Exoprimal Review – Capcom’s Action-Packed Adventure

Welcome, brave soul, to the exhilarating realm of Exoprimal, a mind-bending 5v5 PvPvE extravaganza crafted by the ingenious minds at Capcom. Behold, for they have been crafting one mesmerizing masterpiece after another, weaving a tapestry of triumphs throughout the gaming world in this remarkable year of 2023.

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Behold, the cosmic dance begins on Day One, and they wager it all on the whims of fate, unveiling this daring marvel right into the welcoming arms of Game Pass. Oh, a gamble it may be, but when has greatness ever been forged without the fiery furnace of risk?

In this captivating adventure, you don the mantle of an “Exo Fighter,” encapsulated within a formidable combat suit that transcends time itself. Your mission, dear warrior, is to wage a relentless war against dinosaurs that have been unfathomably yanked from the annals of history, all under the sinister manipulation of a malevolent AI. Surreal, is it not? But wait, it gets even better.

Gaze upon the ethereal landscapes that grace your screen, a visual feast so exquisite that it is worthy of an artist’s brush. The amalgamation of weird and wondrous elements culminates in a breathtaking spectacle that beckons you deeper into its enigmatic embrace.

And the thrill, oh the thrill of combat! Engaging in wild skirmishes, fighting both against your fellow humans and ancient beasts, raises your heart rate to symphonic levels. Your fingers dance upon the controller, orchestrating a symphony of skill, strategy, and survival. For what is life without a bit of healthy chaos and a dash of delightful madness?

But, as every adventure must, Exoprimal stumbles upon the precipice of a paradox. In the joyous dance of its birth, a whisper of concern lingers in the air—the question of longevity. Will this masterpiece endure the trials of time, or shall it flicker briefly and fade away like a shooting star?

Yet fear not, for the folks at Capcom are seasoned alchemists of gaming, and with their ardent devotion, they will tame this fleeting concern into a flourishing future. A patchwork of support and love shall be woven into the tapestry, ensuring the bountiful harvest of updates and expansions to quench the thirst of its valiant community.

In the end, my fellow gamer, Exoprimal invites you to bask in its whimsical glow, where weirdness and beauty intertwine to forge an unforgettable experience. Embrace the gamble, seize the thrill, and let your heart and soul merge with the exoskeleton of an “Exo Fighter” as you ride the tidal waves of time and face the grandeur of prehistoric battles.

Unleash the Adventure of Exoprimal – A Futuristic Battle of Survival Against Dino Hordes

Step into a world where time bends and adventure knows no bounds. Join the battle against the tyrannical AI, Leviathan, as it grips a remote island in its mechanical clutches during the years 2040 and 2043. This is Exoprimal, a captivating 5v5 PvPvE title from none other than Capcom, where alternate reality Exofighters are summoned through futuristic tech to confront deadly dinosaurs and each other in a thrilling fight for survival.

At the onset, Exoprimal weaves a narrative tapestry through an enthralling blend of cutscenes and tutorials. While the voiceover, a hallmark of Capcom’s finesse, adds charm to the experience, the writing may leave you yearning for more depth and excitement in the plot. Fear not, for as you plunge into the heart of the Dino Survival mode, the world opens up, and the story unfurls gradually.

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Within this mesmerizing world, you will embody the formidable Ace, a character shaped by your choices through the character creation toolset. Together with your team of fellow warriors, you’ll embark on a perilous journey after your plane crash-lands on the island. As the relentless wargames ensue, your crew struggles to find an escape route while battling the ceaseless hordes of dinosaurs.

The allure of Exoprimal lies in its constant progression, as your character levels up, unlocking fragments of the gripping plot along the way. Dive into a rich lore that meticulously crafts a universe worth exploring. The game’s remarkable visuals, showcasing stunning in-engine cutscenes, breathe life into the captivating story.

Yet, as with any grand adventure, challenges may arise. Exoprimal’s always-online nature can present hurdles in experiencing the full story, especially if internet connectivity proves less than ideal. However, the heart-pounding action of facing dino-hordes head-on promises an exhilarating thrill, making the cutscenes optional for those seeking unbridled shooting fun.

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Exoprimal beckons to the valiant souls ready to embrace an otherworldly battle against time and creatures. Unleash your warrior spirit and embark on a journey where survival knows no bounds, and victory lies within your grasp. The future awaits, and it’s time to take the plunge into the realms of Exoprimal!

Embrace the Intense Duals in Exoprimal – A 5v5 Shooter with a Twist

Welcome to the heart-pounding battleground of Exoprimal, a team-based 5v5 shooter that holds two distinctive modes, one featuring intense player-versus-player (PvP) encounters, and the other seeking to minimize PvP interactions. Initially, the PvPvE nature dominated during the beta periods, but the full game now introduces the “PvP-free” hopper, providing diverse gameplay options for all warriors.

In Exoprimal, teams comprise three primary archetypes, each with its unique strengths. The resilient tanks offer a choice between a brawny melee specialist, a formidable ranged fighter, and a swift sword-wielding warrior. Among the healers, you’ll find a graceful lady employing soundwaves to mend wounds, a nimble roller girl who shoots her way to healing, and a potent witch doctor capable of area-of-effect healing and precise cooldown restoration. While the tanks and healers boast commendable damage capabilities, it is the versatile DPS-focused suits that truly stand out.

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My personal favorite among the DPS suits is the fiery Ghost-Rider-inspired grenade-shooting fiend. Additionally, there’s the classic assault-rifle wielding soldier, an agile acrobat specialized in melee combat, and a cunning sniper boasting charged scope shots for devastating precision. The PC controls for Exoprimal are simply a dream, fitting seamlessly with my normal DPI settings. Though on controllers, some adjustments were required to achieve a smoother experience. Surprisingly, the Aim Assist isn’t overly intrusive despite its adjustable settings.

All suits operate on the same control scheme, offering a thrilling 3rd person dual-joystick shooter experience, with face buttons, bumpers, and triggers dedicated to unique abilities. Prepare for the adrenaline rush as both teams vie to complete objectives before their rivals. While Exoprimal offers a diverse range of objectives, I found myself encountering the same ones repeatedly, particularly during the final stage, where only two out of six options were prevalent.

The majority of the gameplay centers around “dino culls,” where players eliminate randomly chosen smaller dinos. Infrequently, colossal and imposing foes demand your team’s utmost cooperation to bring them down. Should the entire team perish, a checkpoint restart becomes necessary to tackle the objective anew.

Exoprimal’s gameplay is fast-paced and somewhat buoyant, delivering unparalleled excitement when facing off against ferocious dinos. However, the PvP aspect can be a bit unstable, with encounters limited to the end of rounds. Beware, for in those moments, swift defeat is a distinct possibility, especially with the game’s full crossplay capability.

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Thankfully, the developers have promised to expand the PvE-focused content in post-launch updates, elevating the game to greater heights. While the PvP remains serviceable in its current state, the potential for growth is undeniable.

Prepare yourself, fellow warriors, to immerse in the exhilarating world of Exoprimal, where you shall forge unforgettable memories of thrilling battles and daring confrontations. The dinos await your challenge, so arm yourself and brace for glory!

 Embark on a Rewarding Journey – Unveiling Exoprimal’s Full Progression System

The evolution of Exoprimal from its beta tests has brought forth a game brimming with exciting progression features. A key element of this system is the player rank, a long-term endeavor that unveils a myriad of unlockable suits and customizable Rigs for your Exosuit. Early on, you’ll have access to three choices, including a high-powered railgun, a healing rig, and a super jump, while post-launch updates will introduce the much-anticipated Exosuit Variants, providing a refreshing array of playstyles with unique changes to each suit’s primary weaponry.

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But that’s not all – the suits themselves also boast their own leveling system, granting you access to enticing cosmetics and valuable Bikcoins. These precious coins serve as your ticket to unlocking and upgrading modules, the primary means of customizing your characters. While obtaining these modules may take some time, it’s a rewarding grind that enhances your gameplay experience.

The game’s season pass is another avenue to explore, comprising both a free and premium tier. Reviewing the Digital Deluxe Edition treated us to a selection of exclusive cosmetics and access to the season pass. Leveling through the ranks proved to be a satisfying journey, and the diverse range of included cosmetic content only added to the enjoyment.

In envisioning the future of Exoprimal, a clear path to rapid progression emerges when you engage in the game alongside a dedicated friend group, embarking on an exciting few weeks of immersive gameplay. Additionally, the game’s post-launch support by Capcom, coupled with its inclusion in Game Pass, is destined to solidify its standing within the competitive gaming market.

Prepare yourself, intrepid warrior, for a remarkable journey filled with constant growth, thrilling customization, and boundless opportunities to make your mark in the epic realm of Exoprimal. Let the allure of progression guide your path as you conquer the challenges that lie ahead!

A Visual and Auditory Spectacle – The Dynamic World of Exoprimal

Marvel at the mesmerizing world of Exoprimal, brought to life by the exquisite RE Engine, rendering an array of stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. As you venture forth, you’ll witness the juxtaposition of occasional incredible scope alongside a mix of excellent and average texture work, adding to the game’s unique charm.

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Embarking on daring battles, you’ll find yourself facing a multitude of enemies at once – a spectacle to behold. Human models, Exosuits, and most Dinosaurs boast impressive details, ranging from good to exceptional, immersing you deeper into this otherworldly realm. However, the cityscapes, while still appealing, reveal some lower-resolution assets that slightly tarnish the overall experience. Yet, fret not, for the performance on both Xbox and PC is rock-solid. My beefy rig effortlessly maintained an average of 200 fps, while the Series X gracefully held its 60 fps target, never faltering even with an onslaught of over 200 enemies.

The true marvel lies in the insane dino swarms, a phenomenon that occurs unexpectedly, sweeping you into a whirlwind of chaos and adrenaline. The teleportation of enemies through cosmic orbs is already impressive, but when a colossal orb spawns, unleashing a deluge of thousands of raptors, the spectacle reaches unparalleled heights. The mayhem that unfolds is simultaneously awe-inspiring and utterly absurd, yet the game’s performance remains unwavering. On both Series X and PC, the fluidity of the gameplay persisted as if facing a mere 20 enemies, rather than the overwhelming 200 that relentlessly challenged even the hardiest of tanks.

To accompany this grandeur, Exoprimal weaves a tapestry of soundscapes, blending great sound effects and captivating music. While your character remains silent in cutscenes, the in-mission banter amongst teammates occasionally harks back to the arcade games of the early 2000s. Yet, the consistent excellence of the music, with its low-fi synth beats transitioning into breathtaking orchestral swells, sets the mood and captivates your senses. While the music might not be entirely memorable, it succeeds in elevating the experience.

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On the other hand, the in-game sound effects are expertly crafted, boasting a superb 3D mix that aids in gauging enemy positions and anticipating attacks, enhancing your strategic prowess on the battlefield.

Prepare yourself to be drawn into an auditory and visual symphony of epic proportions. Brace for the unexpected, as the game weaves a mesmerizing tapestry of sight and sound, pushing the boundaries of gaming excellence with every thunderous roar and epic encounter. Welcome to the wondrous world of Exoprimal, where dreams and chaos intertwine in an unforgettable symphony of adventure!


Exoprimal stands as a robust foundation, offering ample enjoyment for a month or two, while laying the groundwork for Capcom’s promising live service plan. Priced at $60 or accessible via Game Pass for both console and PC, this game guarantees a thrilling experience, whether played solo or with friends. Embrace the chaos and embark on an exhilarating journey, as Exoprimal beckons you to explore its boundless potential.

The current iteration of Exoprimal boasts an engaging gameplay experience, promising a wealth of excitement and challenges. However, its true potential lies in the hands of Capcom’s live service plan, where they have the opportunity to unleash a cascade of captivating content, further enriching this already thrilling universe. As we eagerly await the unfolding of their vision, the current version ensures countless hours of fun.

Whether you venture forth alone, seeking a personal conquest, or join forces with friends to conquer the endless waves, Exoprimal delivers an unforgettable experience that caters to both playstyles. The flexibility of its gameplay and the ever-expanding possibilities make it an irresistible choice.

Embrace the exhilarating world of Exoprimal, and immerse yourself in its captivating chaos. This easy recommendation encourages you to take the plunge and savor the thrill that awaits. Whether you heed the call of adventure through a solo expedition or rally with comrades, Exoprimal promises an enthralling escapade worth savoring. Give it a try and unlock the secrets of this dynamic universe – the journey awaits!


What is Exoprimal?

Exoprimal is a 5v5 PvPvE title from Capcom set in the years 2040 and 2043. Players take on the role of “Exo Fighters” wearing combat suits, battling dinosaurs from alternate realities that have been pulled through time by a murderous AI known as Leviathan.

What Are the Game Modes in Exoprimal?

Exoprimal features two main game modes. The primary mode is PvPvE, where teams of Exo Fighters compete against each other while fighting dinosaurs. The second mode attempts to minimize PvP encounters, focusing more on PvE gameplay.

What is the Plot of Exoprimal?

The game’s story revolves around a remote island controlled by the AI, Leviathan. It pulls in Exo Fighters from different realities to fight against each other and dinosaurs in a deadly battle for survival.

What Are the Available Character Archetypes in the Game?

Exoprimal offers three main archetypes: Tanks, Healers, and DPS (Damage Dealers). Each archetype includes several unique suits with different abilities, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle.

How Does the Gameplay of Exoprimal Work?

Players engage in fast-paced 5v5 battles, completing various objectives before the opposing team. The game’s combat system is a 3rd person dual-joystick shooter, with each suit having its own abilities and playstyle.

What Are the Issues With Exoprimal’s Longevity at Launch?

One of the main concerns is the limited variety of objectives in the game’s Dino Survival mode, which may lead to repetitive gameplay experiences. Additionally, some players have faced connectivity issues and a lack of interest in the game’s storyline and cutscenes.

What is the Progression System Like in Exoprimal?

Exoprimal features a player rank system tied to unlocking suits and rigs for customization. Suits also have their own leveling system, offering cosmetics and in-game currency called Bikcoins, which are used to unlock and upgrade modules.

How Does Exoprimal Perform Visually and Technically?

The game utilizes the RE Engine and boasts good graphics with impressive dino swarms. However, some textures in cityscapes may appear mediocre. On the performance side, the game runs smoothly on both Xbox and PC.

Does Exoprimal Support Crossplay?

Yes, Exoprimal is a full crossplay title, allowing players from different platforms to play together.

Is Exoprimal Available on Game Pass?

Yes, Exoprimal is available on Game Pass for both console and PC, allowing subscribers to access the game at no additional cost.

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