Remnant 2 Review – A Procedural Co-op Looter Shooter Adventure

When you take a trip down the history of new games and their sequels, it becomes evident that the second attempt at a bold new idea often brings about the real breakthrough. That’s precisely the case with Remnant 2, following in the footsteps of successful sequels like Borderlands 2 and Assassin’s Creed 2. This game takes the original concept and elevates it to new heights, resulting in a phenomenal experience.

Remnant 2
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The combat in Remnant 2 has become even smoother and more satisfying, making battles a thrilling experience. Moreover, the improvements made to loot and buildcrafting have opened up countless possibilities, giving players more reasons to grind for rewards. Gone are the days of spongy bosses aided by endless minions; boss fights have been completely overhauled to provide more engaging and challenging encounters. Each realm within the game feels distinct and teeming with activities and hidden secrets, making exploration a delight.

One standout feature of Remnant 2 is its procedurally generated, highly replayable levels. This aspect has been enhanced in various ways, making it so captivating that players can easily lose themselves for hours, exploring different possibilities within the same area.

No longer do we have to wait for the next game; Remnant 2 proves that the second time’s the charm when it comes to gaming.

Going back to 2019, many of us lovingly dubbed the original Remnant: From The Ashes as “Dark Souls with guns,” and the sequel enthusiastically embraces that characterization. In this game, you and up to two allies venture through gloriously hazardous areas filled with devilish enemies that require skill and patience to conquer.

While Remnant 2 includes familiar soulslike elements like limited-use healing items and respawning enemies at checkpoints, it doesn’t settle for simply slapping a science-fiction skin onto a proven formula. Instead, it masterfully blends the best aspects of co-op looter shooters like Borderlands and Outriders. The game introduces an incredibly deep loot grind and buildcrafting mechanics, along with its own twists like procedurally generated levels and a diverse set of worlds to explore.

The result is a unique and captivating blend of great ideas that seamlessly come together, just like peanut butter and chocolate. But, of course, with a lot more monster shooting and challenging encounters. It’s a gaming experience that’s hard not to love!

Unleashing Your Inner Survivor: A Surreal Adventure of Multiversal Wars and Looter-Shooter Feats

Hey there, fellow adventurers! If you thought the previous tale was surreal, brace yourself for a wild ride in this post-apocalyptic Earth. You take on the role of a nameless survivor facing a peculiar threat – the malevolent trees known as The Root, hell-bent on conquering the multiverse. Quite the bizarre setup, huh? But fear not, as this setup serves as a ticket to venture into various realities, where you’ll embark on thrilling looter-shooter escapades to save the day!

While the concept is mind-bending, it mostly serves as a backdrop for your teleporting exploits and exhilarating battles. The narrative, unfortunately, falls short of fully capitalizing on its high-concept potential. You’ll have the chance to interact with both new and familiar characters at your base, Ward 13, who often share intriguing tidbits while withholding actual details. The tale revolves around uncovering the mysteries of The Root and the multiversal war, leading to a dramatic conclusion that’s promptly undone so you can continue your adventures unburdened by its consequences.

Remnant 2
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The writing is commendable, and the community will undoubtedly ponder over the thought-provoking concepts introduced. However, the impact on your character, a blank slate, remains minimal. The discrepancy between such grand ideas and a gameplay focus on shooting alien lobsters may leave you feeling disconnected at times.

But fear not, for the journey to diverse worlds will immerse you in captivating mini-stories, skillfully narrated and far more engaging than your main quest. Picture yourself in a high-fantasy realm, entangled in an elven murder mystery, or aboard a starship, assisting a colossal Gundam Wing-like robot in recovering his lost cargo. These side stories not only outshine the main plot but also consume the majority of your time, eclipsing the primary conflict. It’s a pity, though, that when back on Earth or entangled in the central plot, the characters’ ramblings may leave you feeling like strangers.

Regardless of which leg of the journey you’re on, the heart-pounding gunplay never disappoints. Each new area becomes a theatrical performance of shooting, dodging, employing ingenious abilities, and ensuring you don’t become surrounded by relentless enemies eager to tear you apart. Starting with a modest arsenal of a primary and secondary weapon, a melee combat option, and a single archetype skill, you soon find yourself immersed in an expansive collection of weapons, armor, customizable character classes, and mods. With such diversity, even after hours of gameplay, the excitement remains undiminished.

This surreal adventure beckons you to unearth your inner survivor, battling The Root across multiversal planes. While the core premise and character development may leave room for improvement, the bite-sized stories within each realm are gems of their own. Prepare for intense looter-shooter action and the thrill of mastering a diverse array of tools and skills. So, embark on this gripping odyssey and immerse yourself in a multiverse of possibilities!

A Multiversal Adventure – Combat and Exploration in Remnant 2

When you step into Remnant 2, get ready for an exhilarating ride through a myriad of worlds in the vast multiverse. Each world holds its unique charm, brimming with distinctive atmospheres and new foes to challenge your combat skills. As you traverse these realms, you’ll find yourself in the midst of sci-fi marvels and fantastical landscapes, battling violent robots armed with laser guns in N’Erud, and encountering cockney elves donning bowler hats in the fantasy realm of Losomn, whose surprising knife skills catch you off guard between their busy chimney-sweeping schedules.

The stark contrast between these worlds keeps your gaming experience fresh, making you question if you’re still within the same game just minutes ago. The transitions between worlds become memorable, taking you from battling stone golems in a multiversal labyrinth to hunting fearsome beasties in a lush, primordial forest. The novelty of these diverse encounters never loses its charm.

Remnant 2
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Venturing through Remnant 2, you’ll find every area teeming with optional quests, secret spots to explore, and a delightful abundance of challenging puzzles to engage your mind. The game ensures there’s never a dull moment, with each quest offering its own excitement and rewards.

However, if there’s one aspect that nags at players during combat, it’s the repetitive nature of certain enemy types. Despite the overall strong diversity of adversaries in Remnant 2, each world seems to host only a handful of unique enemy types. Consequently, players might find themselves facing a series of familiar foes in quick succession. For example, while the overall number of enemy types may be greater in Remnant 2 than most games, the distribution across multiple worlds can lead to encountering the same group of enemies repeatedly, such as the flying gargoyles and armored knights in Losomn.

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Yet, fret not, as the game swiftly pulls you into new areas, washing away any hint of monotony. Remnant 2’s enchanting multiverse ensures that you’re continually exploring fresh challenges, uncovering captivating worlds, and engaging in thrilling combat scenarios. So gear up, dive in, and embark on this multiversal adventure that’s destined to keep you hooked till the very end!

Boss Battles Redefined – Remnant 2’s Unforgettable Encounters

In Remnant 2, each world offers not only thrilling combat encounters but also a collection of challenging boss battles that will put your skills and character’s build to the ultimate test. The developers have meticulously addressed the feedback from the community regarding the first Remnant’s lackluster boss fights, and the result is a remarkable improvement that elevates these encounters to one of the game’s main strengths.

Gone are the forgettable boss battles with swarms of henchmen to inflate the difficulty artificially. Instead, Remnant 2 presents a plethora of bosses brimming with personality and unique mechanics that keep you on your toes throughout the fights.

Remnant 2
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While there are a few uninspired encounters, such as a lady hurling Molotov cocktails and a beefier version of an existing enemy, they are the exceptions rather than the rule. The majority of boss battles are not only delightfully challenging but also ingeniously designed with interesting mechanics that push you to your limits.

For instance, there’s a mesmerizing fight where staring at the boss for too long drives your character mad, leading to an untimely demise. To survive, you must quickly avert your gaze and regain composure. In another haunting encounter, a malevolent ghost traps you in a nightmarish haunted house, emerging from the walls to scratch your face off.

However, the pinnacle of these boss battles is an unforgettable showdown within a maze. Trapped and forced to physically battle the labyrinth itself, you must navigate skillfully, evading giant cubes that threaten to crush you. This particular encounter stands out as an extraordinary experience, possibly even ranking as one of the best boss fights in gaming history.

Remnant 2’s attention to crafting captivating and challenging boss battles demonstrates the developers’ dedication to providing players with a remarkable gaming experience. Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other, where each boss fight brings new surprises and exhilarating tests of skill that will leave a lasting impression on your gaming journey.

Mastering Your Build – The Art of Archetypes and Exploration in Remnant 2

In the thrilling world of Remnant 2, staying ahead of formidable enemies and challenging boss fights demands gleefully optimizing your build. Among the most significant and exciting decisions you’ll make is choosing your archetype or class, a choice you can constantly iterate upon throughout your journey. At the beginning, you’ll select from four core archetypes: the support-focused Medic, the powerful close-quarters tank Challenger, the precise long-range sniper and scout Hunter, and the Handler, granting you an extremely useful dog companion. As you level up your archetype, new possibilities unlock, including perks that benefit you and your teammates and bonuses triggered after using your consumable healing item, the relic, akin to Elden Ring’s Flask of Crimson Tears.

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What makes Remnant 2 stand out is its wisdom in allowing players to switch archetypes at will. This liberates you to experiment and level up every role on a single character, without the need to start anew. However, the real excitement comes when you unlock the ability to equip a second archetype during the campaign, opening up a whole new world of possibilities. Combining archetypes like The Handler and The Hunter creates synergies, letting you direct your furry ally to distract enemies while you pick them off from a distance with your sniper.

Furthermore, the game boasts an unknown number of other archetypes waiting to be unlocked through completing specific quests hidden throughout the fractured worlds. These hidden gems add delightful game-changing elements, encouraging players to explore and discover new playstyles. From becoming a monster-summoning witch with the Summoner archetype to controlling the battlefield with powerful thrown concoctions as an Alchemist, the options are vast and exhilarating.

In addition to archetypes, Remnant 2 offers an abundance of weapons, rings, amulets, and armor to customize and optimize your build. The joy of becoming a buildcrafter is amplified by the various ways you can modify and upgrade your equipment. The world is rife with hidden treasures, and powerful enemies drop unique items, motivating you to venture forth and explore.

The combat in Remnant 2 is nothing short of spellbinding, and the vast array of equipment and customization options adds layers of depth and enjoyment. The hours will fly by as you experiment with different loadouts and hunt for new tools to bolster your arsenal. The sheer variety of rings, each with its unique abilities, will leave you eager to find them all, feeding your insatiable thirst for discovery.

However, amidst all the buildcrafting wonder, the game does leave one major disappointment – the underwhelming treatment of armor. Despite the plethora of armor sets available, there is a lack of opportunities to improve or customize them as you can with weapons and other equipment. It’s a surprising omission, considering the armor upgrading system present in Remnant: From The Ashes, where investing in your favorite sets enhances resistances and armor. This aspect may leave players longing for more depth in their defensive choices.

Nonetheless, Remnant 2’s diverse world, rich with possibilities, presents an enchanting experience for adventurers who seek to master their builds, conquer challenges, and uncover the mysteries hidden within the multiverse.

Endless Adventure Awaits – Procedural Generation in Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, the journey doesn’t end after a mere 20 hours of gameplay; it’s only the beginning of an adventure that promises unparalleled replayability. This series’ distinct characteristic, almost unique within its genre, lies in its skillfully crafted procedurally generated levels, storylines, and sidequests, ensuring that each run feels remarkably different. The unpredictability is impressive, yet the organization is so seamless that players might not even realize they’re traversing dynamically generated worlds.

Remnant 2
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The brilliance of the procedural generation becomes evident when players share their experiences with others, realizing that their campaigns diverge dramatically. Each world contains two possible storylines, along with various other permutations, making every playthrough feel like an entirely distinct realm. For instance, in one exploration of the realm Yaesha, I found myself wandering through dark corridors filled with crazed cultists, while another run led me to dense woods beneath a blood-red moon. Yet another adventure took me through a maze of hovering platforms, with floating aliens launching plasma projectiles. These diverse experiences transform the gameplay, making it feel like you’re embarking on entirely separate worlds.

Remarkably, you don’t need to start a new campaign to encounter these different variations. After defeating the final boss in a world, you gain the ability to infinitely reroll that area, generating new possibilities and quests each time. This ingenious implementation of procedural generation grants an unprecedented level of replayability, enticing players to explore the game’s vast potential.

The cooperative multiplayer aspect adds another layer of enjoyment. You can join your friends’ worlds, collaborate to overcome challenges, gain XP, and share in the rewards. However, co-op play does come with some drawbacks, such as occasional performance issues and questionable enemy scaling that can make combat less balanced for groups. Although the level adjustment system prevents lower-level players from being overwhelmed, it can lead to significant increases in enemy health and damage output, posing challenges for the entire group. The drop-in/drop-out co-op feature should ideally welcome newcomers to join their friends, but the current damage scaling might cause frustration and discouragement instead.

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Despite this minor setback, Remnant 2 remains an enthralling experience, offering a captivating combination of procedurally generated worlds, immersive storytelling, and cooperative multiplayer adventures. Prepare to be drawn into a universe of endless possibilities, where every run brings unique surprises and thrilling encounters.


It’s truly remarkable to consider that if I were to compile lists of my favorite soulslike games, looter shooters, and procedurally generated titles, Remnant 2 would undoubtedly secure a spot on each one. This sequel is a triumphant achievement that goes beyond merely reimagining the soulslike genre as a co-op looter-shooter; it flawlessly executes this concept in almost every aspect, surpassing even the original game.

The combat in Remnant 2 is fully immersive, drawing players into thrilling encounters. The boss fights are both challenging and memorable, adding to the game’s allure. The sheer depth of buildcrafting options is impressive, allowing for various character builds and strategies.

One of the standout features is the incredibly cool procedurally generated levels, which bring freshness and unpredictability to each playthrough. The multiversal concept is a stroke of brilliance, enabling a myriad of different adventures all within one game.

Without a doubt, Remnant 2 is shaping up to be one of my most-played games this year. No matter which part of the multiverse you find yourself in, I highly recommend treating yourself to this gem of a game. It’s an experience that promises excitement and satisfaction throughout.


What is Remnant 2, and How Does It Compare to the First Game?

The game is the sequel to the original Remnant: From The Ashes. It builds upon the successful elements of its predecessor, offering smoother combat, improved loot and buildcrafting mechanics, and diverse realms to explore. The game introduces procedurally generated levels, making it highly replayable.

How Does Combat in Remnant 2 Differ From the First Game?

Combat in Remnant 2 is challenging and satisfying, combining elements of a Soulslike game with gunplay. Players navigate hazardous areas filled with devilish enemies, requiring skill and patience to overcome. Boss fights have been significantly improved and now offer interesting mechanics and unique challenges.

What Sets Remnant 2 Apart From Other Co-op Looter Shooters?

The game stands out by blending the best elements of co-op looter shooters like Borderlands and Outriders with the Soulslike genre. It features deep loot grinding, buildcrafting, and procedurally generated levels, providing countless possibilities and reasons to explore and grind.

How is the Storytelling in Remnant 2?

The game follows a surreal post-apocalyptic story where players combat evil trees called The Root. While the writing is generally good with intriguing concepts, the impact on the player’s character remains limited. The game’s strength lies in the bite-sized stories found in different worlds, offering compelling side quests and unique experiences.

What Makes Remnant 2’s Combat Continuously Fresh and Exciting?

Combat remains engaging due to the constant exploration of different worlds in the multiverse, each with unique enemies and distinct environments. The game features a wide range of weapons, armor, rings, and amulets, allowing players to optimize their builds to suit their playstyle.

What is the Most Standout Feature of Remnant 2?

The procedurally generated levels in Remnant 2 are its standout feature. Each playthrough offers different worlds, bosses, quests, and storylines, making the game highly unpredictable and replayable. This unique use of procedural generation adds variety and depth to the overall experience.

Can You Play Remnant 2 in Co-op Mode?

Yes, Remnant 2 supports cooperative multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends to explore the game together. However, co-op mode may experience performance issues, and enemy scaling can be challenging for lower-level players joining higher-level friends.

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