High on Knife DLC Review – A Short Yet Hilarious Gaming Adventure in Squanch Games Whimsical Universe

After immersing myself in nine months of dark and serious gaming narratives, spanning from titles like Diablo IV to Lies of P, I was undeniably eager to take a wild detour back into the world of absurdity and irreverence with High on Life. The release of its first DLC, High on Knife, promised to be a return to the familiar territory of wacky gags, delightfully disgusting characters, and uproarious humor.

High on Knife DLC Review
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However, the laughter was somewhat short-lived. High on Knife does indeed deliver its trademark silliness, gross-out moments, and entertainingly annoying characters, but it abruptly concludes after a mere two-hour escapade. This premature ending left me feeling like I had barely settled back into the zany world that I was so eager to revisit.

Furthermore, the DLC’s spotlight on Knifey, one of the more one-dimensional characters in your arsenal, fails to craft a particularly engaging story, despite his knack for generating chuckles. The absence of improvements in gunplay and performance is also a disappointment.

While I’m delighted that developer Squanch Games is continuing to expand the High on Life series, this second installment feels like a fleeting appetizer, lacking the substance to justify dusting off my copy and reinstalling the game. Here’s hoping for heartier adventures in the future.

High on Knife – An Exploration of Knifey’s One-Dimensional World

High on Knife centers around the singular character Knifey—a homicidal, foul-mouthed Australian blade who unexpectedly receives a summons from the knife homeworld. This prompts a low-stakes quest to reunite him with his people, leading players to Peroxis—a salt-covered desert planet inhabited by a species of perpetually ill slugs who can’t determine the cause of their health issues.

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While there are certainly enjoyable moments scattered across this desolate world, it doesn’t offer the most cohesive narrative. Furthermore, the humor derived from Knifey’s incessant desire to stab everyone and everything already stretched thin in the base campaign, making its recurrence in this expansion somewhat uninspired.

Without delving into spoilers, the journey culminates in an exceptionally abrupt, unsatisfying, and unusually unfunny conclusion. This lackluster ending serves as a stark departure from the comedic quality typically associated with the Borderlands series.


High on Knife explores the world of Knifey, a character known for his one-dimensional persona. While there are enjoyable elements to be found, the overall narrative lacks cohesion, and the humor falls short of the series’ usual standard, leaving the expansion feeling somewhat uninspired and concluding with an uncharacteristically disappointing ending.

Short-Lived Excitement in High on Knife’s Brevity

High on Knife leaves players yearning for more, but not in a good way, as it suffers from a major and quite literal shortcoming—it’s remarkably brief. I found myself watching the credits roll after just a little over two hours of gameplay, right when I thought the story was gaining momentum. 

Upon arriving on Peroxis, players embark on a handful of short quests, confront a single boss, and that’s essentially it. While there are optional activities like engaging with amusing characters, completing minor side quests, and hunting for collectibles, the limited narrative and only one new area to explore leaves little to be excited about. After thoroughly scouring every nook and cranny, I was able to extract only around five hours’ worth of content.

Just as I was beginning to feel reacquainted with the Borderlands universe, its controls, and combat mechanics after an extended hiatus, the experience abruptly concluded. Nevertheless, the credits sequence, in which Knifey humorously roasts the entire development team, offers an entertaining finale to this fleeting adventure.

High on Knife’s brevity is a significant drawback, leaving players with a sense of longing for a more substantial experience. Despite its entertaining moments, the limited content and short duration may leave some feeling unsatisfied.

Familiar Ridiculousness in a Thin Package

High on Knife, while disappointingly thin in content, continues the tradition of offering the same brand of ludicrous and entertaining shenanigans that the Borderlands universe is known for. Throughout your brief adventure, you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of slug-induced coughs, assisting a giant, naked alien in removing parasites from an unconventional location, and infiltrating a space Amazon warehouse with even more dubious business practices than its Earthly counterpart.

There are certainly standout moments to savor, such as a hilarious parody episode of Cheers, complete with an inexplicable but probably illegal appearance by Frasier Crane. Additionally, some side quests prove to be worthwhile diversions, like one where you collect bizarre Pokémon-esque trading cards and engage in a duel with a fellow enthusiast.

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These moments serve as poignant reminders of the unique charm and humor that make this universe so enjoyable. However, the brevity of the expansion means there’s not quite enough of this absurdity to fully savor.

High on Knife maintains the series’ reputation for offering ridiculous and amusing escapades in the Borderlands universe. While some moments stand out and showcase the franchise’s trademark humor, the expansion’s limited content leaves little room for extended enjoyment, making it a fleeting experience overall.

Gatlians is Best Companions in High on Life

One of the enduring highlights of High on Life has always been the Gatlians—the guns that become your trusted companions. This remains true in the expansion as well. Spending additional time with beloved companions like Gus, the frog-like shotgun, and Creature, the socially awkward oddball, was a welcome addition to the experience. These companions add depth to the gameplay, offsetting some of the shortcomings in the shooting mechanics.

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Regrettably, the new guns introduced in the expansion don’t carry the same level of intrigue. For instance, Harper, the ex-military pistol with a mysterious past that replaces Kenny as the standard sidearm, feels like a lackluster replacement. Alternatively, she may not have been given sufficient time in the limited spotlight to truly shine.

The most substantial addition, B.A.L.L., is somewhat underwhelming as a character. This gun is operated by a trio of miniature aliens reminiscent of the Blue Man Group, who communicate in an unintelligible gibberish. Unfortunately, their quirky language fails to contribute meaningfully to the overall experience. In contrast to every other weapon, B.A.L.L. is more enjoyable to shoot than it is to engage with in terms of dialogue.

The Gatlians remain the standout companions in High on Life, enhancing the gameplay experience. However, the new guns introduced in the expansion lack the same level of interest and intrigue, with some failing to make a significant impact as replacements.

High on Knife’s New Weapons and Abilities

High on Knife introduces new weapons and abilities that stand out as some of the expansion’s highlights. Notably, the B.A.L.L. The weapon transforms the battlefield into a chaotic game of pinball, as a metal ball ricochets back and forth, dealing substantial damage upon explosion. The weapon’s trick hole ability allows you to deploy bumpers, automating and accelerating the bouncing process for added chaos and destruction.


In addition to the entertaining B.A.L.L., Knifey gains a chainsaw ability in the second hour of gameplay. This chainsaw enables him to effortlessly cut through environmental obstacles, carve paths through certain surfaces, and perform exhilarating slide moves. However, the downside is that this ability is introduced rather late in the expansion, providing limited opportunities to fully explore and enjoy its potential.

High on Knife shines with the introduction of new weapons and abilities, such as the inventive B.A.L.L. that turns battles into pinball-style chaos and Knifey’s chainsaw ability. While these additions offer exciting gameplay opportunities, some may find that they are introduced later in the expansion, leaving limited time to fully harness their capabilities.

The Verdict

High on Knife serves as a decent add-on for those eager to revisit Squanch Games’ zany realm of irreverent humor and cartoonish violence. However, it doesn’t provide compelling reasons to invest more than a couple of hours. With a disappointingly short questline and a focus on some of the less captivating characters from High on Life, it falls short of achieving the same comedic heights as its predecessor.

While there are moments of amusement to be found, and the opportunity to dive deeper into this delightfully absurd world is certainly not unwelcome, the overall experience lacks the substance to wholeheartedly recommend dedicating precious gaming time to it.


Q1: What is High on Knife and what can players expect from it?

A1: High on Knife is a downloadable content (DLC) expansion for the game High on Life. It promises to deliver the same trademark humor and absurdity found in the Borderlands universe, featuring the character Knifey on a quest to his knife homeworld. Players can expect wacky gags, entertainingly annoying characters, and a brief but humorous adventure.

Q2: What’s the main criticism regarding High on Knife?

A2: The main criticism is its brevity. The DLC offers only about two hours of gameplay, which leaves players wanting more. Some players also find the story lacking in depth, and the humor, centered around Knifey’s desire to stab everything, somewhat repetitive.

Q3: Does High on Knife introduce any new characters or companions?

A3: Yes, High on Knife introduces new characters and guns, but some players may find them less captivating than the original companions from High on Life. The standout companions, known as Gatlians, like Gus and Creature, add depth to the gameplay.

Q4: Are there any standout moments or highlights in High on Knife?

A4: Yes, there are standout moments, including the introduction of the B.A.L.L. weapon, which turns battles into chaotic pinball-style encounters. Knifey also gains a chainsaw ability that allows him to perform unique moves and cut through obstacles. However, some players may feel that these additions are introduced later in the DLC, limiting their enjoyment.

Q5: Should I invest my gaming time in High on Knife?

A5: High on Knife offers a brief and entertaining return to the Borderlands universe with its signature humor and antics. However, the DLC’s brevity and focus on less compelling characters may leave some players wanting a more substantial gaming experience. It’s worth considering if you’re a fan of the series but don’t expect a lengthy adventure.



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