Party Animals Review – A Hysterical Journey into the World of Adorable Brawling and Endless Fun

During my formative years, local party video games like Super Monkey Ball, Mario Party, and Rock Band provided my friends and me with some of the most cherished gaming moments we ever had. Fast forward to today, and it’s disheartening to see these local multiplayer gems being overshadowed by the influx of online multiplayer titles. As the availability of local party games dwindles, the few that do emerge bear a significant responsibility—to deliver a delightful experience that can be enjoyed both with friends in person and virtually.

Party Animals Review
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Thankfully, Party Animals takes up this mantle and does so with enthusiasm, quite literally tossing any concerns overboard. Developed by Recreate Games (incredibly, it’s their debut title), Party Animals is a physics-based brawler party game that accommodates up to four players on split-screen and up to eight players in wild online chaos. To paint a vivid picture, think of Party Animals as having the gameplay dynamics of Gang Beasts but wrapped in the charming, glossy, and utterly adorable aesthetics reminiscent of Fall Guys.

Having had the pleasure of experiencing game both online and through local split-screen sessions, I can confidently attest that it lives up to its promise. This game is a whirlwind of absurdity, an addictive rollercoaster of laughter, and a playground for the zaniest antics. In short, Party Animals encapsulates all the qualities that make party gaming an absolute blast.

Party Animals: Hysterical Fun with Rag-Doll Physics

Game delivers a riotous and entertaining experience, making it a hit for players of all levels, even those unfamiliar with gaming. The game kicks off with a comprehensive tutorial, which can be revisited anytime from the main menu, making it accessible for newcomers.

Party Animals Review
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Once you’ve grasped the basics, you can dive into the action through Quick Match or Custom Game modes, set across 20 engaging maps. game offers three distinct game modes:

  1. Last Stand: This mode spans nine maps where you or your team must strive to be the last creature standing.
  1. Team Score: Two teams of four compete across nine maps to secure victory in various challenges.
  1. Arcade: Two maps host a unique mode where each team collectively has ten lives, with the first to reach zero lives losing.

The game’s appeal lies in its embrace of Newton’s fourth law: party games combined with rag-doll physics equal boundless amusement. The game’s humor factor is off the charts, with comical animations and gameplay that will have you laughing uncontrollably. Watching adorable animals engage in wild antics, get knocked out, and sprint around is pure hilarity.

In terms of gameplay, it doesn’t disappoint. You can employ a variety of moves, including punches, heavy punches, kicks, dropkicks, headbutts, grabs, throws, and even weapon wielding, adding an extra layer of fun. While combat may initially feel clumsy and top-heavy, this is by design to enhance the game’s comedic nature. The delightful maps and game modes elevate the overall experience, making Party Animals a must-try for party game enthusiasts.

Diverse Maps and Modes Elevate the Experience

What truly sets Party Animals apart from being a mere Gang Beasts clone is its rich variety of maps and modes. The game offers Last Stand, Team Score, and Arcade modes, each accompanied by unique maps that provide a wealth of customization options in Custom Game mode.

Party Animals Review
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Customization in game allows you to tailor your experience to your liking, including selecting specific maps, adjusting team sizes, enabling or disabling weapons, and much more. While Last Stand and Team Score boast an array of great maps, Arcade mode, with only two maps and fewer customizable options, might feel somewhat lacking in comparison. However, the real standout is the impressive diversity among the Team Score and Last Stand maps.

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The game’s visuals add to the excitement, with vibrant colors and textures that make the maps come alive. For instance, the Broken Arrow map takes the action aboard an airplane soaring through the skies, tilting and gradually freezing at both ends, creating an exhilarating and dynamic environment. In Fluffy Redemption, players must toss coal into their own train while also leaping to the enemy train to pull brakes or incapacitate foes, resulting in a chaotic and entertaining gameplay experience.

The game already boasts a wealth of fantastic maps, each offering unique and memorable moments. With Recreate Games at the helm, players can anticipate even more creative additions to the game in the future, making it a must-play for those seeking diverse and entertaining multiplayer experiences.

Enhancing the Party with Smart Features

Party Animals from Recreate Games knows how to elevate the party gaming experience, and one standout feature is the map vote option in Quick Match. This addition lets players actively choose their preferred map instead of leaving it to random chance, contributing to a more enjoyable and engaging party atmosphere. In the game, the primary focus is on maximizing fun for players, and the map vote feature demonstrates this commitment.

Party Animals Review

Another delightful aspect of the game is how it keeps players involved even after elimination. As an observer, you can still participate by hurling items like fish, banana peels, and bombs into the arena. Knocking out a player with a well-aimed fish adds an extra layer of humor to the game, ensuring that the laughter and excitement continue throughout.

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However, game isn’t without its quirks. The camera rotation feature, while useful for obtaining better angles and viewpoints, can be finicky at times. Some maps may have walls or objects that don’t fade out correctly when adjusting the camera angle, potentially leaving you stuck looking at obstructive elements. It would be convenient to have a broader camera angle option that eliminates the need for frequent camera rotation, providing a comprehensive view of the entire stage and allowing players to focus solely on the fun.

A Menagerie of Fun and Adorable Progression

One of the standout features of game is its delightful cast of characters – the animals. With a current roster of 30 charming animals, and the promise of more additions in the future, Party Animals ensures that players have a wide array of adorable choices. The game’s cuddly characters, particularly the endearing pups, offer various color options and unlockable outfits to further personalize your party animal. Unlocking these animals and outfits becomes a rewarding journey, achieved through leveling up the season pass, accomplishing achievements, and spending Cookies and Nemo Bucks in the Item Shop. Additionally, players can access legendary outfits through the Surprise Egg gacha game. These reward systems, often a point of contention in other games, serve as enjoyable progression incentives, giving Party Animals an unexpectedly long-lasting appeal.

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Beyond its lovable gameplay, game excels in its presentation. The game’s music, color schemes, UI designs, and overall aesthetic create a warm and inviting atmosphere. While Party Animals is a zany party game, its mature yet charmingly cute visual and auditory design makes it feel fully realized.

Game keeps players hooked through a well-balanced combination of the season pass level system, achievements, various currencies, and the gacha game. The allure of unlocking new animals and outfits, coupled with the game’s enjoyable gameplay, provides numerous reasons to keep returning for more party fun. The only minor complaint? The absence of a frog character, a personal favorite. Recreate Games, consider this a request for an adorable frog character, preferably with the vibrant colors of a poison dart frog – a 10/10 addition in the making!

A Delightful, but Potentially Short-Lived Bash

The game’ greatest strength and potential limitation lie in its simplicity. This accessibility means that virtually anyone can jump in and start having fun with ease, regardless of their gaming experience. Even being bad at the game is entertaining, given the inherent silliness and clumsiness of every character, irrespective of skill level. However, this straightforwardness also brings with it the risk of growing repetitive relatively quickly. This is a common challenge faced by party games – they must strike a balance between accessibility and depth to remain engaging.

Party Animals Review
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It stands out as one of the best-executed party games, but it can’t entirely escape the genre’s tendency for short-lived excitement. Party games, by their nature, often become stale sooner than titles demanding more from their players.

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Efforts have been made by party games like Mario Party and Fall Guys to combat this issue by introducing multiple game modes with new mechanics and objectives. These additions aim to diversify player engagement and extend the game’s longevity. While they are effective to some degree, party games continue to grapple with the challenge of sustaining interest over extended periods.

It could benefit from the introduction of new game modes, such as races or tail tag, and additional mechanics like jetpacks or fishing poles. Fortunately, Game is still in its early stages, leaving room for the possibility of exciting innovations in the future.


Party Animals emerges as a standout party game, delivering entertainment whether you’re playing solo, in split-screen mode, or with friends online. The game’s presentation is delightful, featuring charmingly cute animals, challenging and humorous combat, and a collection of unique and visually striking maps. The prospect of an eight-player Last Stand mode is particularly enticing, promising raucous fun with friends.

While Party Animals isn’t without its imperfections, it’s a highly recommended experience for both seasoned gamers and those who are new to gaming. The game’s accessibility and universal appeal make it a must-try for all types of players and gatherings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Party Animals?

It is a physics-based brawler party game developed by Recreate Games. It features adorable animals engaged in chaotic and comical battles. Players can enjoy the game in both local split-screen and online multiplayer modes.

How many players can join a game of Party Animals?

Party Animals supports up to four players in local split-screen mode and up to eight players in online multiplayer mode.

What are the main game modes in Party Animals?

Party Animals offers three main game modes:
Last Stand: Players or teams must be the last one standing in a variety of maps.
Team Score: Two teams of four compete to complete challenges in different maps.
Arcade: Two teams collectively have 10 lives in two specific maps, and the first team to run out of lives loses.

Are there different maps in Party Animals?

Yes, Party Animals features a variety of maps tailored to each game mode. Players can also customize their experience in Custom Games, choosing which maps they want to play on, team sizes, and more.

How do I unlock animals, outfits, and other items in the game?

You can unlock animals, outfits, emotes, and avatars by leveling up through the season pass, completing in-game achievements, and spending Cookies and Nemo Bucks in the Item Shop. Legendary outfits can be obtained through the Surprise Egg gacha game.

What makes Party Animals stand out from other party games?

Game combines rag-doll physics with hilarious and challenging brawler gameplay, making it a unique and entertaining party game. The game’s colorful maps and warm presentation also set it apart from other titles in the genre.

Can I vote for the map I want to play in Quick Match?

Yes, Party Animals includes a map vote feature in Quick Match, allowing players to have more control over the maps they play on.

Is Party Animals accessible to both gamers and non-gamers?

Yes, Party Animals has a low entry barrier, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. The clumsy and silly nature of the characters adds to the fun, even for those new to gaming.

Does Party Animals have plans for additional content and updates?

Yes, Recreate Games plans to continue adding more content and updates to Party Animals, which may include new game modes and mechanics in the future.

What platforms is Party Animals available on?

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Party Animals was available on various platforms, including PC and consoles. Please check the latest information to confirm its availability on your preferred platform.
Please note that game details and features may change over time, so it’s advisable to visit the official Party Animals website or platform store pages for the most up-to-date information.

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