Amnesia The Bunker Review – A Gripping Tale of Fear and Survival

Oh, I vividly recall every spine-chilling encounter with Amnesia The Bunker’s primary antagonist – a grotesque, apelike creature lurking within the walls of the World War I hellhole that entraps our protagonist, Henri Clément. Each moment was filled with intense fear and suspense, whether I cautiously observed it through the gaps of a confessional while accompanied by a mutilated chaplain or valiantly used my dwindling revolver ammunition to force it back into the depths, fully aware that it would return even more ferocious. Escaping from this monstrous entity was a truly harrowing experience, and every success felt well-earned in the face of such terrifying adversity.

Amnesia The Bunker
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Amnesia The Bunker – A Riveting Immersive Sim That Redefines Horror Gaming

Amnesia The Bunker emerges as a fresh and promising chapter in the series, skillfully retaining the hallmark feelings of vulnerability and foreboding while seamlessly integrating them into a captivating immersive simulation. In this installment, mere running and hiding are no longer the extent of your experiences; you find yourself engrossed in meticulously planning expeditions from the safety of your Resident Evil-style refuge. The game unveils a labyrinthine, nonlinear world, rivaling the best horror games I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

As I ventured through The Bunker, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to the eerie mansion from Resident Evil’s iconic GameCube remake. The familiar sensation of crisscrossing through the environments, seeking essential keys while carefully managing scarce resources, haunted my every move. A lingering fear of relentless “Crimson Head” zombies constantly gnawed at my consciousness. Similar to the Spencer Mansion, I grew intimately acquainted with The Bunker’s layout, a rare level design achievement that made the experience feel eerily familiar, akin to returning to a childhood home, only this time, it was teeming with indescribable horrors.

The integration of an immersive simulation element elevated the gameplay to new heights, allowing me to delve deeply into the unsettling atmosphere. The blend of vulnerability and intricate exploration, all set within a chilling horror backdrop, solidified The Bunker as an exceptional addition to the genre.

Amnesia The Bunker
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Amnesia The Bunker marks an exciting new beginning for the series, seamlessly fusing a sense of helplessness and dread with the immersive sim format. The game immerses players in a world where careful planning is essential, and exploration becomes a labyrinthine journey, rivaling the best horror experiences. Drawing comparisons to the iconic Resident Evil mansion, The Bunker’s familiarity becomes a haunting reminder of its unspeakable terrors, ensuring a thrilling and unforgettable gaming experience that sets a new standard for horror gaming.

One aspect of The Bunker that I’d like to critique is the isolated nature of its individual spokes, with their only connection being the central junction housing the safe house administration office. While the wings themselves boast fantastic, intricately designed levels, I couldn’t help but feel that the game could have reached even greater heights by adopting a more Metroid (or mansion)-style approach. Imagine a world that seamlessly folds in on itself, incorporating shortcuts between zones, creating an interconnected and immersive experience. This addition could have further enhanced an already excellent setting, making the gameplay even more captivating and engaging for players.

The Bunker: A Terrifying Symphony of Fear and Tension

The Bunker stands as an unparalleled experience, truly ranking among the scariest and most nerve-wracking video games I’ve encountered. Its intimidating and suffocating ambiance made it difficult to stay seated during my initial sessions. The unsettling combination of lights flickering out and the ominous roaring left me grappling with the urge to escape to a comforting distraction like tinkering with Zonai devices on my Switch. However, The Bunker’s grip on my mind was unparalleled, lingering long after I had completed the game, leaving an indelible mark on my psyche.

Frictional’s masterful sound design plays a paramount role in building an overwhelming sense of dread while signaling the lurking presence of the menacing monster. The game’s soundscape exudes an eerie, cavernous hum, amplified by the unnerving squeals of rats, intermittent cries from the Beast, and the earth-shattering thuds of German artillery. Each new sound set me on edge, heightening the tension and ensuring that even a minor disturbance could trigger a heart-stopping jump scare. Surprisingly, one of the most terrifying moments didn’t come from the Beast itself, but rather when I inadvertently stumbled upon a booby trap left by my fallen comrades, causing a grenade to detonate dangerously close to my head.

Amnesia The Bunker
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The fear-inducing gameplay mechanics are ingeniously crafted. Actions taken while exploring gradually build up the monster’s alertness, adding an intense time pressure. Simple activities like running, activating your flashlight, or scaring away rats incrementally attract the creature’s attention. However, more aggressive actions, such as forcefully opening a door or shooting off a lock, virtually guarantee its imminent arrival. A myriad of alternatives exist, like using a cinder block to break open a door (surprisingly, one of the game’s most valuable resources) or uncovering concealed vents in neighboring rooms. Yet, employing these alternatives demands patience and keen observation amidst the ever-present urgency.

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The Bunker stands as an unparalleled symphony of fear and tension, gripping players with its haunting atmosphere and pulse-pounding sound design. The masterful execution of gameplay mechanics ensures a constant state of anxiety, as even the smallest actions can attract the relentless Beast. Frictional’s brilliance shines through as they masterfully orchestrate a chilling experience, where dread lurks around every corner, keeping players on the edge of their seats until the very end.

The Bunker: A Masterclass in Immersive Survival Horror

The Bunker unveils a truly masterful survival horror experience, where managing the generator to keep the lights on becomes a crucial strategy to minimize the risk of encountering the dreaded Beast. When all the lights are off and the Beast is on the prowl, the atmosphere reaches its peak of utter dread.

The game intricately weaves challenging puzzles into the critical path, necessitating power to be on, while the limited inventory and storage space add to the frantic and suspenseful gameplay. With randomized item placements, players face a spinning-plates exercise of balancing fuel, healing items, grenades, and vital key items, each occupying a single inventory slot and not stacking.

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Every decision in The Bunker feels like a precisely calculated conundrum. Swiftly blowing open a door may offer a quick route to progress, but one must have a hiding spot ready for the inevitable arrival of the Beast. The mutated rats that guard valuable locker combinations can be deterred with fire or gas grenades, but doing so expends resources and risks attracting the Beast’s attention. The WWI revolver, with its meticulously detailed reloading mechanics, becomes a lifeline when cornered, but the Beast will continue to pursue relentlessly, requiring even more hits before retreating. The scarcity of resources further amplifies the tension, leaving players pondering the value of every action and the potential consequences of their choices.

In this immersive sim, players have the freedom to explore and strategize in response to the Beast’s presence, creating a cat-and-mouse dynamic with an apex predator. Unlike the stealthy power fantasies of Thief or Dishonored, The Bunker keeps players on the edge with its intense survival elements. The experience shares similarities with Alien: Isolation, where the simulationist depth and strategic choices blend seamlessly with the feeling of relentless pursuit.

However, unlike Isolation’s lengthy campaign, The Bunker presents itself as a perfectly compressed diamond of survival horror. The player is confined with the Beast in an awful, horrifying place, leading to a gripping and intense encounter.

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The Bunker excels as a masterclass in immersive survival horror, where managing the generator and making calculated decisions become paramount for survival. The game’s resource scarcity, relentless pursuit by the Beast, and strategic choices create an unparalleled tension and suspense that keeps players engaged and on their toes throughout the experience. In this tightly designed and intense simulation, players face a heart-pounding encounter, making The Bunker a standout gem among survival horror games.

The Bunker: A Compelling Contraction and Intriguing Narrative

In stark contrast to the expansive and mind-bending psychedelia of Amnesia: Rebirth, The Bunker’s narrative takes a deliberate approach of contraction, presenting itself as an Amnesia side story—an episode within the broader setting. Although it only hints at the unnerving lore and Lovecraftian dimensions of the series, this more straightforward tale possesses an elegant quality, leading players on a journey of devastating revelations as they piece together protagonist Henri Clément’s role in the unsettling events.

One aspect that deserves praise in The Bunker is its use of notes. Often, horror games and immersive sims heavily rely on written diaries and dictaphone recordings, becoming an overused trope. However, The Bunker’s implementation feels fresh and captivating, mainly due to its exceptional storytelling. The engrossing mystery of awakening in the deserted bunker, the oddly endearing cast of now-deceased French soldiers, and the tightly woven timeline of events unfolding between May and July 1916 create an immersive and intriguing experience. Sorting notes by date or author allows players to adopt the role of a detective, skillfully cycling back and forth to unravel the connections between individuals and events, all the while encountering red herrings and investigative dead ends that keep them guessing.

Amnesia The Bunker
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Despite the stress and dread that The Bunker evokes, players may find themselves compelled to replay it. The systems-driven survival elements combined with randomized item and trap placements result in an unpredictable and unnerving experience, even for those familiar with the game. The Bunker’s difficulty, peril, and suffocating atmosphere heighten the pressure and excitement of experimenting within an immersive sim context. As players master their tools and uncover hidden paths, they may feel like a resourceful French MacGyver one moment, only to become a terrified individual, clutching a single bullet in a gun, confronting the eerie void of the powerless facility a minute later.

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The Bunker offers a compelling narrative contraction, providing a captivating side story within the Amnesia universe. The implementation of notes as a storytelling device feels fresh and well-executed, drawing players into an immersive mystery of uncovering the past. The game’s unpredictability and haunting atmosphere create a desire for replayability, challenging players with its systems-driven survival elements and immersive sim mechanics. The Bunker stands as a gripping and tense experience that lingers in players’ minds long after the journey has ended.


Amnesia The Bunker is a heart-pounding horror experience that effectively combines powerlessness with immersive simulation elements. The game’s intricate level design and superb sound contribute to an atmosphere of dread and fear. Managing resources and strategic decision-making add to the challenge, while encounters with the apelike creature are intense and harrowing. The well-crafted story, presented through engaging notes, keeps players invested. With its replayability and unforgettable gameplay, The Bunker stands out as one of the scariest and most immersive horror games to date.


What is Amnesia the Bunker, and What is Its Setting?

Amnesia The Bunker is a horror game that features a World War I setting. Players take on the role of protagonist Henri Clément, who finds himself trapped in a bunker haunted by a terrifying apelike creature that lurks in the walls.

How Does the Gameplay Differ From Previous Amnesia Games?

Amnesia The Bunker combines the signature powerlessness and foreboding of the Amnesia series with immersive simulation elements. Players must plan expeditions out of the safe room, exploring a nonlinear and labyrinthine world, reminiscent of classic horror games like Resident Evil’s GameCube remake.

How Does the Level Design Enhance the Horror Experience?

The Bunker’s level design is intricate and well-crafted, creating a memorable and terrifying atmosphere. Players will become familiar with the layout, making it feel like a place they’ve lived in, albeit filled with unspeakable horrors.

How Does the Game’s Sound Design Contribute to the Fear Factor?

Frictional’s sound design is superb in building a sense of dread and signaling the monster’s alert level. The ambient, cavernous hum, combined with creature noises and other environmental sounds, sets players on edge and heightens the fear factor.

What Adds to the Challenge in the Bunker’s Gameplay?

Managing resources becomes crucial in The Bunker. Players must carefully conserve fuel, healing items, grenades, and key items, as they all occupy limited inventory space and do not stack. Every decision, from using resources to choosing how to deal with threats, feels like a strategic conundrum.

How Does the Bunker Approach Enemy Encounters?

Encounters with the apelike creature are intense and fear-inducing. Players can use various strategies, such as luring the creature into traps or using weapons, but its persistent nature and unpredictability keep players on edge and feeling pursued.

Is the Story of the Bunker Engaging?

The story of The Bunker is a deliberate contraction compared to other Amnesia games. It offers a more straightforward narrative, providing hints at the series’ larger lore and Lovecraftian elements. Piecing together the protagonist’s role in the events is both compelling and devastating.

How Are Notes Used to Tell the Game’s Story?

The Bunker utilizes notes in a fresh and engaging way. The diaries and dictaphone recordings of deceased French soldiers provide a compelling mystery and a sense of investigative gameplay, allowing players to unravel the events of the past.

Does the Bunker Offer Replayability?

Yes, The Bunker offers replayability due to its systems-driven survival mechanics and randomized item and trap placement. Every venture outside the safe room remains unpredictable and unnerving, even in subsequent playthroughs.

How Does the Bunker Differ From Other Horror Games?

The Bunker sets itself apart from other horror games with its unique blend of powerlessness and immersive simulation elements. It provides players with strategic choices and a constantly looming threat, creating a truly intense and unforgettable horror experience.

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