Starship Troopers Extermination Review – Defending Humanity

If you are a bona fide disciple of the Starship Troopers saga woven into the fabric of its lore, then I have no doubt that our destiny lies amid the turbulent battlefields of Valaka during the momentous Early Access launch of Starship Troopers Extermination Has joined. Together, we have weathered the ravages of war, forged an unbreakable bond and etched our names in the annals of space heroism. For those lucky souls who recognize the iconic presence of our intrepid leader, Casper Van Dien, the relentless pursuit, rigorous aim, limited range of missions and time-honored shooting mechanics were the only short-term challenges unable to deter us from accomplishing . our sacred duty. We, the legendary defenders, sensed the irresistible attraction contained within the sacred sphere of cooperative rapprochement – a force so powerful that it compelled us to unite, with unwavering determination to exterminate the vast swarms of loathsome insects, our stronghold Strengthened and challenged. Danger loomed as we set out on our frantic return to safety.

Starship Troopers Extermination
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Yet, alas, for those who are unacquainted with the camaraderie and adrenaline that pulsates within us, the call to join our holy crusade may not yet resonate with the clarion call it deserves. This is territory reserved for enlightened souls eager to write their own odyssey with brave companions, to get swept up in the grand tapestry of bravery and sacrifice that awaits within Starship Troopers Extermination. So, dear newbie, however unfamiliar the path may seem, take heed and prepare yourself, because when the time comes, the universe will reveal its secrets, and you too will taste the joy that only true Starship Troopers fans can enjoy Are.

Starship Troopers Pursuit of Destruction

In the wake of Paul Verhoeven’s iconic science fiction masterpiece, Starship Troopers, the looming threat of arachnids continues to cast its ominous shadow over humanity, increasingly threatening our existence with each passing moment. Curiosity piqued? While Starship Troopers Extermination may not unveil a detailed narrative tapestry beyond this premise, it does attempt to answer a complex question: “What if you and a battalion of fifteen mates were suddenly thrust into the midst of this incredible chaos?” be pushed in?” Admittedly, the answer is somewhat nebulous, yet the game compensates with a unique twist, injecting engaging base-building mechanics that fuse a charming tower defense-style essence into its otherwise straightforward, adrenaline-fueled rampage. puts.

Perhaps one of Extermination’s earliest shortcomings is its inability to capture the biting satire that defined its cinematic predecessor. Although the game meticulously recreates the visual aesthetic of the 1997 film, from the meticulously crafted costumes of the soldiers to the rapid news bulletins that announce the start of each round, and even the evocative soundtrack, the similarities are only superficial. Looks like a tribute. While one could argue that the intentionally archaic shooting mechanics, devoid of modern features such as automatic health regeneration and agile movement mechanics, or the mandatory presence of friendly fire, are intended to satirize contemporary shooter conventions, such claims may seem somewhat tenuous. Are. It seems that the essence of satire is far from understanding this game.

Starship Troopers Extermination
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Decades have passed since the unforgettable events depicted in Paul Verhoeven’s cult science-fiction gem, Starship Troopers. Yet, disappointingly, Starship Troopers Extermination fails to weave a compelling narrative web to immerse players in its world. Instead, it pushes them into a perpetual cycle of bug-killing repetition, devoid of any effort to eliminate the mind-numbing grind inherent in team shooters. The game regrettably neglects the opportunity to emulate the satirical genius of the film, which simply held up the clichés of the genre as a reflective mirror for criticism.

While the absence of a strong story may please hardcore Starship Troopers fans, who enjoy simply stepping into this beloved universe, it leaves a void for those hoping for the franchise’s distinctive brand of insightful commentary. Are. The film skillfully challenged war movie trends while providing a thought-provoking exploration of society and propaganda. In stark contrast, Extermination merely serves as a vessel for superficial bug-blasting mayhem, lacking the depth and introspection that made the original work so remarkable.

For a brand intrinsically involved with using genre conventions to examine societal norms, this game is a clear missed opportunity. It fails to seize upon the potential to inspire critical thinking and introspection, leaving players yearn for the sharp wit and social commentary that defines Starship Troopers.

AAS vs ARC: Choosing a Preferred Mission Type in Destruction

In the realm of Starship Troopers Extermination’s Early Access launch, two different types of missions call brave soldiers to the front lines. The first, known as Attack and Secure (AAS), immerses your squad in a dynamic set of objectives that demand rapid mobility. Here, your task is to capture and maintain control of various strategic points scattered across the map. These encounters are characterized by their fast pace, which ensures that the battles are quick but intense. It’s worth noting, however, that these campaigns aren’t immune to the quirks that plague the game – not just constant insect adversaries, but also bizarre glitches that can interrupt the flow.

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A peculiar example encountered during AAS missions involves a common objective: activating and protecting the ore refineries responsible for the production of tanks, which must be driven back to base at regular intervals of 30 seconds. Each refinery’s processor can handle this task many times before requiring a cooldown period of a few minutes. Under ideal circumstances, this should not be a problem if multiple processors are active at the same time. Sadly, too often, the entire team finds themselves congregating around a lone refinery, twiddling their thumbs as it becomes the only spawn point. As a result, the team’s progress will be blocked, leaving them to endure an agonizing wait. As the saying goes, “Do you want to live forever?” — but in this context, it should be, “Do you want to wait forever?”

Prepare for another mission type known as ARC, where the primary objective remains fixed while you use resources from different corners of the map to maintain the map’s power. ARC missions demand better coordination and involve more frequent engagement with both combat and formation mechanics. It offers a deep level of challenge and immerses you in a dynamic interplay between strategy and action. However, unlocking this mission type is dependent on reaching a specific account level, which, sadly, takes over an hour and a half of gameplay time to complete. Such a large requirement for half the available material may seem excessive, creating a feeling of imbalance.

Starship Troopers Extermination
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Both types of missions culminate in the team’s united efforts to defend an important asset from monotonous waves of bug invaders, an encounter that often involves building a strong base around the target. Among the opponents encountered, five different types of insects exist, although three of them essentially function as melee warriors, requiring a uniform approach in combat. However, the appearance of Gunner and Grenadier Bug brings a refreshing twist to the formula. These far-reaching threats demand immediate attention and become priority targets on the battlefield, forcing players to adapt their strategies accordingly.

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Beyond the repository of bugs encountered, it’s worth noting that both types of missions in Starship Troopers: Destruction share a significant overlap in sub-objectives. As a result, regardless of the mode chosen, you’ll find yourself engaging in similar actions throughout your gameplay experience, following a familiar pattern. This similarity amplifies the game’s limited range of activities, creating a sense of repetition that pervades each mode. However, personally, I found myself drawn towards the AAS mode for exactly this reason. The additional tactical elements introduced in ARC mode only serve to underline the turmoil of actions available at any given time in Destruction.

Simplicity and Efficiency: The Base-Building Mechanics in Starship Troopers Destruction

The base-building mechanics in Starship Troopers Extermination offer a commendable level of ingenuity. Building essential structures like walls, bunkers and gun turrets is as easy as deploying pre-designed templates and building up the pieces using your trusty repair tools. This intuitive approach proves beneficial, especially when a relentless swarm of insects begins to breach your defenses, leaving little room for error or hesitation in the repair or rebuilding process. Coordination with your team becomes critical when establishing the layout of your base, as any structure you build can be altered or destroyed by any member of the team.

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Once an ARC mission reaches its climax, whether by meeting its objectives or succumbing to destruction, a frenzied race begins toward the extraction point. During this critical phase, the luxury of self-fertility is disabled, while the constant hordes of insects multiply rapidly. This euphoric race to escape constantly evokes a justified sense of desperation and crisis. As the tension mounts with each passing moment, the risk mounts as well, even if the ultimate reward for a successful extraction is no more than extra meta progression points compared to an untimely death on the battlefield.

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In the fight against the relentless bug onslaught in Extermination, meeting the bitter end is a very easy outcome. While your arsenal of weapons proves to be more than enough to fend off these formidable foes, even a team of 16 players can find themselves on the brink of heavy defeat when faced with the magnitude of the bug’s menace. In this challenging environment, the Operator class has emerged as the most invaluable of the three available classes in the Early Access version. The ability to heal becomes an extremely valuable commodity, as reviving fallen soldiers without the aid of critical revival drones carries a significant risk that often outweighs the potential benefits. In such dire circumstances, the operator’s healing abilities become a lifeline, maintaining the team’s fighting spirit in the face of constant adversity.

Progress and Invest: Unlocking The Potential of The Hunter and Bulwark Classes

The Hunter and Bulwark classes in Starship Troopers Extermination offer unique features in the form of jetpacks and deployable mobile fortifications, respectively. However, their value is not as immediately apparent as the value of the healer. Also, their offensive abilities don’t differentiate themselves from each other until you progress past their respective tech trees. Unlocking their specific weapons, passive features, and gear requires experience points (XP), which requires considerable time and effort. After about 15 hours of gameplay, I’ve reached Tier 6 for the Hunter and Operator classes, which give me access to additional primary and secondary weapon options, facilities, and gear like thermal mines in addition to standard grenades. Mine Bulwark, on the other hand, has reached Tier 11 and is slowly establishing its own unique identity, which provides the ability to support itself by deploying surprise gates or unleashing devastating power with Nuclear Data Packs. It’s worth noting that classes can reach a maximum level of 20, which shows that a great challenge lies ahead for those looking to unlock all the available features.

Starship Troopers Extermination
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Despite the many bugs and players on the huge map, Starship Troopers Extermination impresses with its admirable stability. While it’s not completely free of glitches, such as the occasional terrain getting stuck, the major recurring bugs I encountered were of the explosive, giant variety. However, navigating the menus in the lobby proves to be a source of frustration. Loadout and gameplay settings are constantly reset every time you exit and restart the game, necessitating a process of re-equipping weapons and perks, as well as mouse sensitivity and mouse sensitivity at the start of each session. The sound options have to be readjusted. This recurring inconvenience proves to be quite annoying.


In the vast expanses of the Early Access version of Starship Troopers Extermination, where alien bugs flee and marines make their final stand, a glimmer of promise emerges amid limited content. Imagine yourself as part of a formidable battalion facing insurmountable odds while waging a thrilling war against the insectoid hordes. Together, you form a bond, coordinating the construction of fortifications that become symbols of resilience in the face of constant assaults. Survival is in your grasp as you try to outwit the enemy and exact heart-wrenching punishment.

Still, my serious advice resounds through the interstellar winds to those who seek an irresistible call to arms that tempts them to abandon their eternal gaming arena. Tread carefully and wait for the Early Access tour to begin during the coming year. Within the solid foundation of building mechanics lies a hidden treasure trove of untapped potential, innovation that could elevate this co-op squad shooter into an unrivaled bug-stomping spectacle. Regrettably, the initial rush of novelty can wear off very quickly, leaving you traversing the well-worn paths of repetitive missions, working tirelessly for new class abilities.

Patience, my brave warriors, may yet unveil the metamorphosis of Starship Troopers: Destruction into an awe-inspiring symphony of bug-slaying triumph. The day will come when it will claim its rightful place as the dominant force for intrepid teams fighting the intergalactic swarm. But, in your present starting position, let the mobile infantry continue its courageous fight, for the time will come for your gallant intervention in due course.


What is Starship Troopers Extermination?

Starship Troopers Extermination is a cooperative squad shooter game set in the universe of the Starship Troopers franchise. Players take on the role of marines fighting off waves of alien insects using a base-building mechanic.

Does The Game have a Strong Storyline?

No, Starship Troopers Extermination lacks a substantial story. It mainly focuses on the experience of fighting alien insects without much depth of narrative.

Does The Game Capture The Satirical Tone of The Original Starship Troopers Movie?

No, despite visual similarities to the 1997 film, Starship Troopers Extermination, the film lacks satirical content. It doesn’t effectively subvert genre clichés or provide critique like war films.

What are The Available Mission Types in The Early Access Version?

The Early Access version features two mission types: Attack and Secure (AAS) and ARC. AAS consists of fast-paced, mobile objectives where players have to capture and hold various points on the map. ARC focuses on a stable primary objective that requires resource refinement and coordination.

How is The Base-Building Aspect of The Game?

The base-building mechanics are relatively simple, allowing players to build walls, bunkers, and gun turrets using templates and repair tools. Coordination with teammates is important because anything placed in the base can be replaced or destroyed by anyone.

Are There Varied Enemy Types in The Game?

Starship Troopers Extermination features five types of bugs, but three of them function similarly to melee warriors. Gunners and Grenadiers provide some variation and pose a long-range threat, which requires priority during combat.

Is There Enough Variety in The Missions?

Most of the sub-objectives of both mission types are the same, resulting in repetitive gameplay. Some players may prefer the Attack and Secure (AAS) mode due to the additional tactical elements that the ARC mode can expose to the game’s limited range of movements.

Which Class is The Most Valuable in The Early Access Version?

In the Early Access version, the Operator class is most valuable because of its healing abilities. The ability to heal becomes essential, as without a revival drone, fallen soldiers face a significant risk.

Are There Class Progression and Unlockable Content?

Yes, the game features class progression and unlockable content. Each class has a technology tree, and progressing through the levels unlocks additional weapons, facilities, and gear. Reaching the maximum level for each class can take a lot of time and effort.

How is The Game’s Stability and Performance?

Starship Troopers Extermination generally runs with remarkable stability, even with a large number of bugs and players on screen. Although some minor faults and terrain problems may occur, major faults are relatively rare. However, the lobby menu has frustrating issues, such as loadouts and settings being reset upon exiting and restarting the game.

Is Starship Troopers Extermination Worth Playing in its Early Access State?

The early access version of the game offers a great experience fighting against alien bugs in a co-operative setting with base-building mechanics. However, given the limited content and repetitive nature of the missions, it may be advisable for potential players to wait and see how the game develops during its Early Access phase before making a decision to purchase and play

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