Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Review – Dive into the Charming World of Farming

Discover the magic of relaxing farming games, a hugely popular trend that has captured the hearts of gaming enthusiasts. Bokujo monogatari, widely recognized as Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, have been a beloved franchise since the 1990s. While many farming games attempt to emulate the success of Stardew Valley, Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life stands out by reclaiming its original identity and revitalizing the genre.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life
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Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is an exciting remake of the 2003 GameCube classic, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life. Unlike traditional farming games, where seasons typically last 30 days of play, this title condenses each season into only ten days. As time progresses, the residents of the Forgotten Valley grow older, and their captivating personal stories unfold before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the role of a farmer as you forge relationships and make consequential choices that shape your unique farming journey.

Experience the captivating charm of Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life and embark on an unforgettable farming adventure. Rediscover the joy of tending your crops, bonding with lovable characters and immersing yourself in a richly animated gaming experience.

Exploring the Bountiful Harvests and Animal Bonds in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Step into the enchanting world of Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life as you embark on your journey through our charming heritage farm. You might feel a little nervous as the game begins, but don’t! We’ve got a great in-game notebook full of useful tutorials for you. Whether you’re a tutorial enthusiast or prefer a more hands-on approach, the choice is yours. Say goodbye to those tedious and long tutorials that you just can’t skip, because we’ve created the perfect balance of guidance and freedom.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life
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Picture this: You’re starting your adventure with a simple 2000g in your pocket, nothing else. But fear not, as this opens up a world of possibilities! Will you be the first to enter the world of adorable animals? You may spot a cute chick, or maybe a baby cow will steal your heart. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ve been eager to harness the magic of seeds from the start. Although your options are limited in the beginning, fear not! Your farm will flourish and grow along with your skills. And here’s a delightful twist: this remake puts animal breeding in the spotlight, giving you the chance to develop a unique bond with your furry friends like never before in the Story of Seasons series. So, get ready to sow the seeds of happiness and set out on a captivating farming adventure!

In the fascinating world of Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, the intricacies of raising chickens mirror real-life practices. A chicken egg requires fertilization to incubate, both a male and a female chicken are needed for the production of a fertilized egg. As a matter of fact, male chickens are unable to lay eggs. As a result, hatching hens become subject to the whims of the RNG, which affects your egg production. Interestingly, this is the only farming game where I found myself selling animals. Of course, this decision is not motivated solely by financial gain. If the number of male chickens in your hen house becomes more, then it is wise to separate them.

Raising cows, goats, and sheep in the game exhibits the same level of detail, although some mechanics have been streamlined compared to the original version. Female cows no longer need pre-parturition to produce milk, goats continue to produce milk, and animals, in general, are now free of mortality. Although these changes serve to streamline the gameplay, they reduce the emotional peaks and valleys that the “circle of life” concept generated in the GameCube version.

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A particularly welcome enhancement for all animals is the introduction of bells placed near their respective barn or coop doors. With a simple ring of the bell, you can easily call or collect your animals. In the original game, physically moving animals indoors or outdoors can be a bit of a chore, especially given the whimsical weather patterns. This improvement in quality of life alleviates those concerns and enhances the overall gameplay experience.

In addition to caring for your beloved livestock, daily crop management becomes an integral part of your farming routine. While Growing Crops provides satisfying depth, many of the features align with standard conventions of the genre. Notably, the viability of most crops extends beyond one season. Your specialty fruits and vegetables can thrive for two or more seasons, although trees can only be harvested during specific seasons. Plants progress through different growth stages, from germination to flowering and culminating in bountiful crop production. I have to admit that some of these developmental stages may not be as clear cut as I had anticipated. Sadly, I admit to losing two consecutive batches of turnips because I failed to notice their preparation for harvest, resulting in their untimely death. However, as you progress, the ability to combine plants opens up, creating attractive combinations. Personally, I am overjoyed to see a hybrid variety like a lightbulb blooming during the flowering phase. The cropping system boasts impressive versatility, although your planting capacity may be limited by available land space.

Unleash Your Inner Archaeologist: Excavating Ancient Treasures in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

In addition to taking care of your farm and building relationships, Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life offers three additional activities that you can engage in: fishing, cooking, and exploring ruins. Fishing in the game is very easy, once the bobber is pulled a simple button tap is all it takes to grab your catch. Unlike other sports with complex fishing systems, this sport provides an opportunity to relax and appreciate the beautiful scenery while fishing. Fish are often a popular gift and can also be used in cooking.

Cooking, in this remake, is much more user-friendly. Previously, you had to remember each recipe and select the ingredients manually. However, in this version, you can learn recipes from townspeople or useful harvest sprites. Although you can still experiment with different ingredients, the convenience of choosing a recipe directly for cooking adds an enjoyable touch.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life
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The ruins provide a thrilling exploration experience. Find valuable treasures and uncover ancient secrets as you delve into the depths. It is an exciting side activity that adds variety to your gameplay and rewards your curiosity. So, whether you are fishing peacefully in calm waters, cooking up delicious cuisine, or embarking on a thrilling archaeological adventure, Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life offers a diverse range of activities to immerse yourself in.

Another enjoyable pastime in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is digging. The excavation site is a small area divided into grids, just like your arable land. Armed with a trusty shovel, you can dig up rare artifacts, valuable treasures, and gift-worthy relics. The process is straightforward and adds to the sense of adventure as you uncover hidden treasures.

However, I must admit that this aspect of the game is a particular disappointment that I encountered. While exploring the ruins, you are also accompanied by Carter and Flora, who roam the area. Unfortunately, if they are lined up directly near the square you are trying to dig, the targeting reticle fails to recognize the digable square. This can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re under pressure for time as your 5:00 pm departure nears. It gets even more frustrating when you only have one square left to dig, but Carter decides to take a long stare. I sincerely hope that this issue will be addressed and improved upon in future updates.

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Despite this minor setback, the joy of finding hidden treasure and the thrill of archaeological exploration make digging in ruins an exhilarating and intense experience. So, pick up your shovel and embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of the past, just beware of companion movements and occasional targeting inconveniences.

Embracing Diversity and Family Bonds in the Story of Seasons

What makes Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life’s enduring charm truly remarkable is its core foundation that dates back two decades. What sets it apart from other farming games is its unique whole-of-life premise – a concept that is still unmatched in this genre. As a faithful remake, the game stays true to its source material, a decision that proves to be a wise and commendable choice. While there are subtle changes to the characters’ names, most notable is the change of Forget-Me-Not Valley to Forgotten Valley, the revised name adding a pleasant touch of irony.

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One of the most significant improvements in the remake is the inclusion of same-sex relationships and marriages, as well as customizable character choices and pronoun choices. This progressive update expands the pool of potential partners to eight, a significant improvement from the original GameCube version, which only offered three eligible bachelors. The joy I felt upon discovering these inclusive facilities was incomparable. I personally made the decision to marry Gordie, and am overjoyed to see that our magical child, born of two lovely fathers, inherited a beautiful mix of skin colors that reflects the diversity within our family. On a lighter note, I have to admit that naming my character Sam, marrying Gordie, and naming our daughter James was a self-indulgent naming scheme that made me very happy.

A Tale of Seasons: A Wonderful Life successfully pays homage to its origins while embracing significant advancements. It offers a rewarding and inclusive experience that will capture the hearts of both old fans and newcomers.

At the end of the first year and chapter, you have the opportunity to marry a spouse of your choosing, and the second chapter begins a few years later. Seducing your spouse doesn’t have to be particularly challenging; By the end of autumn, I had already reached the maximum relationship level with Gordie without any difficulty. This marks the beginning of family dynamics coming into play. Not only does your child continue to grow and develop as the game progresses, but you also have the power to influence his or her future career path as an adult. Although I couldn’t be a Dancer Mom in the game, I encouraged my child to pursue their artistic interests even though Story of Seasons primarily revolves around farming. It’s a delightful aspect of the game that deepens the family experience, allowing the next generation to be nurtured and guided.

Evolution and Aesthetics: The Visual Splendor of Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

As time goes on in the Forgotten Valley, you can expect a variety of changes, both joyous and poignant. Without spoiling the details, the game introduces new characters who join the community while bidding farewell to some familiar faces. Although I would have appreciated further development in this aspect of the game, I must commend it for what it has achieved. However, it does seem a bit odd that throughout the game your character ages from a young adult to an old man, while the other characters who were elderly in the first chapter remain unchanged. If Marvelous were to make another installment of Seasons for a Lifetime, I’d love to see an exploration of both the organic formation of families and the sorrows and joys that come with aging. Having lost two beloved grandmothers in recent years, I recognize that it is undoubtedly a sad experience, but there is also great beauty in contemplating their lives and legacies.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life
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The visual upgrades in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life are undeniably noteworthy, with revised character models and enriched environments. The art style has changed from the chibi-like design in the previous version to slightly more realistic proportions in this release. The talented cast has been able to capture the essence of the original characters and breathe new life into them. While some fans may have wished for a more believable recreation, I took great pleasure in the expressive nature of the characters and the added environmental detail. Furthermore, the game runs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch, maintaining a solid framerate — a feature that isn’t always guaranteed in Switch games. There were only a few instances where I noticed a slight drop in framerate, but overall, the gameplay experience was as smooth as freshly churned butter. Pardon the word about farming.

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The Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life’s visual enhancements, combined with its evolving storyline and emotional moments, create a captivating and intense gaming experience that honors its roots and delivers delightful improvements.


As a devoted fan of the Story of Seasons franchise, I’m absolutely delighted with Marvel’s treatment of Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life. It preserves the essence of the beloved sport I enjoyed all those years ago, while receiving a fresh change and an increase in a meaningful quality of life. The fast and user-friendly controls and UI make navigation easy, and the introduction of features like better inventory management and livestock bells have saved me significant time and effort. The game fits seamlessly into the current gaming landscape, indicating that the development team’s goal is not only to preserve the original’s memorable experience, but also to recognize the growing expectations of modern gamers in terms of accessibility and efficiency. With the exciting announcement of future Story of Seasons games, I eagerly anticipate how Marvelous will incorporate the unique elements that made Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life such an extraordinary title into its upcoming major release.


What is Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life?

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life is a casual farming game where players live on a farm, raise animals and engage in various activities.

How is it Different from Other Farming Games?

The game compresses the timeline of a character’s lifetime, allowing for aging and for stories to unfold. This includes improved visuals and controls.

What Activities Can You Do Besides Farming?

Players can fish, cook, and dig in the ruins for artifacts and valuables.

How Does The Game Progress Over Time?

Characters age, new characters may appear, and players experience various life changes in the Forgotten Valley.

What Are The Visual and Performance Improvements?

The game has upgraded visuals, realistic character models and smooth performance.

Is it Worth Playing?

Yes, it provides an enjoyable farming experience with quality of life updates and a unique concept.

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