Super Bomberman R 2 Review – Exploring Explosive Evolution

The Bomberman series has been a source of immeasurable joy in my gaming journey. Its simple yet addictive design kept me hooked, coming back for more with each playthrough. However, it appears that Konami may have overlooked a fundamental principle: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Unfortunately, the notion that every gamer has a short attention span seems to have infiltrated the series, evident in every mode of Super Bomberman R 2. 

Super Bomberman R 2 Review
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In hindsight, there are so many perplexing decisions made here that it’s challenging to discern who the intended audience for this game really is. Nevertheless, if you can manage to look past these eccentricities and focus on a classic Battle 64 match, you might find a glimmer of the familiar Bomberman experience in a modern context. Regrettably, the other modes and the story campaign will swiftly remind you that this is an entirely different beast altogether.

Super Bomberman R 2: A Chaotic Story and Leveling System

Upon entering Super Bomberman R 2’s main menu, the game encourages players to embark on the Story campaign before delving into the online modes. However, the Story’s cutscenes deliver a level of chaos that surpasses even the zaniest of cartoons. The plot revolves around Bomberman and his siblings attempting to rescue aliens called Ellons, with each sibling embodying their distinct personality in a series of loud and frenetic interactions. While these antics may amuse children, they might leave older players bewildered. The presence of Yellow, in particular, can provoke strong aversions, leading some to skip cutscenes entirely.

Super Bomberman R 2 Review
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The gameplay unfolds on a planet comprised of expansive Bomberman-style levels. Players navigate these levels, breaking bricks to uncover hidden money used for character upgrades. This introduces the first major issue: money is a random drop, necessitating the destruction of nearly every block to find enough funds for leveling up. Upgrades enhance speed, explosion power, and grant abilities like kick and punch. Some players might prefer leveling up via EXP earned from defeating enemies, as there are fewer foes to contend with. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to invest time in block-breaking to prepare for the game’s increasingly challenging levels.

As players progress through the game, the primary objective is to rescue the Ellons, who are confined within blocks. However, one may find themselves distracted by the environment’s visual elements, which, to some, may bear an unintentional resemblance to certain phallic shapes. Whether this perception is shared by others is uncertain, as the player’s attention may have been diverted due to confusion regarding the game’s storyline.


Rescuing Ellons serves a crucial purpose, as they are necessary for unlocking doors and establishing fast travel points. The campaign features battles against larger enemies, yet the gameplay loop remains relatively consistent during these segments.

However, a notable shift occurs during the tower defense portions of the game, revealing that this title may not be suitable for all players. These moments in the campaign were met with disdain, with the player expressing a lack of understanding regarding how to effectively counter the exceptionally swift enemies. Consequently, they resorted to a seemingly haphazard approach, running around until victory was achieved. The player’s success in these sections, although unconventional, remains a mystery to them, leaving them uncertain about their actions during these sequences.

Exploring Co-op Modes in Super Bomberman R Online: A Familiar Experience with a Twist

When it comes to co-op gameplay in Super Bomberman R Online, there’s a variety of local and online modes to dive into. However, if you’ve previously enjoyed Super Bomberman R Online, you might experience a sense of déjà vu. The addition of the “Castle” mode introduces some freshness to the mix, challenging players to either protect treasure or seize keys. It’s enjoyable, particularly when playing with friends. 

Super Bomberman R 2 Review
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In Castle mode, playing with AI bots can be a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes, these bots make puzzling decisions, making the experience less engaging when you’re not surrounded by real players who bring unpredictability to the table.

The online multiplayer mode, on the other hand, comes with a quirky twist. Unlike most games that allow you to choose your preferred mode, Super Bomberman R Online cycles through its four available modes. However, it’s evident that the player base mostly gravitates towards “Standard” and “Battle 64,” which stay true to the classic Bomberman experience. The other modes attempt to push the series in different directions, and while they bring some novelty, long-time fans may find themselves feeling like they’ve seen it all before, except for the unique story campaign and Castle Mode.


One saving grace is the inclusion of crossplay for online modes. This ensures that you won’t be left waiting for extended periods while searching for a match, adding to the convenience and accessibility of the game. So, while some aspects of the co-op experience may feel familiar, there are still pockets of excitement to be found in Super Bomberman R Online, especially when teaming up with friends in Castle Mode or engaging in crossplay online matches.

Super Bomberman R 2: Missing the Classic Essence and Innovations

Super Bomberman R 2 seems to have lost the core essence that makes Bomberman games so enjoyable. Comparing it to titles like Puyo Puyo Tetris 2, which manage to infuse the fun factor into every mode and even the storyline, Super Bomberman R 2 falls short in terms of delivering a truly fresh experience. 

Super Bomberman R 2 Review
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One of the main additions, Castle Mode, doesn’t quite have the structure to carry the game and present itself as something genuinely “new.” It might leave players longing for the classic Bomberman excitement.

While innovation within the series is always welcome, the most memorable moments often occur during local co-op sessions and in the chaos of 16-player matches with friends. Currently, the game supports up to 8 players, with an option to add 8 bots to the mix. This creates the expected level of mayhem that Bomberman is known for. However, some players may wish for more customization options for the game field to enhance the experience.

Despite the attempt to introduce new modes, the heart of the game still lies in trying to replicate the classic Bomberman vibe. It’s clear that the magic of Bomberman is most vividly recaptured when enjoying these familiar moments, rather than venturing into uncharted territory with the new additions. Super Bomberman R 2 may benefit from finding a better balance between preserving its roots and exploring innovations to keep fans engaged.

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Super Bomberman R 2 Pros and Cons

1.Classic Bomberman Charm: It retains the beloved Bomberman gameplay that fans have cherished for years.Lackluster Story Campaign: The story mode can be chaotic and doesn’t provide a compelling narrative, making it less enjoyable for some players.
2.Local Co-op Fun: Playing with friends in local co-op, especially in 16-player matches, offers chaotic and enjoyable moments.Repetitive Gameplay: The game relies heavily on breaking blocks to level up, which can become repetitive and tedious.
3.Crossplay Support: The inclusion of crossplay ensures you can find online matches quickly and play with friends on different platforms.Confusing Tower Defense Sections: Some segments of the campaign, particularly the tower defense parts, lack clarity and can be frustrating.
4.New Modes: Castle Mode adds a fresh gameplay dimension, and Battle 64 and Standard modes provide classic Bomberman experiences.Limited Innovation: Super Bomberman R 2 doesn’t introduce significant innovations to the series, feeling more like an extension of its predecessor.
5. Visually Appealing: The game features updated graphics that enhance the overall visual appeal.Short Campaign: The story campaign consists of only three levels, making it feel short and underwhelming.


Super Bomberman R 2 finds itself struggling to stand out, both in comparison to its predecessor and within the broader Bomberman series. Unfortunately, there’s little to justify a purchase, as it offers a campaign consisting of a mere three unremarkable levels, a scarcity of exciting power-ups, and a somewhat perplexing implementation of online modes.

While the classic Bomberman charm still shines through when playing the traditional modes, the new additions fail to propel the series in any notable direction. It appears that Super Bomberman R 2 treads water rather than taking bold steps forward to invigorate the franchise. Fans may find themselves yearning for more innovation and substantial content to truly justify investing in this installment.


1. What is Super Bomberman R 2?

Super Bomberman R 2 is the latest installment in the classic Bomberman series, offering new gameplay and modes.

2. When was Super Bomberman R 2 released?

The game was released on September 13, 2023.

3. What platforms is it available on?

Super Bomberman R 2 is available on the PS5.

4. Is there a single-player story campaign?

Yes, the game features a story campaign where you embark on a mission to save aliens called Ellons.

5. Are there online multiplayer modes?

Yes, the game offers online multiplayer modes with crossplay support, including classic Bomberman modes and new ones.

6. What’s new in Super Bomberman R 2 compared to its predecessor?

The game introduces Castle Mode and various gameplay enhancements but retains the classic Bomberman charm.

7. How many players can participate in local co-op and multiplayer matches?

You can play with up to 8 players, including bots, in chaotic Bomberman battles.

8. Is Super Bomberman R 2 a significant evolution of the series?

The game sticks to its Bomberman roots but introduces some new modes; however, it may not drastically change the series.

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