Moving Out 2 Review – Epic Co-op Furniture Frenzies & Hilarious Adventures

In 2020, Moving Out burst onto the scene as a co-op game that was just as likely to break windows and knock down doors as it was to temporarily strain friendships. It transformed the seemingly mundane task of furniture shifting into a side-splitting spectacle of slapstick humor. The uproariously chaotic basics of couch-carrying from the original remain largely intact in Moving Out 2. However, the formula has received a substantial refresh, thanks to a more eccentric approach to level design and the introduction of environmental interactivity that adds layers of depth to the strategy of flinging furniture.

Moving Out 2
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While the sequel delivers tightly packed tension and humor by the cardboard boxload, it’s unfortunate that there’s been minimal effort to make the experience more compelling for solo players. This means that, much like the chore it’s inspired by, you’ll need to rope in at least one companion to join in the fun. Yet, once you’ve got your partner in crime, Moving Out 2 delivers a fresh round of raucous entertainment, breathing new life into the art of moving furniture and offering a hilarious cooperative experience.

Exploring Multiverse Magic: Moving Out 2 Unleashes Whimsical Adventures

While the concept of multiverses might be a well-worn trope in superhero movies, Moving Out 2 cleverly capitalizes on it, weaving a tapestry of delightfully absurd scenarios. The game instantly takes a fantastical turn, as interdimensional portals sprout around the quaint town of Packmore. This sets the stage for your team of heavy lifters to embark on a wild ride, steering their delivery truck through rips in space and time to collect an array of wonderfully eccentric cargo.

From the get-go, you’re plunged into an imaginative universe where the bizarre becomes commonplace. Picture yourself wrestling with a sofa-sized croissant amidst the whirl of a gingerbread roulette table. In the blink of an eye, you’ll find yourself nimbly evading obstacles in a tilting cottage, deftly balanced by a colossal landlord. The charm of Moving Out 2 lies not only in its vibrant visuals but also in its boundless personality. Its narrative, light-hearted and captivating, overflows with guilty-pleasure puns, rendering it a symphony of dad jokes that might have been crafted by throwing darts at a board adorned with jests.

Mastering the Art of Delivery: Moving Out 2’s Evolved Gameplay

Moving Out 2
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Picture a box of exquisite china, carefully transported to the rear of a delivery truck. Much like this cautious handling, SMG Studio has adopted the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy for the core gameplay of Moving Out 2. Just as in its predecessor, the task of moving objects to their designated destinations in sync with your co-op partner remains a delicate ballet. This intricate coordination involves constant communication and an ongoing struggle between your combined momentum and the obstacles that obstruct your path. The endearing cast of movers, an expanded ensemble of eccentric bobbleheads, retains their endearingly awkward essence, complemented by their familiar yet elegantly simple move sets. While this familiarity initially lends Moving Out 2 the aura of a standalone expansion, the game quickly unveils a wealth of novel environmental improvements that differentiate it from its predecessor.

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The initial stages may evoke a sense of déjà vu, akin to revisiting a beloved locale, but it’s not long before a host of welcome enhancements elevate the experience. Moving Out 2 introduces delightfully absurd approaches to completing each moving task. Consider bouncing a toaster off the taut fabric of an open umbrella, transforming it into a game of beer pong as the appliance lands gracefully in the truck’s bed. Alternatively, you might find yourself piloting a wrecking ball drone, demolishing a series of pillars to create a path for your fellow movers. In another instance, deliverables dangle tantalizingly overhead, prompting you and your co-op partners to strategically position a large fan, propelling yourselves upwards to drag down items using your combined weight. Amidst the familiar maneuvers of maneuvering bulky couches through narrow passageways and extricating microwaves from walls, Moving Out 2 introduces an array of distinct diversions in each scenario, preventing it from feeling like a mere replication.

The result is a gameplay experience that, while retaining the heartwarming essence of its predecessor, evolves into something fresh and exciting. Moving Out 2 remains faithful to the delicate dance of coordination while infusing each level with inventive twists. This harmonious blend of the old and the new creates a sequel that is not just a retread, but a triumphant evolution of an already beloved formula.

Unleash Your Laughter: Moving Out 2’s Hilarious Adventure

Moving Out 2
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As you venture deeper into the game, you’ll encounter fresh environmental twists designed to elevate the importance of plotting your path through every level. Imagine doors that only swing open in a single direction through mazes of interconnected rooms. Picture color-coded portal gates that flash you from one side of the map to the opposite. But tread cautiously; these novelties can swiftly lead to befuddlement if you’re not on your toes. Meanwhile, dealing with colossal batteries isn’t just a matter of hauling them around; they have a limited lifespan when integrated into power circuits. This adds extra urgency to shuffle and heave furniture through open doorways before the batteries drain and the doors snap shut. In essence, this time around, you’ll need to synchronize actions more intricately – or rather, shout enthusiastic directions at your companions and then keep your cool when their interpretations go awry. If your gang resembles mine, emotions will oscillate from exasperation to triumph like clockwork.

Of course, not every stage mandates an exuberant level of cooperation. Moving Out 2 cleverly incorporates a slew of straightforward score-based challenges throughout the journey, reminiscent of mini-games in Mario Party. Whether you’re flinging gumballs through moving basketball hoops or guiding luggage through a Fall Guys-inspired obstacle course, you’ll revel in these focused pockets of amusement amid the grander tasks. This well-balanced blend of intricate objectives and instantly rewarding accomplishments maintains an engaging rhythm as you navigate the delivery truck across three distinct parallel worlds – the saccharine realm of Snackmore, the enchanting domain of Middle Folkmore, and the futuristic floating utopia of Pactropolis. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself in a fourth and final realm, where fragments from each of these disparate realities meld into a medley of zany endgame mash-ups.

Frustrating Feathers: A Quirky Ride in Moving Out 2

Within the eclectic mix of scenarios that Moving Out 2 dishes out, some scenarios found more favor with players – well, at least the ones seated beside me on the couch. The perpetual clouds in certain sky-high apartments, demanding ceaseless vacuuming to disperse them, proved to be utterly draining in every conceivable sense. And let’s not even get started on any task involving the herding of chickens into their farmyard confines; it’s a generally clucking annoying affair. As for the ever-persistent threat of garden rakes coming into contact with my nose, I’m convinced that one more collision might push me into Sideshow Bob’s realm of insanity. Yet, the game wisely shifts scenarios so frequently that no single element, regardless of its popularity, overstays its welcome. Whether it’s ziplines, pulley systems, or even drivable trains, the game’s diversity keeps the experience fresh and exciting.

Moving Out 2
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In one particularly outrageous level, you’re tasked with outfitting a living room in a most unconventional manner: flinging television sets and sofas through windows via an oversized slingshot.

The game even throws the work order into a delightful spin at times. It places you in the unique position of moving into a space by unloading the delivery truck and arranging each item in its designated spot. The real fun arises from gleefully hurling and crashing every package towards the entrance, as if channeling Ace Ventura masquerading as a UPS delivery person. While moving in was later added to the original game as a reverse play mode, here it’s seamlessly integrated, especially in one absurdly comical scenario. In this level, you’re challenged to furnish a lounge by propelling television sets and sofas through windows using an oversized slingshot.

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But of course, there are moments when you bungle up even when you don’t intend to. Playing on the Nintendo Switch, my co-op partners and I shared a common sentiment – the characters appeared slightly more prone to randomly dropping items compared to the original. Given the intentionally quirky movement and physics, it’s hard to determine if this is a deliberate feature to add an extra layer of unpredictability to the chaos, or merely a control glitch. Regardless, it didn’t escalate into a major problem. It’s worth noting that while you can personalize your character’s head to be anything from a cassette tape to a corn cob, they all possess the exact same set of butterfingers, ensuring consistent mishaps.

Exploring Hidden Treasures in Moving Out 2

Speaking of characters, Moving Out 2 knows how to spice up its levels by sprinkling them with hidden character crates, snazzy alternate costumes, and enticing bonus arcade game cartridges. Hunting down these unlockables adds a layer of replayability to the game’s impressive collection of around 50 primary levels. It’s like a reward for thoroughly investigating every nook, cranny, and curious gizmo I stumbled upon. However, a small letdown is that the enigmatic clue-driven side tasks, although making a comeback, don’t trigger an on screen notification upon completion like they did in the original. Consequently, deciphering vague hints such as ‘Best Friends Forever’ led to a fair share of trial and error. Picture me repeatedly wandering around a specific stage, attempting to decipher which cryptic task the hint could possibly be alluding to.

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On another note, it feels slightly harsh that Moving Out 2 mandates successful completion of the main delivery quota in any given stage before counting side objectives as achieved. In the prior installment, you’d still get recognition for these optional missions even if the time ran out before you could load the truck. This feature facilitated going back later to grab anything missed during the initial run. Also, a few presentation nuances have gone missing; for instance, the loaded truck doesn’t dramatically shut its doors and speed off at the conclusion of a level as it did in the original. Instead, it just idly waits as you’re ushered back to the main map. Amidst the myriad ambitious plans for Moving Out 2, it’s possible that these minor intricacies slipped through the cracks, and I couldn’t help but sense their absence.

Lastly, while solo moving in Moving Out 2 is considerably easier on your back compared to the real deal, it’s only a smidgen more enjoyable. Just like the original, it stands as the less thrilling mode to play. Maneuvering a string of objects becomes notably less challenging without a partner’s coordination. Simultaneously, the element of unpredictability that generates hearty laughter doesn’t quite materialize in the same way. However, the game brings a sigh of relief by introducing online multiplayer for the first time in the series. While I didn’t get to put this to the test during the review process, it’s a comfort to know that those unable to engage in local multiplayer sessions can still revel in house-clearing escapades with friends from the cozy confines of their abode.


Moving Out 2 emerges as a riotously colorful and uproarious co-op sequel, a perfect blend of challenge and charm that presents an entirely unique assortment of uproarious cargo tasks. You’ll find yourself gracefully bending at the knees while doubling over in laughter. This game spreads its whimsically absurd parcel-passing escapades across a multitude of dimensions, allowing the developers to unleash their creative prowess in designing each stage’s setup. However, this heightened ambition appears to have led to a few shortcuts in certain areas. Yet, the arrival of online multiplayer serves as a lifeline, enabling more players to recruit a moving partner, regardless of whether they’re sharing a couch or continents apart. This addition strives to offset its shortcomings when played solo. If you’re yearning for another rollicking house party with friends, rest assured that Moving Out 2 hits with the impact of a flung refrigerator. Read Latest Games News & Updates Click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Moving Out 2

What is Moving Out 2?

Moving Out 2 is a co-op video game sequel to the original “Moving Out.” It focuses on the chaotic and humorous task of moving furniture, turning it into a slapstick-style gameplay experience. The sequel introduces new elements to level design and interactivity, providing a refreshed take on the furniture-moving strategy genre.

What sets Moving Out 2 apart from the original?

Moving Out 2 retains the core gameplay mechanics of the original, which involve coordinating with a co-op partner to move objects to designated locations. However, the sequel introduces more outlandish and creative level design, as well as enhanced environmental interactivity. The game features new ways to complete moving jobs, including unique scenarios like playing beer pong with objects or piloting a wrecking ball drone.

What is the storyline of Moving Out 2?

In Moving Out 2, interdimensional portals open up in the small town of Packmore, leading players to navigate through different parallel worlds to pick up and pack quirky cargo. The game is filled with absurd scenarios, including tasks like moving furniture through swirling gingerbread roulette tables or avoiding sliding obstacles in tilting cottages.

Can I play Moving Out 2 solo?

While Moving Out 2 is primarily designed as a co-op experience, the game lacks significant improvements for solo players. The game is most enjoyable when played with a friend, as the core mechanics involve coordination and cooperation between players.

How does Moving Out 2 differ from the original?

Moving Out 2 maintains the core gameplay mechanics of its predecessor, involving the careful movement of objects in coordination with a partner. However, the sequel introduces more diverse and interactive environments, offering a variety of ways to complete moving jobs. Additionally, the game features new parallel worlds, fantastical scenarios, and enhanced humor.

What are some notable features of Moving Out 2’s gameplay?

Moving Out 2 features a wide range of gameplay elements, including environmental challenges, creative moving techniques, and distinct objectives. Players might find themselves moving furniture in absurd ways, such as using an oversized slingshot to furnish a room by launching objects through windows.

Are there any issues or shortcomings in Moving Out 2?

Some players might find the game’s controls and physics slightly wonky, leading to occasional frustration. Additionally, certain scenarios or tasks might be less enjoyable than others. The game also lacks significant improvements for solo players, requiring at least two players to fully enjoy the co-op experience.

Are there hidden collectibles and objectives in Moving Out 2?

Yes, Moving Out 2 includes hidden character crates, alternative costumes, and bonus arcade game cartridges to discover throughout the levels. These collectibles encourage players to explore and replay levels.

Does Moving Out 2 offer online multiplayer?

Yes, Moving Out 2 introduces online multiplayer for the first time in the series, allowing players to enjoy the co-op experience with friends even if they are not in the same physical location.

What’s the final verdict on Moving Out 2?

Moving Out 2 is praised for its colorful and chaotic co-op gameplay. The sequel offers creatively designed stages and challenges, though it might have some minor deficiencies and control issues. The addition of online multiplayer helps address some of the limitations in the single-player experience. If players are seeking a fun and humorous co-op game, Moving Out 2 is a solid choice.

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