Trepang2 Indie F.E.A.R. Review – A Bloody Hell of Action-Packed Gameplay

Two action games that have left an indelible mark on my gaming experiences are Max Payne 3 from 2012 and F.E.A.R. from 2005. Trepang2 skillfully taps into the nostalgia of those slow-motion action sequences and the presence of formidable enemy AI and diversity. Interestingly, the game is aptly named Trepang2, although it has no connection to the sea cucumbers bearing the same name. Instead, it’s a first-person, stealth-action shooter that decidedly leans towards action-packed gameplay. The title offers an abundance of thrilling run-and-gun moments. While its storyline might not be profoundly terrifying, sporadic successful jumpscares effectively disrupt the almost constant chaos of confronting its unexpectedly intelligent commandos and enigmatic corporate cultists.

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However, it’s important to note that Trepang2 might seem a bit brief if you focus solely on its primary objectives. Yet, this brevity ensures that the game never overstays its welcome, leaving players with a satisfying experience.

Join the Exciting Adventure of Trepang2: Unleash Chaos and Chase Villains

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey with Trepang2’s brisk campaign spanning six to 12 hours. Step into the shoes of Subject 106, an archetypal super soldier enlisted by the covert Task Force 27. Your mission? Break free from an icy underground Alaskan prison and dive headfirst into a gripping narrative that spans the next thrilling 10 hours. Your target: the nefarious overlords of Horizon Corporation, a villainous entity reminiscent of Dr. Evil, known for its comically failed attempts at concocting super soldiers and other sinister plots.

What unfolds is a rollercoaster ride through a blend of video game and action movie tropes, executed with a flair for extravagant violence that seamlessly suspends disbelief, immersing you in an unadulterated state of blissful engagement.

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However, not everything is flawless in Trepang2’s realm. The emergence of gimmicky and budget-friendly monsters on-screen, employing the classic jumpscare tactic, momentarily disrupts the otherwise immersive experience. Regrettably, the story soon relegates these creatures to the sidelines, almost as if it had forgotten their existence entirely. With little more than a casual shrug and sporadic intel entries accompanied by grotesque drawings, the narrative plunges back into its military shooter-inspired action.

To be clear, these monster encounters deliver a gratifying sense of enjoyment. Yet, it’s hard not to feel a sense of disappointment at Trepang2’s missed opportunity to fully embrace these moments. Ingenious setups, including a spine-chilling nod to The Backrooms meme, set the stage for intense confrontations shrouded in darkness. Sadly, these segments remain fleeting, barely occupying more than a fraction of a level’s duration. Unlike the continuous tension personified by F.E.A.R.’s iconic Alma Wade, which underpins a deeply personal horror narrative, Trepang2 falls short in evoking genuine fear from the Horizon Corporation and its monstrous creations. Instead of chilling, they inadvertently come across as satirical.

Strikingly absent is the intentional indication of this satirical approach. Trepang2 leaves players yearning for a more robust and lingering exploration of its eerie elements. Yet, even in its current state, the game’s strengths manage to shine through, leaving players captivated by its relentless action-packed journey.

Get Ready to Be a Hero in Trepang2: A Nostalgic Blood-soaked Adventure

If you’re a fan of intense shooters that throw you back to the gritty and gory days of the mid-to-late 2000s, Trepang2 is here to scratch that itch. Imagine the pulse-pounding action without the unnecessary dramatic pauses that you might remember from titles like F.E.A.R. 2 or DOOM 3. This game is all about keeping the adrenaline pumping, with a dash of nostalgia.

Trepang2 masterfully weaves together the hallways of its military compounds and corporate strongholds, ensuring a seamless flow between epic battles. Speaking of battles, get ready for some intense boss fights that are both exhilarating and straightforward. Each boss has a unique gimmick that you’ll need to exploit. Take the Mothman, for example. He’ll chase you through a labyrinthine structure, but his Achilles’ heel is specific body parts vulnerable to your attacks, adding an element of strategy to the chaos. 

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And it’s not just about the battles; every nook and cranny in each level is a treasure trove of weapon customization parts and intriguing bits of intel. As you gradually uncover the story, you’ll find it may not be as captivating as you hoped, but that’s alright. Trepang2 gives you the freedom to focus on the heart-pounding action while conveniently side-stepping the narrative.

Much like the iconic Doom Slayer, the game’s protagonist, Subject 106, barrels through the corporate underworld that stands as the main antagonist of Trepang2’s campaign. With a sheer force that would make a tornado jealous, he plows through enemies with such determination that even his fellow Task Force 27 members can’t help but marvel at his superhuman prowess. Don’t take their awe as a joke – it’s all part of the unapologetic charm of the game. It’s a bit like the casual banter shared between UNSC soldiers and the Master Chief in Halo, just with a touch more seriousness. But hey, that’s what adds to the wild and exhilarating B-movie vibe that permeates every over-the-top violent spectacle.

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In a gaming landscape where nostalgia meets action, Trepang2 stands tall as a tribute to the past while delivering the fast-paced excitement you crave. Get ready to unleash your inner action hero and dive headfirst into a blood-soaked adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Unleash Tactical Chaos: Mastering Combat Dynamics in Trepang2

Diving into the action-packed depths of Trepang2, you’ll find yourself swiftly acquainted with Subject 106’s remarkable arsenal of abilities. Right in the midst of the first level, you’re introduced to the ingenious Cloak and time-slowing Focus powers. Coupled with the ability to instantly crouch at will, these powers bestow upon you a sense of superhuman prowess in most scenarios. Yet, it’s worth noting that Trepang2 skillfully keeps the balance in check, ensuring you’re never left feeling overwhelmingly dominant – especially once you dial up the difficulty a notch or two.

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Adaptability is key, given the frequent onslaughts of enemies on screen – sometimes numbering as many as 20 or 30. They relentlessly coordinate, encircle, and signal each other about your whereabouts, rendering cover almost futile in the heat of battle, unless you manage to remain concealed. While I’m not inclined towards stealth tactics, I often found the cooldown timer for my Cloak ability a tad lengthy for my preference, causing me to generally overlook it. Interestingly, I didn’t feel its absence, primarily because Trepang2’s level design is far more integral to stealth than a mere invisibility button.

Trepang2 ingeniously incorporates tactics like shooting out lights for covert movement through darkness or setting traps to recreate those suspenseful, “ghillied-up” moments. This aspect is pivotal in its exceptional open-ended combat spanned across its six core missions and six side missions. With eight highly customizable weapons at your disposal, you’re granted substantial freedom to immerse yourself in the frenzy of action, eliminating foes at will.

The heartbeat of Trepang2’s combat doesn’t revolve around weapon selection; it’s about the art of strategy. Every firearm proves formidable in any engagement, whether you’re dual-wielding assault rifles or nimbly navigating enemy groups with a single handgun. The true essence lies in devising the optimal approach. Amidst the regular foot soldiers armed with SMGs and pistols, Trepang2 introduces foes with varied shielding and armor, rendering them susceptible exclusively to headshots. Some adversaries wield long-range weaponry, lurking on the fringes of the battle to strike when you expose yourself. There are even those who relentlessly pursue you with explosives in hand. Each adversary calls for a distinct tactic, and my personal highlights emerged when I was completely encircled by a myriad of diverse enemy types. This coerced me into improvisation, shunning conventional weapons or strategies for a more dynamic response.

Fight with Style in Trepang2: Learn Combat Mechanics

At first glance, Trepang2’s arsenal might appear to be your run-of-the-mill selection, but don’t be fooled – these weapons are more than meets the eye. Whether you’re wielding them with the precision of a mouse and keyboard or the comfort of an Xbox One controller, they prove their mettle in the heat of battle. From pistols and SMGs to shotguns and assault rifles, each firearm finds its place in the action.

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The moment you stumble upon the comically named “Dual-Wield Serum” – an achievement unlocked midway through the campaign – the game transforms. Dual-wielding becomes the name of the game, adding an electrifying twist to the gunplay. Close-quarters combat becomes your domain, where you wield any weapon with devastating effect. However, picking off foes from a distance becomes a challenge. While it’s a minor letdown that dual-wielding only applies to identical weapons, the payoff is immense. Picture yourself obliterating a throng of armored adversaries in slow motion, each hand gripping a shotgun or assault rifle. The reload animation alone, particularly when dual-wielding unfolded shotguns, never fails to elicit a chuckle. Storming into the fray with dual weapons, regardless of type, exudes an unmistakable badassery, irrespective of your accuracy in landing kill shots.

The thrill escalates with a satisfying melee button, a catalyst for both amusement and mayhem. The ability to pummel enemies or unleash a mighty Spartan Kick once you’re up close infuses the combat with dynamic control. Steering the chaos in slow-motion is not just intuitive but immensely enjoyable.

The slow-motion Focus ability is a game-changer, often enabling me to eliminate a few bothersome adversaries before my meter depleted. And with the cost-free ability to dive around, Trepang2 shines brightest when you maintain momentum, letting your Focus meter recharge while you’re on the move. Sliding through ammo, health, and armor pickups, emerging to obliterate the next wave of enemies – it’s a sensation that’s hard to beat.

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While Trepang2 might lack the default aim-down-sights feature for weapons with iron sights, akin to the Counter-Strike approach more than Call of Duty, the absence doesn’t hamper the experience. Although ADS for non-scoped weapons is attainable through a cheat code unlockable later in the campaign, Trepang2’s slick movement and slow-motion mechanics compensate splendidly. This design encourages players to bridge the gap between adversaries, resulting in combat that revolves around crosshair-based aiming reminiscent of classic shooters like DOOM and Halo. It might feel different for those transitioning from contemporary military shooters like COD, but it’s a fresh perspective that adds to the game’s allure.

Crafting Carnage: Customization and Explosive Action in Trepang2

The thrill of Trepang2 goes beyond its heart-pounding combat, extending into the realm of customization and explosive weaponry. As you traverse each mission, the delight of collecting different parts as collectibles is a notable highlight. Yet, a minor letdown is that you can’t tweak your loadout just anywhere. Fear not, though, as the game introduces weapon customization crates sporadically. These crates grant you access to a Crysis-style weapon customization menu, offering the ability to finely tune various parts of your current weapon.

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Take the Pistol for instance, which can be outfitted with Silencers and Laser Sights. Meanwhile, the Shotgun becomes a canvas for creativity, sporting Incendiary ammunition and a collapsible stock. Each addition comes with a trade-off, eloquently described in accompanying text. This balance ensures that your choices expand your tactical toolkit without making you overly dominant. This diverse array of modifications broadens the spectrum of viable playstyles, enriching your experience.

The array of throwables, including frag grenades, flash grenades, incendiary bombs, throwing knives, mines, and even whimsically-named “rat bombs,” adds depth to your combat strategy. However, a limitation exists: you can carry only up to five of a single type at a time. The game encourages liberal usage of these explosive tools by generously scattering them across each level, especially during larger-scale battles.

Trepang2’s relentless action remains consistently stunning. The screen is adorned with showers of sparks and splatters of blood, all at impressive frame rates and resolutions, even on hardware like the GeForce RTX 2080 Super. While some levels might seem drab, akin to Xbox 360-era shooters, the true visual feast awaits in the detailed environments. In the Horizon HQ, the chaos unfolds against an intricate backdrop of LED panels casting vibrant hues across glistening marble floors.

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Certainly, perfection eludes even the most thrilling experiences; occasional enemy glitches and quirks in ragdoll physics can emerge. Yet, these minor hiccups pale in comparison to the grand picture. The game’s performance holds strong in both ultrawide and widescreen modes, rarely faltering even in the midst of frenetic action. The result? A nearly seamless shoot-’em-up experience from beginning to end.

Tying everything together is a substantial hub area, functioning as a central nexus between missions. Here, you can indulge in the pleasures of customization, replenish your armor and equipment, and even partake in a dynamic combat simulation with infinite replayability. This combat sim becomes a playground for honing your skills and experimenting with various weapon configurations within controlled environments.

Should you yearn for additional challenges, Trepang2 offers replayability with heightened difficulty levels. This entails revisiting missions with tougher boss encounters and unlocking cheat codes and secret gags as rewards. Ranging from Infinite Ammo to the whimsical Big Head mode, these cheats evoke a sense of nostalgia and deliver a quirky twist. Embarking on the campaign with varying cheat configurations amplifies the chaos and joy, redefining your experience.


Trepang2 emerges as a jubilant homage to the shooter genre, adeptly blending the relentless, cerebral action reminiscent of titles like F.E.A.R. with the contemporary standards of 2023. This game thrives on diverse enemy encounters, exhibiting intelligence and ingenuity that keep players captivated. The level design, a true masterpiece, is a testament to the game’s prowess, albeit occasionally wading into lukewarm survival-horror territories.

While Trepang2 does falter in moments when attempting survival-horror elements, it’s quick to redeem itself by magnifying the action over stealth. In doing so, it surges ahead in sync with the finest first-person shooters during adrenaline-charged firefights. However, it does wrap up sooner than anticipated, even with additional content introduced in higher difficulty tiers and side missions. This leaves a sense of yearning for more, envisioning a Trepang3 that maintains this exceptional action while incorporating a richer narrative and enhanced scares.

Trepang2 stands as a strong blueprint, a glimpse into a world where electrifying action converges with a story that transcends convention. It’s easy to imagine a sequel where the narrative shines as brilliantly as the action. In the interim, I find myself gleefully plunging back into the fray, armed with an arsenal of unlocked cheats that add an extra layer of fun and challenge.


What is Trepang2?

Trepang2 is a first-person stealth-action shooter game that pays tribute to classic action games of the mid-to-late 2000s. It features intense combat, smart enemy AI, and a variety of weapons and abilities.

What is the story behind Trepang2?

Trepang2 draws inspiration from action games like Max Payne 3 and F.E.A.R., aiming to recreate the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping gameplay of those titles while introducing its own unique elements.

What is the gameplay like in Trepang2?

The gameplay in Trepang2 involves intense combat scenarios with large groups of enemies. Players control Subject 106, a super soldier, and use abilities like Cloak and Focus to take down enemies. The game offers a variety of weapons, including the ability to dual-wield, and encourages creative strategies to defeat enemies.

How long is the campaign in Trepang2?

Trepang2 features a brisk six to 12-hour campaign, which puts players in the role of Subject 106 pursuing the evil overlords of the Horizon Corporation. The game includes both main objectives and side missions.

How does Trepang2 handle stealth?

While Trepang2 has stealth elements, it places more emphasis on action rather than stealth gameplay. Players can use abilities like Cloak to sneak past enemies, but the game’s level design often encourages open-ended combat and strategic engagement.

What sets Trepang2’s combat apart?

Trepang2’s combat is characterized by its diverse enemy encounters and smart level design. Players face off against various enemy types with different weaknesses and abilities, requiring adaptable strategies. The game’s slow-motion Focus ability adds an extra layer of intensity to firefights.

Does Trepang2 have a strong story?

Trepang2’s story is somewhat limited and leans more towards action than deep narrative. While the game’s action sequences are engaging, the survival-horror elements and story moments can feel weaker and less compelling.

How is Trepang2’s presentation?

Trepang2 features intense and visually satisfying action with high framerates and detailed environments. The game’s graphics enhance the chaotic and dynamic combat sequences.

Are there collectibles and customization in Trepang2?

Trepang2 includes weapon customization parts that players can collect and use to modify their loadout. Additionally, there are throwables like grenades and mines that add variety to combat strategies.

Is Trepang2 worth playing?

If you enjoy fast-paced, action-packed shooters reminiscent of classic games like Max Payne 3 and F.E.A.R., Trepang2 offers an enjoyable experience. Its intense combat, smart enemy AI, and diverse level design contribute to an engaging gameplay experience, even though the story and horror elements may not be as strong.

Is Trepang2 a horror game?

Yes, Trepang2 is a horror game. It is often described as an indie first-person shooter that draws inspiration from the horror elements of games like F.E.A.R. The game is known for its atmospheric tension, intense combat, and horror-themed gameplay. Players can expect to encounter frightening and suspenseful moments throughout the game, making it a part of the horror genre.

Will Trepang2 be on Xbox and consoles?

Yes, Trepang Studios will release supernatural first-person shooter Trepang2 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series later in 2023.

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