Dungeons 4 Game – The Hilarious Dungeon Management and Exciting Gameplay Mechanics

Dungeons 4 is a dungeon management simulator developed by RealmForge Studios and published by Calypso Media. Today we are going to write Dungeons 4 Review. I have been waiting for this game for a very, very long time. In fact, for almost the entire year, I knew this game was coming out. It’s one of my favorites. It’s not the best, the biggest, or the brightest game, but there is something about it that just draws me in. This game doesn’t necessarily take itself too seriously, but at the same time, it always seems to manage to deliver on the humor at the heart of this game.

Dungeons 4 Review
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Dungeons 4 – The Ultimate Evil

Dungeons 4
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Right at the beginning, within Dungeons 4, you take on the role of Thalya. She is your hero and the ruler of your underworld. With her, you need to build yourself an extravagant dungeon to take over the overworld and fight her stepbrother, Tristan. As well as a number of other heroes, dwarfs, humans, and all kinds of other things. In some circumstances, even unicorns

Being the ruler of ultimate evil isn’t necessarily an evil or straightforward path. No, you need to build up your dungeon and manage all the various different systems that it entails. Your minions have to eat, and they should have a place to rest. Every single different type of unit requires a different type of home or has its own unique needs. And as you progress further into the game, you will unlock more and more parts of the game.

Dungeons 4- Bigger, Badder, and Better

Dungeons 4
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You have four levels in the game: dungeon, horde, demons, and the undead. You can unlock these levels after completing the assigned tasks. These are four different elements that you need to progress through in order to get the best, biggest, and the baddest that this game has to offer. There are over 20 different levels throughout this game. It is completely voice-acted. It’s available on PlayStation 5, Switch, Xbox, and PC.

Honestly, I’ve had an absolute blast playing this game. Anyone who’s played the Dungeons games before knows what this has to offer. However, with Dungeons 4, it introduces bigger and better mechanics than ever before. You get to manage bigger and better dungeons within these dungeons.


We have got extra complexity while expanding our dungeon. We not only remove the dirt, but there’s harder rock that we have to quarry out as well. There’s also dwarfs lurking underground too. These things we are going to have to battle and, of course, eradicate from our dungeon because we don’t want to be sharing the underworld with anybody.

The underworld must belong to us. As we’re excavating the dungeon, we might stumble into a spider’s nest or lava. Perhaps we’ll be able to find gold veins or diamond veins. And all these things we’re going to have to maneuver between before we even manage to get our troops onto the overworld.

Dungeons 4 – Dynamic Dual Maps 

Dungeons 4
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When you start playing this game, you’ll notice something rather unique. Like this game, it possesses not just one but two maps. One on the left-hand map and one on the right-hand map. On the left-hand side, we can see what’s happening in the overworld—any kind of territory that we have unlocked.

We have a number of different objectives that we need to complete, and on the right-hand side we will have our Dungeon map that enables us to keep track of our dungeon, watch it sprawl across the entire map, and notice if any invaders come to attack us. Yes, that’s right, because within dungeons, we do get attacked as well. Therefore, we have to defend what is ours, and it’s that complexity of a management system that you’ll have to constantly decide which needs your attention first.


Within Dungeons 4, there’s always something going on, whether it is managing money, food for our minions, or protecting our dungeon heart from invaders. The Overworld is actually really interesting as well, because as we eliminate Hero Camps, you can literally see the Overworld transform from everything sweet and rainbows to everything in fire and ruin, which is the way Thalya likes it.

Dungeons 4 – Strategy and Management

Dungeons 4
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Dungeons 4 is honestly a great mashup between strategy and management. On one side, you have your troops, moving here and there; target the things you want them to attack. Although you can’t necessarily completely control them, you can show them what to be angry about and what not to be angry about.

And of course, every single different type of unit has its own special ways to attack. It’s a really nice way to manage things, and deciding on how you want your army set up can be a big difference and game changer. whether you manage to complete the level or not. On top of all that, you also have a variety of different spells that you can use at any time, which can seriously change the landscape of the battle.

For me, though, it’s the dungeon management side of it. It’s knowing that you start with a small little dungeon and being able to excavate the entire area, design where you want all the different types of rooms, and watch it take form and shape. And remembering that you actually have to protect what is yours and making sure you put the right traps in the right places, guard rooms, and a buzzsaw by the door.

Watching your little snots go about their day-to-day jobs is a lot of fun. All your minions need to get paid on a regular basis, so the constant hunt for gold is always present. I think if you know what you’re getting into before you actually pick up dungeons, this is a lot of fun, and it does a great job at delivering on everything you expect it to have.

It really has done bigger and better this time round than Dungeons 3. It’s improved upon a lot of the mechanics that were in place in Dungeons 3, and it’s doubled down on the ones that work the most. The game is completely free if you happen to have a Game Pass.


Dungeons 4 is a strategic masterpiece, improved from its predecessor, delivering on expectations, and offering an enjoyable experience for both new and returning players. With its perfect blend of humor, strategy, and management, the game stands out as a must-try, especially for those with Game Pass, making it an accessible and entertaining choice for gamers. It’s an awful lot of fun. The tutorial is great. The voice overs are pretty hilarious in some places. And honestly, I’ve just found Dungeons 4 to be the perfect palette cleanser.


Q1: Who is the main character in Dungeons 4, and what is their objective?

A1: Thalya is the main character in Dungeons 4, and her objective is to build an extravagant dungeon, take over the overworld, and confront her stepbrother Tristan, along with other heroes and creatures.

Q2: What are the four levels in the game, and how can they be unlocked?

A2: The four levels in Dungeons 4 are dungeon, horde, demons, and undead. Players can unlock these levels by completing assigned tasks and progressing through the game.

Q3: What complexities are introduced in the dungeon management of Dungeons 4?

A3: Dungeons 4 introduces complexities such as digging through harder rock, battling lurking dwarfs, and encountering various obstacles like spider’s nests, lava, gold veins, and diamond veins. Players need to manage these elements while expanding their dungeon.

Q4: How does Dungeons 4 balance between the overworld and dungeon management?

A4: The game features two maps, one for the overworld and one for the dungeon. Players need to constantly decide between managing money, providing food for minions, protecting the dungeon heart from invaders, and completing objectives in the overworld.

Q5: What is unique about the Overworld Transformation in Dungeons 4?

A5: As players eliminate Hero Camps in the Overworld, they can witness a transformation from a peaceful landscape to a chaotic one, aligning with Thalya’s preference for fire and ruin.

Q6: How do Dungeons 4 combine strategy and management elements?

A6: Dungeons 4 is a mash-up of strategy and management, allowing players to control troops, set their targets, and use various spells in battles. The game also emphasizes dungeon management, requiring players to design and expand their dungeon, implement traps, and ensure the well-being of minions.

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