High on Life Review – The Most Hilarious Shooting Game You’ll Ever Play

High on Life is a game that brings a fresh breath of comedic air to the gaming world. From the opening moments, players are greeted with a talking gun that adds a layer of humor to the gameplay. The game’s humor is often absurd and doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it a lighthearted experience for players.

High on Life Review - The Most Hilarious Shooting Game You'll Ever Play
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One of the standout features of High on Life is its space satire, which takes aim at the sci-fi genre and provides players with a humorous take on it. Whether it’s talking with your shotgun about science or covering yourself in alien feces to sneak into a secure facility, the game never fails to be entertaining. The game also features moments of unexpected humor, such as the inclusion of a full live-action movie from the 90s that can be watched on nearby televisions.

Despite its comedic strengths, High on Life is not without its faults. The game is known to have bugs and performance issues, as well as occasional dips into unimpressive toilet humor. However, these issues are often outweighed by the game’s enjoyable and lighthearted nature.

High on Life is a game that knows how to have a good time, and in a gaming world that is often filled with serious and intense experiences, it offers a welcome change of pace. The game’s humor and absurdity make it a unique and enjoyable experience that is sure to put a smile on players’ faces.

High on Life: A Comical and Absurd Space Odyssey with Talking Weapons and Hilarious Distractions

High on Life is a first-person shooter that revels in its absurdity and comedic premise. The game takes place in a future where Earth has been taken over by aliens who capture humans and use them to create hallucinogenic drugs. The player is on a mission to take down the extraterrestrial drug cartel responsible and get revenge. The stars of the show are the weapons themselves, which are animate and play a crucial role in both the gameplay and storytelling.

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High on Life
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These weapons, called Gatlians, are voiced by well-known actors and provide some of the game’s best moments. From Kenny, the easily flustered pistol voiced by Justin Roiland, to Sweezy, the foul-mouthed sniper rifle that references Halo’s Needler, to Creature, who uses his rapidly gestating children as ammo, each weapon is unique and offers its own brand of humor. Perhaps the standout is Gus, the surprisingly wholesome shotgun voiced by JB Smoove from Curb Your Enthusiasm.

As players progress through the 16-hour journey, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know and love these characters. Through clever writing and character development, these weapons will become more than just tools of destruction; they’ll become the player’s closest companions. By the end of the journey, players will feel like they’ve made some lifelong friends and will be sad to have to return their Gatlians to their holsters. Despite its bugs and performance hitches, High on Life is a hilarious and heartwarming space odyssey that players won’t soon forget.

High on Life Review - The Most Hilarious Shooting Game You'll Ever Play
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High on Life is a comedic adventure that takes players on a wild ride through space, filled with hilarious characters, over-the-top gags, and plenty of distractions that are sure to make players laugh out loud. From the talking weapons that serve as the story’s main characters, to the aliens who follow you around and rattle off seemingly never-ending rants, to the Space Applebee’s restaurant, to the movie theater that’s screening Demon Wind with Mystery Science Theater 3000-style commentary, High on Life never fails to deliver when it comes to humor. The game’s campaign is designed to take players about eight hours to complete, but with so many silly distractions, players can easily end up spending more time exploring the absurd world that High on Life has to offer. Whether it’s the stretch of freeway that’s been teleported to a jungle planet, the aliens with road rage who devolve into a cult that sacrifices their own, or any of the other absurd scenarios that players encounter, High on Life is a game that’s packed with surprises and is sure to keep players entertained.

High on Life: A Comical Shooter Adventure with Heart and Thrills

High on Life is a comedy-packed first-person shooter that takes aim at conventions and never takes itself too seriously. The game is set in a world taken over by aliens who use humans as hallucinogenic drugs, and it’s up to you to embark on a wild and ridiculous space journey to get revenge against the extraterrestrial drug cartel. Along the way, you’ll be accompanied by the real stars of the show – the rude and lovable weapons known as Gatlians. From Kenny, the easily flustered pistol to Sweezy, the foul-mouthed sniper rifle, these animate weapons are more than just tools of destruction – they’re the lifeblood of the story and serve as some of the most important characters.

High on Life
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The writing in “High on Life” is top-notch, and the humor ranges from lowbrow to sophomoric, but always with a dash of heart. The game is filled with dumb gags, curse-laden rants, and TV screens airing idiotic shows that resemble Rick & Morty’s Interdimensional Cable episodes. The campaign, which is only about eight hours long if you can resist all the distractions, is packed with so much silliness that you’ll never know what to expect next. Whether you’re teleporting a stretch of freeway onto a jungle planet or watching a full movie at the theater, “High on Life” will keep you entertained and always on your toes.

It’s worth noting that the humor in the game may not work for everyone, but for fans of classic comedy games like Borderlands 2 and South Park: The Stick of Undoubtedly, “High on Life” is going to be a success.. With its ridiculous setting and crass dialogue, there are moments where the humor may feel lazy or over-the-top, but more often than not it will have you chuckling out loud. Despite its improper material, “High on Life” has a lot of heart, and it’s difficult not to connect with the characters, particularly Gene, the washed-up bounty hunter. By the end of the journey, you’ll be motivated to defeat the alien drug cartel, not just for the humans, but for your beloved Gatlian buddies.

Immerse yourself in the heart-pumping, thrill-ride of High on Life, where chaos reigns supreme. Equip your trusty guns and get ready to dive into battle, where the odds may not always be in your favor, but the excitement is always over-the-top.

High on Life Review - The Most Hilarious Shooting Game You'll Ever Play
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At first glance, the battlefield may seem like a chaotic mess, with weapons that lack precision and enemies that flop and flail, pelting you with a barrage of goo. You may worry that the combat will be nothing more than a mindless shooting gallery, using peashooter Kenny to take down brainless pests. But fear not, for even on the hardest difficulty, High on Life proves to be a relatively easy stroll, with ample opportunities to restore your health and shield, and slow-moving bullets that can be easily dodged.

However, once you gain access to new tools like the powerful jetpack and unique combat abilities such as Creature’s mind control and Gus’s vacuum-and-blast technique, the game takes on a whole new level of excitement. The battlefield transforms into a dynamic arena, where strategy and quick thinking are just as important as raw firepower. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster ride of adrenaline-fueled action and nail-biting excitement.

Despite its flaws, High on Life offers plenty of opportunities for explosive fun. The limited enemy variety and occasional glitches, like aliens getting stuck in the environment, can be frustrating. And the decision to make the down button on the d-pad the default for crouching may seem confusing, but it can be easily changed in the Ease of Access section of your Xbox settings menu.

However, these hiccups only add to the chaos of the combat experience. The real fun lies in finding creative ways to take down the baddies, like using Kenny’s glob shot to toss enemies in the air and then juggling them with bullets until they explode, or using Sweezy’s object-piercing shots to take out enemies behind cover. The game may not be as finely tuned as your ideal shooter, but it’s a sandbox for pulling off absurd and entertaining kills, and that perfectly fits High on Life’s energetic vibe.

High on Life
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High on Life: A Chaotic and Wild Metroidvania Adventure with Quirky Characters and Epic Boss Battles

When your guns take a break from blasting foes, they serve as indispensable partners in navigating through each level with their alternate-fire modes, affectionately known as “trick holes.” With Kenny’s Glob Shot, you can clear obstacles from your path. Gus’s spinning blades can create platforms by sticking into walls, Sweezy’s bubbles can slow down time in a specific area, and more. Exploring and searching for collectibles and hidden loot boxes is surprisingly enjoyable.

Just like in a Metroidvania game, as you unlock weapons and abilities, you’ll gain access to new areas and secrets within previously visited locations, making backtracking a valuable use of time. Collecting alien Pesos through exploration is also highly rewarding, as you can use this space currency to purchase upgrades for your weapons and bounty hunting suit, providing useful perks such as an upgraded version of Gus’s enemy-sucking ability that allows you to tear off their armor and take it for yourself.

In High on Life, each level reaches its zenith with an epic and unforgettable boss battle, pitting you against a notorious extraterrestrial villain. These challenging encounters not only test your combat skills, but also offer a hilarious twist to the villain’s backstory. You’ll find yourself in awe of the absurd and inventive tactics these bosses employ, making it all the more satisfying to take them down. One particular boss fight had me in stitches, as the villain punished me with a clever attack that caught me completely off guard. High on Life truly takes boss battles to a new level of entertainment and mayhem.

High on Life Review - The Most Hilarious Shooting Game You'll Ever Play
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High on Life is a chaotic and wild ride that features over-the-top firefights and a cast of quirky characters with unique abilities. Although the combat can be messy, with somewhat inaccurate weapons and floppy enemies, it becomes more engaging as you gain new tools and combat options. Despite some weaknesses, like weak enemy variety and occasional bugs, the game offers a lot of fun, allowing you to pull off creative and stupid kills. Additionally, the alternate fire modes of the weapons, known as “trick hole,” offer a lot of versatility, making them more than just killing tools. The game is also a Metroidvania, where you unlock new areas and secrets as you gain more abilities, making backtracking a worthwhile experience. Collecting alien Pesos, which can be used to buy upgrades, is also a rewarding experience. High on Life also features boss fights that serve as loopy crescendos to each level and are challenging and memorable. Although the game is prone to performance issues and bugs, a recent performance patch has fixed the worst of them. Despite some minor issues, High on Life is a wild and entertaining experience that provides plenty of humor and excitement.


High on Life is a madcap shooter that revels in its comedic mayhem, delighting players with its wacky humor, zany setting, and a cast of outrageously profane weapons. The combat may start out a bit rough around the edges, but as you progress and unlock new tools of destruction and mobility options, the game finds its footing and delivers an unforgettable experience. While not every joke hits its mark, the game compensates with epic boss battles, innovative alt-fire abilities, and a thrilling adventure that keeps players on their toes. The cherry on top? A surprisingly large selection of terrible movies to watch along the way, making the journey through this wacky world well worth your time.

FAQs :

Q: What is High on Life about?

A: High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter set in a world taken over by aliens who use humans for drugs. The player embarks on a wild space journey to get revenge against the extraterrestrial drug cartel and is accompanied by talking weapons called Gatlians.

Q: What makes High on Life unique?

A: The game’s standout features are its humor and absurdity, which range from lowbrow to sophomoric and are delivered through talking weapons, unexpected moments, and unexpected scenarios.

Q: Who are the Gatlians in High on Life?

A: The Gatlians are the animate weapons in the game, voiced by well-known actors, that serve as the story’s main characters and provide humor through their unique personalities and behavior.

Q: How long is the campaign in High on Life?

A: The campaign is designed to take about eight hours to complete, but there are many distractions that can extend the playing time.

Q: What type of humor can be expected in High on Life?

A: The humor in High on Life ranges from lowbrow to sophomoric and is delivered through talking weapons, unexpected moments, and absurd scenarios.

Q: Are there any performance or bug issues in High on Life?

A: Yes, there have been reported issues with bugs and performance, but these are often outweighed by the game’s enjoyable and lighthearted nature.

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