience to become an unwavering melee force, delivering blows that echo through the annals of Remnant 2.

Handler Archetype: Unleash the Power of Your Loyal Companion

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The Handler Archetype stands as a unique and captivating choice for those who relish the company of a steadfast canine companion on their journey through Remnant 2. This Archetype specializes in solo play, offering a potent blend of survivability, ranged combat, and support capabilities. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the captivating features that define the Handler Archetype.

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Prime Perk: Bonded

The Handler’s Prime Perk, “Bonded,” epitomizes the deep connection between the Handler and their loyal companion. When the Handler is incapacitated, their faithful companion intervenes, reviving them to 50% of their maximum health. Furthermore, this skill can be employed to resuscitate allies, provided they possess a Relic charge. The cooldown for this ability stands at 120 seconds, fostering strategic and well-timed support maneuvers.

Archetype Trait: Kinship

The “Kinship” Archetype Trait cultivates a harmonious bond, facilitating reduced Friendly Fire Damage Dealt and Received. The percentage of damage reduction, ranging from 8 to 80, amplifies both your personal longevity and your capacity to safeguard teammates.

Starting Skill: Guard Dog

At the heart of the Handler’s arsenal lies the “Guard Dog” starting skill, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of their devoted companion. This fierce yet endearing canine follows the Handler’s lead, accentuating their threat level by generating 15% increased Threat while attacking. Additionally, the companion enjoys a 20% reduction in damage taken. The skill’s versatility shines through its multi-tiered functionality:

Single Press: The companion gallantly confronts foes in proximity to the targeted location, engaging in combat with the Handler’s adversaries.

Double Tap: The companion heeds the Handler’s command, returning to their side to provide unwavering support and companionship.

Hold: By executing a prolonged hold, the Handler and their companion unleash a resounding howl that resonates across a 20-meter radius. This resonant howl bestows a 15% damage reduction to all allies within its reach, fortifying their defenses. Simultaneously, the companion augments its threat generation prowess, serving as an effective frontline presence.

Embrace the Unity of Handler and Companion

The Handler Archetype thrives on the synergistic relationship between the Handler and their loyal canine companion. This unique bond offers enhanced survivability, damage mitigation, and threat manipulation, transforming the Handler into a well-rounded force to be reckoned with. The Handler’s proficiency in solo endeavors, as well as their capacity to provide utility within a team, makes them an invaluable addition to any group dynamic.

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Unlocking the Handler Archetype

To unlock the vibrant world of the Handler Archetype, procure the “Old Whistle” from Mudtooth within Ward 13. Present this cherished artifact to Wallace, granting you the ability to forge an unbreakable bond with your loyal canine companion. Through shared experiences and unwavering camaraderie, the Handler Archetype empowers you to navigate the tumultuous landscapes of Remnant 2 with your four-legged ally by your side.

Embrace the unique dynamics of the Handler Archetype, and embark on a remarkable journey where every challenge is met with the steadfast loyalty and tenacity of your devoted companion.

Hunter Archetype: Unleash Precision and Lethality from Afar

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The Hunter Archetype stands as a compelling choice for those who revel in the art of precision marksmanship and long-range combat within the world of Remnant 2. Boasting unmatched marksmanship skills and a penchant for dealing devastating damage from a distance, the Hunter excels as a master marksman who shapes the battlefield through calculated strikes. Below, you’ll discover an in-depth exploration of the captivating facets that define the Hunter Archetype.

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Prime Perk: Dead to Rights

The “Dead to Rights” Prime Perk epitomizes the Hunter’s mastery of ranged combat and uncanny precision. Delivering 65 Base Ranged Weakspot Damage triggers a remarkable benefit: an extension of the duration of active Hunter Skills by 2.5 seconds. This extension can surpass the initial duration, showcasing the Hunter’s ability to maintain lethal efficiency through consistent marksmanship.

Archetype Trait: Longshot

The “Longshot” Archetype Trait accentuates the Hunter’s expertise in engaging adversaries from extended distances. By enhancing Weapon Ideal Range by an impressive range, spanning from 60 to 600 centimeters, the Hunter ensures that their accuracy remains unrivaled even when engaging foes from afar.

Starting Skill: Hunter’s Mark

At the core of the Hunter’s arsenal lies the “Hunter’s Mark” starting skill, a manifestation of their heightened spatial awareness and precision-focused approach. This skill emanates an aura that automatically applies the MARK effect to all enemies within a 35-meter radius. As the Hunter’s senses are heightened, they gain a remarkable 15% increase in both Ranged and Melee damage. This dynamic skill unfolds with multifaceted mechanics:

Activation: Triggering the aura casts the MARK effect upon enemies, allowing you to exploit their vulnerabilities for amplified damage.

Enhanced Potency: The heightened spatial awareness fosters a heightened capacity for critical strikes and Weakspot targeting, empowering the Hunter’s ranged prowess.

Duration: The effects of the aura persist for a duration of 25 seconds, allowing the Hunter to capitalize on their enhanced abilities.

Cooldown: The cooldown period for this skill rests at 68 seconds, encouraging strategic deployment to maximize its impact.

Embrace the Art of Precision and Strategy

The Hunter Archetype emboldens players to embrace the role of a master marksman, harnessing their precision and calculated strategy to dominate the battlefield. While the Hunter may lack the durability of certain Archetypes, their prowess in teamwork, ranged damage output, and Weakspot targeting more than compensates. The Hunter’s capacity to mark opponents and increase the likelihood of critical strikes brings unrivaled utility to both solo encounters and cooperative endeavors.

Unlocking the Hunter Archetype

To embark on the path of the Hunter Archetype, acquire the “Rusty Medal” from the esteemed Brabus within Ward 13. Present this token of distinction to pave the way for your journey as a master marksman, equipped to engage foes from unparalleled distances and deliver precise strikes that alter the course of battle.

As a Hunter, you wield not only a weapon but also an unparalleled understanding of your adversaries’ weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Through your calculated marksmanship, devastating ranged abilities, and keen sense of strategy, you will leave an indelible mark upon the perilous landscapes of Remnant 2.

Medic Archetype: A Healing Beacon Amidst Chaos

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In the unforgiving world of Remnant 2, the Medic Archetype emerges as a beacon of healing and support, offering solace and rejuvenation to comrades in the heat of battle. With an unwavering dedication to the art of healing, the Medic stands as a vital cornerstone within any team, cultivating an environment of survivability and restoration. This in-depth exploration delves into the defining elements of the Medic Archetype, illuminating the potent healing abilities that make them indispensable allies.

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Prime Perk: Regenerator

The “Regenerator” Prime Perk manifests the essence of the Medic’s restorative prowess. Upon replenishing a total of 350 Health to allies, the Medic is rewarded by regaining a spent Relic charge. This dynamic ability not only facilitates relentless healing but also harnesses the power of healing to fuel Relic charges, further amplifying the Medic’s capabilities. It is imperative to note that the requirement for healing increases by 50% for each additional player, reflecting the Medic’s ability to provide aid on a grand scale.

Archetype Trait: Triage

The “Triage” Archetype Trait mirrors the Medic’s commitment to healing and support, extending their influence even further. By elevating Weapon Ideal Range by a remarkable range—spanning from 60 to 600 centimeters—the Medic ensures that their healing touch reaches allies from a significant distance, fostering an environment of support that transcends the frontlines.

Starting Skill: Wellspring

At the heart of the Medic’s repertoire rests the “Wellspring” starting skill, a manifestation of their healing energy channeled into a potent conduit of restoration. The Medic’s remarkable ability allows them to punch the ground, creating a Healing Spring AoE spanning 3 meters. Within this sanctified zone, allies experience a revival of 10.5 Health per second, while also benefiting from an acceleration of Blight Decay Rate. The dynamic mechanics of “Wellspring” include:

Activation: Initiating the skill channels healing energy into the ground, birthing the Healing Spring AoE that radiates solace and rejuvenation.

Restorative Aura: Within the Healing Spring AoE, allies are enveloped in a pervasive aura of healing, progressively replenishing their health.

Blight Decay Acceleration: The Medic’s benevolent touch not only heals but also hinders the progression of Blight within the area, showcasing the breadth of their healing expertise.

Duration and Cooldown: The Healing Spring persists for a duration of 15 seconds, and its capabilities can be utilized once every 60 seconds, encouraging strategic deployment to maximize its impact.

Elevate Survival, Fortify Unity

The Medic Archetype unveils its unparalleled talents as a healing guardian, seamlessly interweaving support and restoration into the fabric of battle. While their damage potential may be restrained, their mastery over healing, revival, and survivability positions them as a crucial asset to any team. The Medic’s innate capacity to heal themselves and allies, coupled with the remarkable ability to regenerate Relic charges, echoes their dedication to fortifying unity amidst the chaos of Remnant 2.

Unlocking the Medic Archetype

To embrace the mantle of the Medic Archetype, secure the “Medic Pin” from Dr. Norah within Ward 13. Present this symbol of healing to Wallace, and the doors to the Medic’s world of restorative prowess will swing open. As a Medic, you will wield your abilities not only as a source of rejuvenation but also as a beacon of hope, guiding your allies through the most dire of circumstances with unwavering dedication and unparalleled healing expertise.

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