Persona 5 Tactica Game Review – The Revolutionary Turn-Based Strategy Game With Tactical Brilliance and Eye-Catching Design in 2023

Set out on an exciting adventure with Persona 5 Tactica, a tactical masterpiece that seamlessly blends the beloved flair of its predecessors with innovative gameplay. This captivating game adds a dynamic twist to tactical gaming by allowing units to move infinitely before unleashing strategic brilliance in combat. Each encounter unfolds as a personally solved puzzle, from the joy of experimenting with creative solutions to the execution of satisfying All Out Attacks.

Persona 5 Tactica Game Review
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P5T provides a compelling 50-hour experience, complemented by side content and replayability, with an extensive arsenal, engaging challenges, and enduring charm. The game’s innovative approach to the genre, which combines tactical gameplay with a compelling story, establishes it as a standout in the competitive gaming landscape of 2023, catering not only to Persona fans but also to turn-based strategy fans.

Persona 5 Tactica – A Tactical Masterpiece with Familiar Flair

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While Persona 5 Tactica lacks some of the mechanics of its predecessor, it retains the trademark flair that long-time fans adore. The menus and UI remain impossibly sleek, the cutscenes are breathtaking, and the voice acting soars to new heights. Although the Phantom Thieves play a supporting role in the main plot, their individual moments stand out, portraying them as seasoned advisors imparting Metaverse wisdom to Toshiro and Erina.

The combat, which is inspired of the XCOM series, uses a top-down grid layout with a focus on tactical gunplay. The one-of-a-kind twist on the One More mechanic adds depth. A unit can Down an enemy by manipulating enemy positions or using persona abilities for status effects, earning a One More and an extra action. Chaining multiple One Mores in a turn becomes a thrilling possibility with strategic skills and personas, allowing you to dismantle the enemy’s ranks before they have a chance to retaliate.

Persona 5 Tactica’s Dynamic Tactical Freedom

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The strategic brilliance of Persona 5 Tactica is that units can move endlessly within their allowed movement tiles before carrying out an attack. This one-of-a-kind feature encourages players to experiment and find creative solutions in seemingly dire situations. The All Out Attack is the highlight of this mechanic, in which placing downed enemies within a triangle formed by your units allows for simultaneous attacks on all enemies within that triangle. Performing an All Out Attack is extremely satisfying, especially when dealing with ten or more enemies at the same time.

The game’s combat remains engaging throughout the experience, as it introduces new mechanics, enemy types, and powers on a regular basis. Chaining up to 15 moves in one turn with only three units is never boring, and each combo feels more like a personally solved puzzle than a flashy moment handed to the player. Side quests serve as special challenges outside of the main story, requiring players to defeat up to 20 enemies in a single turn, honing their tactical instincts.

P5T excels at introducing new challenges to keep combat fresh. For example, around the midpoint, a unique enemy that flings units across the map appears, forcing players to plan an extra move ahead. Late in the game, another unit appears that swaps positions when attacked, creating a new puzzle around eliminating them without leaving allies out of position and surrounded.

Engaging Challenges and Strategic Depth in Persona 5 Tactica

The extensive arsenal available to you in Persona 5 Tactica on normal difficulty may make you feel overpowered in the late game. Switching to merciless mode, on the other hand, provides a much more engaging challenge, keeping players on their toes throughout the approximately 50-hour runtime, including side content.

The main story, which lasts approximately 35 hours, is supplemented by an additional 15 hours of side content. While some Persona fans may find the total runtime to be short, the game’s replayability is clear. Players may find themselves returning to sections to improve their scores, and a robust New Game+ mode adds even more incentive to return to the experience.

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The thoughtful approach to party customization in the game improves the overall experience. Each character can equip two personas at the same time, giving them some of Joker’s usual versatility. With each persona type allowing the infliction of different status effects, players can control the battlefield in up to six different ways in each mission. Personas function in the same way as in previous Persona games, providing buffs and elemental attacks that seamlessly integrate into the tactics framework, providing strategic depth that aligns with both tactical gameplay and the expansive JRPG format.

Enduring Charm and Revolutionary Gameplay of Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 Tactica provides players with a large arsenal, allowing them to create unique and powerful firearms through persona fusion. These firearms add even more status effects, giving you a plethora of tools for strategic gameplay. While playing on normal difficulty may cause players to feel overpowered in the late game, switching to merciless provides a more engaging challenge.

After spending roughly 80 hours on P5T, completing two full playthroughs, all side content, and the persona compendium, the game’s enduring charms are clear. Despite having unlocked and experienced everything the game has to offer, the core combat remains so enjoyable that improving scores for each map feels like a worthwhile endeavor.

Persona 5 Tactica stands out as a revolutionary take on the genre in the competitive gaming landscape of 2023. It seamlessly blends tactical gameplay and puzzle solving with the undeniably best story of the year. While it is a must-play for Persona fans, it also has a lot of appeal for turn-based strategy fans, whether they are familiar with the Metaverse or not.


Persona 5 Tactica is a tactical masterpiece, seamlessly fusing the beloved Persona franchise’s signature flair with strategic brilliance. This game introduces dynamic tactical freedom, allowing for unlimited movement options and encouraging creative solutions. Through a variety of mechanics, enemies, and powers, engaging challenges and strategic depth unfold, providing approximately 50 hours of captivating gameplay.

While the main story lasts approximately 35 hours, 15 hours of side content and a robust New Game+ mode ensure long-term replayability. Persona 5 Tactica’s enduring appeal is reflected in its thoughtful party customization, persona fusion, and the creation of powerful firearms, which provide a plethora of tools for strategic gameplay.

P5T is a revolutionary force in the 2023 gaming landscape, with approximately 80 hours invested and two full playthroughs. Its enduring appeal extends beyond Persona fans to turn-based strategy fans, providing a captivating blend of tactical gameplay and a compelling narrative.


Q1: What distinguishes Persona 5 Tactica from its predecessor?

A1: Persona 5 Tactica retains the trademark flair, slick design, and engaging story elements despite losing some mechanics. The combat system features a top-down grid layout with an emphasis on tactical gunplay.

Q2: What distinguishes the combat in Persona 5 Tactica?

A2: The combat system is similar to the XCOM series, with a top-down grid layout. The unique twist on the One More mechanic adds depth, allowing players to strategically manipulate enemies and chain multiple actions in a turn.

Q3: What tactical freedom does Persona 5 Tactica provide?

A3: Units can move indefinitely within their assigned tiles before launching an attack, providing a sense of freedom and experimentation. The All Out Attack, which involves placing downed enemies in a triangle, adds an exciting strategic element.

Q4: What types of challenges and depth does Persona 5 Tactica provide?

A4: The game frequently introduces new mechanics, enemy types, and powers. Side quests act as special challenges that necessitate tactical prowess, and the merciless difficulty level provides a more engaging challenge.

Q5: In Persona 5 Tactica, how does party customization work?

A5: Each character can equip two personas at the same time, providing flexibility and up to six distinct ways to control the battlefield in each mission. Personas add strategic depth by providing buffs and elemental attacks.

Q6: Is replayability available in Persona 5 Tactica?

A6: Yes, the game’s 50-hour runtime, including side content, provides replay value. Players can return to sections to improve their scores, and a robust New Game+ mode encourages multiple playthroughs.

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