Remnant 2 Secret Archetypes Revealed – Crafting Your Path in the Hidden Depths

Hidden within the depths of Remnant 2 are a plethora of enigmatic Archetypes, waiting to be discovered. While these Archetypes might present a steeper challenge when it comes to unlocking them, they open up a treasure trove of possibilities for refining your builds. As you gradually unearth these clandestine Archetypes, don’t hesitate to dive into their intricacies. Embrace the spirit of experimentation by blending various combinations of Archetypes, seeking that perfect fit for your playstyle. Who knows? You might stumble upon an unexpectedly harmonious match that resonates with you.

Here’s a glimpse at the intriguing collection of secret Archetypes that await:

  1. Gunslinger
  2. Summoner
  3. Explorer
  4. Alchemist
  5. Engineer
  6. Invader
  7. Archon

Delve into the mysteries of these Archetypes and let your imagination run wild as you craft your own distinctive path through Remnant 2’s captivating world.

Gunslinger Archetype: Unleash Lightning-Fast Gunfire and Unparalleled Damage

Remnant 2
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The Gunslinger Archetype is a symphony of speed and firepower, perfectly tailored for those who crave relentless, fast-paced gunplay within the realms of Remnant 2. Armed with a profound ability to harness instant reloads through their Gunslinger skill, Gunslingers dominate battles with unparalleled weapon uptime, enabling them to extinguish threats before they even have a chance to escalate. Here’s a comprehensive exploration of the captivating essence that defines the Gunslinger Archetype:

Prime Perk: Loaded

The “Loaded” Prime Perk epitomizes the Gunslinger’s knack for unrelenting damage output and lightning-fast reloads. Triggering any Gunslinger Skill bestows a remarkable benefit: both of your weapons are instantaneously reloaded, and all of your weapons gain infinite reserve ammo for a span of 5 seconds. This dynamic feature allows the Gunslinger to maintain an unceasing barrage of firepower during crucial moments, guaranteeing their reign as a force to be reckoned with.

Archetype Trait: Ammo Reserves

The “Ammo Reserves” Archetype Trait further solidifies the Gunslinger’s ammunition prowess. By augmenting Ammo Reserves by a percentage ranging from 5 to 50, the Gunslinger ensures they have an abundance of ammunition at their disposal, enabling sustained offensive onslaughts without the worry of running dry.

Starting Skill: Quickdraw

At the heart of the Gunslinger’s arsenal lies the “Quickdraw” starting skill, a quintessential manifestation of their swift and precise gunplay. This skill empowers the Gunslinger to pull out their trusty sidearm and unleash a hail of up to 6 Critical Shots directly from the hip. The skill unfolds through an array of versatile mechanics:

Quickfire Press: Initiating a quick press of the trigger causes the Gunslinger to instantly fire towards all enemies within their line of sight, provided they’re within a 25-meter range. The shots are evenly distributed among all visible targets, magnifying the Gunslinger’s capacity to engage multiple adversaries simultaneously.

Manual Aim and Release: By holding down the trigger and subsequently releasing it, the Gunslinger can enter manual aiming mode, culminating in the discharge of a single, potent shot. This measured approach grants the Gunslinger precision and control in targeting foes from afar.

Embark on the Gunslinger’s Path

The Gunslinger Archetype beckons players to embrace the role of a swift and ruthless firearm virtuoso, capable of unleashing torrents of ammunition with lightning speed. While other Archetypes may boast varied skill sets, the Gunslinger’s core tenets are rooted in maximizing gun-based damage potential, fostering unparalleled up-time, and reshaping battles in their favor.

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Unlocking the Gunslinger Archetype

To embark on the path of the Gunslinger, certain steps must be undertaken. After vanquishing the world boss of the second world within your campaign, you’ll find yourself drawn into a transformative journey that culminates in the acquisition of the Gunslinger Archetype. Engage in a pivotal story cutscene within the Labyrinth, then return to Ward 13. Engage in a series of conversations with the enigmatic Mudtooth, absorbing his tales until he rewards you with the coveted Archetype item: the Worn Cylinder. Deliver this artifact to Wallace to unfurl the realm of possibilities as a Gunslinger, where unrelenting firepower and swiftness reign supreme.

As a Gunslinger, you’ll come to cherish the thrill of rapid reloads, instant gunplay, and unshakable confidence in your capacity to dominate encounters through raw firepower. Amidst the tumultuous landscapes of Remnant 2, you’ll etch your legacy as a master of speed and destruction, seizing victory with each trigger pull.

Summoner Archetype: Commandeer the Shadows and Control the Battlefield

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The Summoner Archetype harnesses the mystic art of conjuring and controlling minions to commandeer the shadows and redefine the battlefield. Armed with the ability to animate powerful minions, Summoners excel in survivability while weaving malevolent forces to their bidding. This class thrives on manipulating foes, amplifying damage output, and unlocking vital traits such as Regrowth. Delve into the heart of the Summoner’s essence, from unlocking this potent archetype to harnessing its dark power.

Prime Perk: Ruthless

The “Ruthless” Prime Perk epitomizes the Summoner’s control over their summoned minions, amplifying their destructive potential. When the Summoner inflicts damage upon their minion, it triggers an Enrage effect. This phenomenon endows minions with a formidable boost, enhancing their damage output, attack speed, and movement speed by 30%. This empowering surge lasts for 20 seconds, rendering the minions even more potent instruments of chaos.

Archetype Trait: Regrowth

The “Regrowth” Archetype Trait augments the Summoner’s durability by magnifying their health regeneration. This boon increases the Summoner’s health regeneration rate by a value ranging from 0.15 to 1.5 per second. The result is a sustained influx of health that bolsters the Summoner’s resilience, enabling them to withstand challenges and continue orchestrating the battlefield from the shadows.

Starting Skill: Minion: Hollow

At the core of the Summoner’s arsenal lies the “Minion: Hollow” starting skill, an embodiment of their power to summon and control minions. This skill empowers the Summoner to conjure forth a Root Hollow Minion that becomes their steadfast ally in combat. The skill encompasses a range of strategic maneuvers:

Press Command: By pressing the skill command, the Summoner summons a Root Hollow Minion to stand resolute by their side. Notably, summoning the minion incurs a cost of 15% of the Summoner’s maximum health, ensuring that the summoner’s life essence is not depleted to an unsustainable level.

Hold Command: Holding down the command trigger introduces a sacrificial facet to the Summoner’s control over the Root Hollow Minion. Sacrificing a Root Hollow Minion triggers a detonation, resulting in an explosive release of energy that inflicts 150 damage within a 5-meter radius. This act is not in vain, as sacrificing minions also reduces the cooldown of the Minion: Hollow skill by up to 50%, determined by the remaining health of each minion sacrificed.

Embark on the Path of Shadow and Subjugation

The Summoner Archetype beckons players to immerse themselves in the realm of shadow manipulation and mystical dominance. With minions at their disposal and the power to amplify their own resilience and regrowth, Summoners craft a unique gameplay experience characterized by strategic minion placement, calculated sacrifices, and a flair for orchestrating chaos.

Unlocking the Summoner Archetype

Unlocking the Summoner Archetype requires a patient journey infused with enigmatic mystique. Players must first acquire the Faded Grimoire, a crucial item available for purchase from a Blood Altar located in the Yaesha realm. Procuring the necessary resources, Blood Moon Residues, involves embarking on an expedition within the Blood Moon state in Yaesha. Engage with floating purple wisps, earning Blood Moon Residues through their eradication. Gather a total of 15 Blood Moon Residues and exchange them for the Faded Grimoire. Present this mystic artifact to Wallace in Ward 13 to obtain the essential Archetype item, commencing your journey as a Summoner.

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As a Summoner, you will bask in the power to wield the dark arts, bend minions to your will, and dictate the flow of battles through calculated strategies. The shadows themselves shall heed your call as you forge an indelible path marked by mysticism and malevolence.

Explorer Archetype: Unearth Riches and Navigate Swiftness

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Embrace the role of an intrepid traveler with the Explorer Archetype, a class that specializes in reaping the rewards of exploration and traversing the world with unparalleled swiftness. While the Explorer may not boast combat enhancements, their unparalleled expertise in scavenging and swift movement makes them indispensable for resource gathering and efficient traversal. This archetype is perfect for players who relish maximizing loot gains and dashing through areas with ease.

Prime Perk: Lucky

The “Lucky” Prime Perk endows Explorers with a heightened sense of fortune when facing formidable adversaries. Upon defeating stronger enemies, Explorers enjoy a 10% chance to experience additional item spawns, potentially yielding rarer drops. This fortuitous boon ensures that the fruits of battle are accompanied by valuable and exceptional loot.

Archetype Trait: Swiftness

The hallmark of the Explorer Archetype is embodied in the “Swiftness” Archetype Trait. This trait imbues the explorer with the power of rapid movement, elevating their movement speed by a percentage ranging from 1% to 15%. With increased celerity, the Explorer excels at traversing landscapes, evading threats, and optimizing the efficiency of their endeavors.

Starting Skill: Plainswalker

The “Plainswalker” starting skill epitomizes the Explorer’s expertise in swift traversal and supportive engagement with their allies. Upon activation, this skill bestows a 20% increase in movement speed to all allies, ensuring that the entire party can swiftly navigate the terrain. Furthermore, the Explorer’s mastery over stamina usage shines through, as the skill simultaneously reduces stamina costs by a remarkable 80%. The Plainswalker effect persists for 30 seconds, fostering an environment of rapid movement and economical stamina expenditure. With a cooldown of 60 seconds, the Plainswalker skill becomes a pivotal tool for optimizing movement and enhancing the mobility of both the Explorer and their companions.

Pursue the Path of Exploration and Fleetness

The Explorer Archetype invites players to immerse themselves in the thrill of unearthing hidden treasures, amassing valuable loot, and zipping through environments with unparalleled agility. While combat enhancements may not be the Explorer’s forte, their specialization in maximizing loot gains and supporting the entire team’s mobility ensures that their presence greatly impacts both exploration and tactical gameplay.

Unlocking the Explorer Archetype

Unlocking the Explorer Archetype hinges on achieving victory in the culmination of Remnant 2’s journey. Upon vanquishing the final boss of the game, players are rewarded with the Broken Compass—a symbol of their success and prowess. With the Broken Compass in hand, players can proceed to Wallace in Ward 13, where it will be fashioned into the essential Archetype item. Equipping this item ushers players into the realm of the Explorer, empowering them to traverse the world with swiftness and amass riches through strategic exploration.

As an Explorer, you wield the power to unearth rare loot, galvanize allies with enhanced mobility, and uncover the secrets of the land with efficiency and finesse. Embrace the archetype’s identity as a nimble scavenger and a beacon of luck in the pursuit of valuable discoveries and swift navigation.

Alchemist Archetype: Catalyst of Support and Concoctions

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Step into the role of a supportive force with the Alchemist Archetype, a class dedicated to bolstering team effectiveness and crafting potent concoctions to enhance combat capabilities. The Alchemist’s focus on augmenting allies and wielding a variety of buffs makes them a pivotal asset in cooperative endeavors. If you relish the idea of fortifying your team’s potential and employing strategic combinations of effects, the Alchemist is an ideal choice for collaborative play.

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Prime Perk: Spirited

The “Spirited” Prime Perk grants Alchemists the unique ability to maintain an additional Concoction buff concurrently. This expanded capacity for active Concoction effects ensures that Alchemists can weave intricate layers of buffs upon themselves and their teammates, maximizing tactical advantages in battles and providing versatile support.

Archetype Trait: Potency

The hallmark of the Alchemist’s capabilities lies in the “Potency” Archetype Trait. By increasing the duration of consumables, the Potency trait augments the longevity of effects conferred by items like potions and consumable buffs. This extension of consumable duration by a percentage ranging from 10% to 100% grants Alchemists the capacity to extend the utility of their supportive assets, further enhancing their role as masterful providers of team-based enhancements.

Starting Skill: Vial – Stone Mist

The “Stone Mist” starting skill epitomizes the Alchemist’s talent for creating mysterious vapor clouds that imbue allies with protective attributes. Upon activation, the Stone Mist generates a cloud that bestows “Stoneskin” upon its recipients for a duration of 10 seconds. The Stoneskin effect dramatically reduces incoming damage by 25%, lessens stagger, hastens the decay of Blight buildup, and grants immunity to status effects. With versatile deployment options, Alchemists can press the vial upon the ground to create the effect at their location or aim and throw the vial to replicate the effect at the designated destination.

Unveil the Alchemist Archetype through Discovery and Courage

The path to becoming an Alchemist requires players to venture into the depths of adventure and exhibit a willingness to confront challenges head-on. Those seeking to unlock the Alchemist Archetype must navigate the intricacies of Losomn, where unexpected encounters and a unique capture mechanism await. By allowing themselves to be captured by the formidable Albino Bone Collector, players can initiate the process of unveiling the Alchemist’s potential.

Upon triumphing over the Bone Collector and acquiring the Mysterious Stone, players can journey to Ward 13 and seek out Wallace. By utilizing the Mysterious Stone, alongside 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 scrap, players can secure the Philosopher’s Stone—the key that unlocks the Alchemist Archetype. Whether players choose to shift their current archetype or embark on a new journey to fully embrace the Alchemist’s starting gear and weapons, they now possess the tools to assume the role of a supportive catalyst in the realm of Remnant 2.

Elevate Support and Concoctions as an Alchemist

As an Alchemist, your role encompasses enhancing the capabilities of your teammates, extending the duration of consumables, and deploying strategic vapor clouds to shield allies from harm. Through the utilization of an additional Concoction buff, Alchemists possess the flexibility to orchestrate layers of tactical enhancements. The Alchemist’s prowess lies in their capacity to empower allies and manipulate the battlefield through an array of buffs, setting the stage for collaborative triumphs and strategic victories.

Engineer Archetype: Master of Turrets and Firepower

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Step into the role of an Engineer, a class that harnesses the power of advanced machinery and turrets to unleash devastating damage upon foes while maintaining a steadfast resilience against incoming attacks. With the Engineer Archetype equipped, you’ll become a formidable force on the battlefield, capable of both dealing substantial damage and drawing attention away from allies. Whether you’re tackling challenges solo or engaging in cooperative play, the Engineer’s proficiency with turrets and firepower makes them a versatile and potent choice.

Prime Perk: High Tech

The “High Tech” Prime Perk epitomizes the Engineer’s mastery over weaponry and technology. By holding the Skill button, Engineers can Overclock a carried or deployed Heavy Weapon, triggering a surge of power. Overclocking bestows infinite ammunition, heightened fire rate, and a remarkable 25% damage increase for a duration of 20 seconds. This ability amplifies the Engineer’s firepower and transforms them into a relentless force capable of overwhelming adversaries.

Archetype Trait: Fortify

At the heart of the Engineer’s resilience lies the “Fortify” Archetype Trait. By increasing armor effectiveness by a percentage ranging from 5% to 50%, the Fortify trait bolsters the Engineer’s capacity to withstand incoming attacks, making them a formidable tank on the battlefield. This enhanced durability ensures that the Engineer can not only deliver devastating blows but also endure the onslaught of foes.

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Starting Skill: Heavy Weapon – Vulcan

The Engineer’s signature skill, “Vulcan,” exemplifies their expertise in deploying automated turrets and heavy weaponry to control the flow of battle. Upon activation, the Engineer deploys a Vulcan Cannon Turret that persists until its ammunition is depleted. These turrets can either be manually aimed by the player or set to autonomous targeting mode. The versatility of the Vulcan allows Engineers to tailor their approach to different combat scenarios, whether it’s focusing on specific targets or creating a zone of suppression.

Moreover, the Engineer can enter “Heavy Carry Mode” by holding the skill button. This state enhances the weapon’s capabilities and grants the ability to Overclock the weapon if the Engineer Prime Perk is available. The Engineer’s unique ability to deploy and reclaim heavy weapons with efficiency is further accentuated by the gradual regeneration of Heavy Weapon ammo at a rate of 1% per second.

Embark on the Journey to Engineer Mastery in Remnant 2

To unlock the Engineer Archetype, players must display a willingness to explore uncharted territories and navigate perilous environments. Venture to the edges of N’Erud, specifically within the second overworld zone—Eon Vault or Timeless Horizon. Here, players will discover the enigmatic Alien Device that serves as the key to unlocking the Engineer’s potential.

Once the Alien Device is located and activated, the Engineer Archetype will be unveiled, granting players access to a wealth of technological prowess and devastating firepower. Embrace your role as an Engineer and command the battlefield with turrets, heavy weaponry, and unyielding resilience. Whether standing solo or collaborating with allies, Engineers bring a unique blend of firepower and tactical control to the front lines.

Invader Archetype: Master of Subterfuge and Evasion

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The Invader Archetype embodies the essence of a cunning warrior who excels in the art of subterfuge, teleportation, and unparalleled evasion. With the ability to create decoys, teleport across the battlefield, and achieve perfect dodges, Invaders redefine combat strategies by confounding enemies and minimizing damage. This class shines particularly for solo players seeking a dynamic approach to engagements. Uncover the path to unlocking the Invader Archetype and harnessing its exceptional powers.

Prime Perk: Shadow

The “Shadow” Prime Perk accentuates the Invader’s enigmatic nature by allowing them to create decoys upon casting Invader Skills. When an Invader deploys a skill, a decoy is generated, diverting enemy attention and gunfire for a duration of 3 seconds. Furthermore, the Invader gains a 5% damage bonus against enemies who are not actively targeting them. This distinctive ability affords the Invader a tactical edge, enabling them to manipulate enemy focus while inflicting enhanced damage.

Archetype Trait: Untouchable

The “Untouchable” Archetype Trait crystallizes the Invader’s unparalleled skill in evasive maneuvers. By augmenting the evade window, this trait extends the temporal span within which the Invader can execute evasive actions. The increase in the evade window ranges from 3% to an impressive 30%, providing the Invader with heightened agility and the capacity to effortlessly navigate through hostile environments.

Starting Skill: Void Cloak

The cornerstone of the Invader’s repertoire, the “Void Cloak” starting skill, encapsulates their mastery over evasion and invulnerability. When activated, the Void Cloak initiates an automatic perfect dodge mechanism, allowing the Invader to evade incoming direct damage for a duration of 60 seconds. Each instance of successful auto-evade serves to reduce the skill’s timer, ranging from 33% to 100%, contingent on the absorbed damage. Additionally, the auto-evade action spawns a decoy that persists for 3 seconds, further obscuring the Invader’s position and diverting enemy attention.

Embark on the Path of Deception and Evasion

The Invader Archetype beckons players to traverse the path of shadows, weaving intricate decoys, and mastering the art of teleportation to emerge as a true maestro of evasion. With the power to bewilder foes, evade damage with precision, and exploit openings, Invaders redefine combat dynamics and emerge as strategic powerhouses capable of turning the tide of battle.

Unlocking the Invader Archetype

Unlocking the Invader Archetype demands a journey of discovery and tenacity. To embark on this path, players must possess the Dreamcatcher melee weapon and venture into the Corrupted Harbor within Root Earth. Navigate through the area until you reach a basement level of a ruined building, where you’ll uncover an open doorway leading to a concealed corridor. This pathway guides you to a secret area known as Twilight Vale.

Confront Bane, a formidable miniboss, within the Twilight Vale to secure the Wooden Shiv, an essential item for crafting the Invader Engram. Craft the Wooden Shiv into the Invader Engram with the guidance of Wallace, thereby equipping the Invader Archetype and embracing a realm of teleportation, decoys, and evasive mastery.

As an Invader, you will command the shadows, orchestrate teleportations, and shroud yourself in a veil of enigma as you evade damage and confound adversaries. In the realm of combat, you shall be the elusive force that transcends conventional engagement, reshaping battles through deceit and unparalleled evasion.

Archon Archetype: Master of Mod Power and Control

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The Archon Archetype reigns supreme when it comes to harnessing the full potential of weapon Mods. With the Archon equipped, Mod Power generation accelerates significantly, and the potency of Mods amplifies with each utilization. Embracing the Archon Archetype transforms you into a formidable force, capable of wielding Mods to dominate the battlefield. Whether venturing solo or collaborating in co-op, the Archon thrives based on the Mods chosen and the strategic approach taken.

Prime Perk: Tempest

The “Tempest” Prime Perk bestows the Archon with an innate ability to amass Mod Power at an accelerated rate. By automatically generating 2 Mod Power per second, the Archon effortlessly accumulates energy for unleashing powerful Mods. Moreover, casting a Mod triggers a 50% surge in Mod Generation across all Mods for a duration of 6 seconds. This exceptional perk allows the Archon to unleash an unrelenting torrent of Mods, shifting the balance of power in their favor.

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Archetype Trait: Flash Caster

The “Flash Caster” Archetype Trait refines the Archon’s mastery over Mod utilization by augmenting both Mod and Skill Casting Speed. With an enhancement ranging from 5% to 50%, the Archon can swiftly deploy Mods and execute Skills, gaining a tactical advantage in rapidly evolving combat scenarios. The heightened casting speed empowers the Archon to dictate the pace of engagements and maintain a decisive edge.

Starting Skill: Reality Rune

At the heart of the Archon’s arsenal lies the “Reality Rune” starting skill—an embodiment of their control over the fabric of reality. Upon activation, the Archon conjures a protective dome encompassing a radius of 7 meters. Within this sanctuary, enemy projectiles and enemies themselves are afflicted with the “Slow” effect, impeding their movements and actions. Allies sheltered within the dome gain a formidable 25% Damage Reduction, bolstering their resilience. This sanctuary of controlled chaos persists for 15 seconds, enabling the Archon to manipulate the battlefield and shield allies.

Embarking on the Path of Mod Mastery and Dominance

The Archon Archetype beckons players to embrace the realm of Mod mastery and wield their arsenal with unparalleled efficiency. As an Archon, you’ll harness the power of Mods to shape engagements, seize control of the battlefield’s tempo, and dictate the flow of combat. With every Mod cast and each skill executed, you’ll orchestrate a symphony of devastation, unleashing the force of altered reality upon adversaries.

Unlocking the Archon Archetype

Unlocking the Archon Archetype demands a homage to Ford, the ancient explorer who embarked on a legendary journey. To attain this honor, your character must don a specific ensemble of gear, embodying the essence of Ford’s legacy. The attire includes the Explorer Archetype (Level 10 with Fortune Hunter equipped), the Invader Archetype (At least Level 5 with Wormhole equipped), Realmwalker Armor, Void Heart Relic, Leto’s Amulet, and a selection of rings and weapons symbolizing Ford’s spirit.

Venture to the Corrupted Door in the Labyrinth and access the enigmatic realm known as The Backrooms. There, you’ll gather the Strange Box, Bisect Ring, and Gunfire Security Lanyard, elements that link your destiny with Ford’s legacy. The culmination of these efforts grants you the Hexahedron Engram, which, when forged with Wallace’s expertise, bestows you with the Archon Archetype.

As an Archon, you will master the art of Mod manipulation, control the pace of battle, and channel reality-altering abilities to create a battlefield narrative that favors your triumph. Your journey as an Archon is defined by harnessing the might of Mods, orchestrating tactical advantages, and ascending to the realm of the empowered elite. Read Latest Games News & Updates Click here.

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