Remnant 2 Guide – Prologue, Ward 13, and N’Erud’s Cosmic Odyssey

Embark on an Epic Journey: Discover Remnant 2’s immersive prologue in Eastport, where you’ll master mechanics and meet key characters. Ward 13 becomes your hub, filled with secrets and NPCs. Then, delve into N’Erud, choosing paths like Tal’Ratha’s story or seeking Alepsis-Taura’s mysteries. Face bosses, wield rewards, and shape your cosmic adventure in this captivating universe.

Remnant 2
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Commencing the Prologue: A Journey Begins in Remnant 2

The opening of Remnant 2 ushers you into a brief yet informative prologue right after you’ve crafted your character. This initial phase serves as a tutorial, acquainting you with both established and new game mechanics, while also introducing key characters that shape the narrative.

Starting in Eastport

Your adventure commences in Eastport, where you, accompanied by Cass, set out to locate the entrance to Ward 13—a sanctuary amidst the world’s chaos.

Guided by a relatively linear path, progress through the streets of Eastport until encountering a locked door.

remnant 2
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To proceed, ascend the nearby boxes and unlock the door from the inside. Within a building afflicted by Root Rot, you’ll engage in your first firearm encounter against a Root Beast.

Navigate the building’s corridor, descending through a floor hole into the sewer. As you reach the sewer’s central nexus, confront and conquer a horde of Root Beasts to trigger a cutscene—falling to the horde is integral to initiating this event.

Following your encounter with Bo and Clementine, accompany them to Ward 13 as they guide you.

Confronting the Root Mantis (Boss)

The Root Mantis represents your inaugural boss battle in Remnant 2, offering a preview of co-op boss fights. The engagement centers on melee-oriented attacks, providing an opportunity to grasp fundamental combat mechanics such as evasion, aggro management, and weapon transitioning.

Remnant 2
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Defeating the Root Mantis yields a Root Ganglia, a crafting material vital for crafting weapon mods.

Embrace the prologue’s immersive introduction to the Remnant 2 universe, as it primes you for the exhilarating challenges and discoveries that await in your journey through this intricate world.

Revealing Ward 13’s Heart in Remnant 2

Ward 13 stands as the central hub within Remnant 2, harboring an array of NPCs, from traders to fellow survivors of the Root’s upheaval.

Exploring Ward 13

Upon entrusting Cass to Rigs’ care, converse with Ford within the warehouse. Overhear his exchange with Clementine on the second floor, leading to your interaction with Wallace, where you choose your Prime Archetype.

Remnant 2
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Proceed to the firing range to engage Brabus and claim your new weaponry. Later, upgrade these weapons through Rigs. Approach McCabe to craft your inaugural Weapon Mod, which you can equip by examining your weapon and accessing the mod slot.

Remnant 2
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After amassing your starting equipment, rendezvous with Ford at the tunnel entrance. In the old Ward’s foundation, secure the key to a locked door, concealed within a matchbox behind a painting on the second-floor room. A Dragon Heart also awaits within.

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Following the cutscene involving you, Ford, and Clementine within the World Stone, your journey commences in the first world.

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Key NPCs in Ward 13

Ward 13 houses thirteen principal NPCs:

  1. Bo – Ward 13’s leader.
  2. Clementine – A pivotal NPC driving the game’s events, later encountered in The Labyrinth.
  3. Ford – Founder of Ward 13.
  4. Wallace – Archetype Merchant, offering Relic Charges and converting Engrams into Archetypes. Also facilitates Trait Points reset via the Orb of Undoing.
  5. Brabus – Distributes class-initiating weapons, alongside various other armaments and an Engram.
  6. McCabe – Crafts Weapon Mods and Unique Weapons using boss materials.
  7. Rigs – Facilitates weapon upgrades.
  8. Whispers – Provides the starting classes’ armor for purchase.
  9. Dr. Norah – Offers healing and advice.
  10. Reggie – Peddles general goods.
  11. Mudtooth – Dispenses concoctions and narrates Remnant 2 lore.
  12. Dwell – Hailing from Yaesha, upgrades Mutators and Fragments.
  13. Cass – Post-Recovery, Cass becomes a merchant selling unique items and crafting materials.

Initially, certain merchants might be inaccessible upon your first Ward 13 visit, but accessibility shifts after you revisit from the first world, achievable through any World Stone.

Hidden Secrets in Ward 13

Remnant 2
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Within Ford’s room on the warehouse’s second floor lies a safe box. The flashlight you obtained in the tunnel provides the code for unlocking it—inspect it to uncover the code.

Remnant 2
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Within the safe box, the Cargo Control Key awaits, enabling access to a locked door in the northern container yard. Beyond this door lies a weapon and a portal.

Exploring N’Erud: Unveiling a Cosmic Adventure

Remnant 2
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Intriguing Tales of N’Erud and its Enigmatic Secrets

N’Erud, a colossal creation by the ingenious Drzyr, a race driven by an insatiable curiosity for extraterrestrial life. Their relentless pursuit led them to Alepsis-Taura, a supermassive black hole believed to hold the key to life’s profound mysteries and the act of creation itself.

Embark on a Journey

Prepare to embark on an adventure through N’Erud, one of the central realms in Remnant 2. Your experience will be shaped by one of two compelling storylines that intertwine with N’Erud’s fabric. Distinguishing between these narratives is a breeze – simply consider your initial spawn location within this captivating world.

Remnant 2
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  • The Tale of Tal’Ratha and The Shining Essence Echo: Enter the Forgotten Prison.
  • The Voyage to Alepsis-Taura: Seek out Seeker’s Rest.

Guided Paths and Boss Battles

Are you seeking guidance as you venture through N’Erud’s mysteries? Delve into the comprehensive walkthroughs below to navigate either storyline:

  • Tal Ratha and The Shining Essence Echo
  • Travel to Alepsis-Taura

Facing Formidable Foes

Within N’Erud’s enigmatic domains lie challenges of various dimensions. Prepare to encounter a diverse range of landscapes, events, dungeons, adversaries, and treasures. While certain aspects like overworlds, storyline-specific events, and central bosses remain consistent, each journey through N’Erud is uniquely tailored.

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Tal Ratha’s Storyline

Embark on the Tal Ratha journey, commencing your N’Erud expedition within the Forgotten Prison. Engage with a mysterious voice within a glass chamber, beckoning you to recover the Soul Sparks to aid the Drzyr—a once advanced race reduced to an existence akin to zombies.

Remnant 2
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Venture beyond the prison into the Abyssal Rift, the first overworld awaiting your exploration. Here, you’ll encounter The Custodian within Ascension Spire. Engage in conversation to uncover the tale of Tal’Ratha, an Astropath who cautioned the Drzyr against delving into Alepsis-Taura’s depths.

The Custodian tasks you with vanquishing Tal’Ratha and securing the Shining Essence Echo, crucial for N’Erud’s return journey to Alepsis-Taura. In your arsenal, you’ll find Poisoned Ambit Ember Capsules to aid in this showdown.

Conquer the primary dungeon, guiding you to The Eon Vault. There, within the second overworld, the Soul Spark Cylinder awaits, eliminating the need to explore secondary dungeons for its acquisition.

Remnant 2
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Set your sights on Tal’Ratha’s Refuge, accessible on the opposing side of the Forgotten Prison. Here, Tal’Ratha’s voice is revealed, disclosing the plight of the Drzyr and countering The Custodian’s plan to return N’Erud to the supermassive black hole.

A Defining Choice

A pivotal moment unfolds – Tal’Ratha extends an invitation

Remnant 2
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  • Surrender and be eternally saved through consumption.
  • Reject the offer, and battle ensues.

Regardless of your decision, confrontation with Tal’Ratha is inevitable. Opting for consumption leads to combat against his metaphysical form. Emerging triumphant awards you the Shining Essence Echo, a catalyst for acquiring either the Siphon Heart (Relic) or the Void Idol (Amulet).

Tal’Ratha’s Combat Insights

Engaging Tal’Ratha in battle unveils strategies for success:

Exploit the Gaping Mouth Weakness: While sizable, Tal’Ratha’s speed remains unaffected. Evade his charges and close-range assaults by sidestepping. His ground punches and body slams follow his mouth’s forceful pull.

Remnant 2
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Range Attacks: Expect gas canister launches, spawning Drzyr Zombies. Beware the dual blobs and projectile vomiting. The homing orb is manageable.

Remnant 2
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Rewards await the triumphant, including the Nebula (Hand Gun) via the unique Spice Bile.

Unveiling the Metaphysical

Tal’Ratha’s metaphysical incarnation emerges with distinct abilities. Teleportation enhances its maneuverability, complicating prediction of attacks. Three consecutive charge assaults alternate angles in this arena-bound combatant.

A larger battleground accommodates star-based assaults, with the star shower dealing significant damage. Survive the onslaught for victory and claim the Acidic Jawbone (Gas Giant Melee Weapon).

Journey to Alepsis-Taura

Remnant 2
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Unveil Seeker’s Rest as your entry point into this storyline, guided by a floating robotic eye. An expedition awaits within the wastelands, a tower’s pursuit beckoning beyond the Threshold of the Unknown. The Phantom Wasteland houses the tower, distinguished by a luminous orb.

The Seeker’s Keys

Remnant 2
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Acquire Seeker’s Keys on your quest. Locate the first within Seeker’s Rest, with two more keys essential for unlocking the tower gate. The final keys are within main dungeons—randomized yet consistent in connection and structure.

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The Custodian’s Insight

Remnant 2
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As you delve deeper, encounter The Custodian in Ascension Spire. Continue your expedition, collecting Seeker’s Keys for access to Sentinel’s Keep. Learn about the Drzyr’s history and confront Sha’Hala: Spectral Guardian of N’Erud.

Confronting Sha’Hala

Remnant 2
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Prepare for an epic clash against the colossal Sha’Hala. Its weak spot, a central orb, beckons for precise targeting.

Strategies Unveiled

Two distinctive phases define the battle:

  1. Orb-Centric Attacks: When Sha’Hala is visible, exploit openings to assail its weak spot. Dodge hand beams, thwart homing orbs, and evade diagonal lightning.
  2. The Hidden Phase: Darkness obscures Sha’Hala, with a lone opportunity during the Black Hole attack. Dodge, survive, and then counterattack.
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Upon victory, The Custodian extends rewards, while a visit to Alepsis-Taura gives you the Void Heart (Relic).

Your Cosmic Odyssey Awaits

Dive into N’Erud’s mysteries, go on wild adventures, and defeat cosmic foes!. Each step unveils unique rewards and narrative layers, ensuring an unforgettable adventure through this intricate realm.

To access this portal, venture to the Fractured Ingress within The Labyrinth. Ascend the rightward staircase, turn right at the fork, and spot the portal. A portal below leads to another: descend, follow the path, and reach its terminus.

Embark on a voyage of discovery within Ward 13, unearthing its enigmatic secrets and nurturing connections with its diverse array of inhabitants. Read Latest Games News & Updates Click here.

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