Portal Revolution Review –  A Fan Made Adventure in the World of Portals

Let’s dive into the world of Portal Revolution, an incredible journey crafted by fans over the span of 8 years. This passion project has been turning heads since its trailer release, promising a unique addition to the beloved Portal series. As we navigate through this fan-made spectacle, we’ll explore the highs of creative brilliance and the lows of a game grappling with finding its own identity.

Portal Revolution Review
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Innovating Beyond Puzzles in Portal Revolution

Portal Revolution stands out among fan-made Portal mods by aiming to be more than just a puzzle collection. Instead of sticking to the usual test chamber formula, the game seeks to surprise players with new presentations, sequences, and a narrative that wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with the renowned Portal series. While this ambition is exciting, finding the balance between paying homage to the originals and creating a unique identity seems to be a tricky dance.

Narrative Echoes 

The game’s story in Portal Revolution is like an echo of Portal 2, following a similar rhythm that might feel a bit too familiar. Initially seen as intentional callbacks, these parallels eventually become a case of déjà vu. Despite the potential for a fresh prequel story, the game struggles with the temptation to stick closely to the narrative beats of its predecessor instead of paving its own storytelling path.

Insecurity in Design

Portal Revolution inherits some design issues from Portal 2, adding roadblocks and disruptions that might give players a sense of déjà vu. The game seems eager to pay homage, but the review expresses a desire for it to find its own rhythm and steer clear of the pitfalls that characterized its inspirational source, Portal 2.


Character Dynamics and Dialogue

In trying to capture the essence of the Portal experience, Portal Revolution faces challenges in character dynamics and dialogue. Stirling, initially enjoyed for his upbeat personality, undergoes a transformation that doesn’t sit well with the reviewer, turning into what they describe as a Poor-man’s Wheatley. On the brighter side, a second character introduced later injects a fresh and unique personality that seamlessly integrates into the Portal universe.

Puzzles and Gameplay

The heart of Portal Revolution beats in its puzzle design, pushing the difficulty beyond the boundaries set by Portal 2. With new elements like laser cubes, the game offers players a fresh take on the classic portal-shooting mechanics. The reviewer finds immense joy in experimenting and solving puzzles, praising the game for its creativity and innovative approach to level design.

Exploring the Deeper Layers in Portal Revolution

Portal Revolution attempts to explore deeper layers beyond the traditional portal mechanics. The game’s ambition to push beyond the boundaries set by Portal 2 is palpable. While comparisons are inevitable, Portal Revolution receives praise for its efforts to expand the Portal universe into uncharted territories, both narratively and in terms of gameplay.

A Symphony of Sound

One aspect where Portal Revolution shines is in its soundtrack. The original compositions accompanying the gameplay are commended for enhancing the overall atmosphere. The new songs are described as amazing, and the reviewer even provides a link to one as an example. The seamless connection between solving puzzles and the background music is highlighted as a significant aspect of the game.


The Tug of War Between Homage and Innovation

Portal Revolution finds itself in a delicate tug of war between paying homage to its revered predecessors and striving for innovation. The reviewer acknowledges the challenge of striking this balance, recognizing that the game, at times, relies too heavily on familiar elements. However, there’s appreciation for the developers’ attempts to introduce novel concepts and expand the Portal universe beyond its traditional boundaries.

The Quest for Consistency

While Portal Revolution boasts moments of brilliance, the reviewer expresses a desire for greater consistency throughout the gaming experience. There’s a wish for the game to break free from apparent insecurities, letting go of the fear of deviating from Portal 2’s formula and embracing the true spirit of the original Portal. This quest for consistency extends to narrative choices, character development, and overall game design.


Portal Revolution is acknowledged as an ambitious fan-made addition to the Portal universe, attempting to carve its own path while dealing with the shadows of its predecessors. The reviewer recognizes the commendable effort put forth by the developers and finds merit in the moments where Portal Revolution shines, offering an experience that stands tall next to the originals. Despite occasional missteps and a tendency to echo Portal 2, the game is deemed worthy of recommendation. The hope lingers that future iterations will boldly embrace the true spirit of Portal, free from the constraints of homage. In its imperfections, Portal Revolution becomes a testament to the unwavering love and dedication of fans for the iconic Portal series, proving that even in the world of portals, creativity knows no bounds.


1. What is the Portal Revolution?

A fan-made game, expanding the Portal series with new puzzles and narrative twists.

2. How long did it take to develop?

8 years of dedication brought the Portal Revolution to life.

3. Is it just about puzzles?

No, it explores new story elements and sequences beyond traditional gameplay.

4. What sets it apart from other mods?

A blend of homage to the originals and a daring quest for innovation.

5. Is it worth playing for Portal fans?

Yes, despite some echoes of Portal 2, it offers unique moments and challenges.

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