House Flipper 2 Game Review – Renovation and Customizations

In House Flipper 2, players begin by accepting renovation jobs from townspeople. These jobs include things like cleaning their house, painting it, and even furnishing it for them. You complete jobs to earn money. When you have enough money, you can start buying your own properties and renovating them in order to sell them for a profit. The quest screen tells you everything that you need to know about what you have to do to complete a job. This includes things like cleaning stains, picking up rubbish, painting walls, buying and selling new objects, and many more. You can earn skill points by completing tasks that are related to the specific skill. For example, if you want to upgrade your painting skills, then you have to paint. If you find joy in cleaning up virtual messes, House Flipper 2 is about to become your favorite game.

House Flipper 2 Game Review
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Revamped Assembly in House Flipper 2

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With House Flipper 2, the traditional plumbing tasks for toilets, sinks, and baths have been replaced with a menu that allows you to assemble certain items in order to get a store discount. This is a fun addition to the game. In the assembly, you have to do everything by yourself. From drilling a hole in a wall, placing a hammer in a wall plug, and then screwing in the screw for placing items like a picture frame and clocks, it does add a layer of realism, and a lot of people would appreciate it.

Crafting and Customization in House Flipper 2

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During a renovation task, players can access the quest window to view required items for purchase. You can select the items from the quest window, or you can go into the store tab and either go through the tabs or search for the item you want. Once you select it, you’re able to customize the look of the item. This includes all sorts of things, like the metal of it or the wood. For example, a chair with metal legs will allow you to change the metal or the type of metal that the legs are made from. As well as allow you to change the pattern of the wood, the type of wood, or even the pattern of the cushion on the chair.

After customizing it, buy it and then place it wherever you like. You can use grid snap mode to place the items on the grid, or you can use precision mode to put them down exactly where you want them to be. When it comes to selling, you have a flipper tool, and you just press a button and the item is sold. The Sell Objects tool highlights all sellable items in the room, offering a moment of clarity amid the chaos of renovation. Navigating the user interface has never been smoother. The developers have learned from past experiences streamlining the interface for console players. Icons replace lengthy lines of text, ensuring everything is easily visible and accessible.


In the skills section, with the help of a flipper tool, you can duplicate items or copy their style. Duplication makes it easier to grab multiples of the same item instead of going into the store. and copying the style allows you to quickly change other items to match the decor so that your sofas and chairs can all fit in with the same style you’re going for. This means you don’t have to keep going into the customization of each and every item and doing it individually.

Painting and Decorating in House Flipper 2

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The paint mechanics have notably improved from the original game, offering players a more immersive experience. In the original, you held a button and moved along the wall to get it painted. whereas in House Flipper 2, you buy the paint and place it, and then, with the roller equipped, you select the area that you want to paint. Then you add the paint to your roller, and you hold the button in order to put the roller onto the wall itself. Then you move the roller around and paint the wall. But occasionally, you have to refill the roller with paint. When it comes to tiles and wallpaper, you buy them, you place them, and then, using the correct tiling tool, you select the tiles or wallpaper and then place them as a square section onto the wall.


Painting and demolishing have received a facelift, allowing more creative expression. Painting in different directions and individually demolishing bricks open up a world of possibilities, making each renovation a unique experience. For those tired of dealing with fussy buyers on resale sites, House Flipper 2 streamlines the furniture selling process, offering a more user-friendly experience. The skills section will allow you to increase the roller size to hold more paint. With tiling and wallpaper, you can increase the square size so that you can place more tiles and wallpaper in a larger area.

Revamping Cleaning Mechanics in House Flipper 2

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While cleaning might seem boring to some, it remains a crucial aspect of House Flipper 2. Cleaning includes scrubbing walls and floors to get rid of stains. You can choose from various clothes and brushes. Aided by a detergent tool that speeds up stain removal. You do start with a basic cloth or brush, depending on what you’re cleaning. You basically walk around, look at the mess, hold the button, and clean it. Cleaning windows is done in a similar way to painting, where you hold the button, you move around with a squeegee, and you clean the window until the dirt is gone.

You also have a trash bag that allows you to pick up trash, and when the bag gets full, you tie it up and drop it on the floor so you can pick it up again and then take it outside to the bin. You can also throw it if you prefer to save yourself from walking. The addition of this new tool, the trusty bin bag, elevates the satisfaction of disposing of rubbish to a whole new level. It’s a seemingly small feature, but it adds a delightful touch to the cleaning process.


One standout feature is the ‘Flipper Vision’, which assists players in spotting overlooked areas requiring cleaning. This will allow you to see dirt in areas that you’ve missed or little, tiny bits that you might not have fully cleaned up. It means you don’t have to wander around the house, trying to figure out where the heck the dirt is left. As we step into the house, it’s impossible to ignore the visual overhaul. Textures are sharper, the environment is more immersive, and your character now has a lower body, making the whole experience feel more realistic.

The developers have successfully balanced realism with the game’s signature cartoon charm, creating a visually stunning sequel that doesn’t lose its quirky appeal. But where House Flipper 2 truly shines is in its quality of life improvements. Cleaning is no longer a one-size-fits-all affair.

There is also a vacuum that picks up debris. Skill-wise, you can increase the trash bag capacity, clean faster, and increase the area affected when picking up trash or scrubbing stains. And it gives you the ability to gain 100 percent of the value of sellable items that you accidentally click on with the trash bag when it comes to cleaning.

Story Mode and Gameplay in House Flipper 2

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House Flipper 2 goes beyond being just a simulator, introducing a captivating story mode. Start a journey as a rookie flipper in the town of Pinnacove, helping residents and building your way up. If storytelling isn’t your cup of tea, the sandbox mode allows you to unleash your creativity and design dream homes without any narrative constraints.

But it’s not all about serious renovation work. House Flipper 2 adds a touch of playfulness with mini games. From tossing trash bags into bins like a DIY basketball game to engaging in a full-fledged chess match with a purchased set, there are opportunities to unwind and have some fun in between renovations.

Gardening DLC Absence in House Flipper 2

The game lacks gardening DLC like the first game had with its DLC. with a small selection of things that you could place into the garden, but not the ability to cut grass or do any actual gardening. assuming that they’re doing an EA and they’re waiting until the game dies down, and then they release and charge us for a garden DLC. Unfortunately, this is the way it works.


House Flipper 2 represents a significant improvement from its predecessor in terms of gameplay and features. It’s more fun and better to play with its visual enhancements, quality of life improvements, engaging story mode, and playful additions, but it does lack the installation parts of the first game that actually dumb down the gameplay because of it. Things like installing toilets and showers, doing the plumbing, and putting things together when you’re in the house itself. This game also lacks gardening. Are you passionate about renovations and interior design? Dive into House Flipper 2 and share your unique design journey with us!

FAQs for House Flipper 2

Q1: What major changes have been introduced in House Flipper 2 compared to its predecessor?

A1: House Flipper 2 introduces a revamped assembly system where players no longer manually assemble plumbing or other fixtures but instead use a menu for certain items. The game offers improved customization options, a refined painting system, and a cleaning mechanism that includes tools like a detergent tool and trash bag.

Q2: How does the assembly system work in House Flipper 2?

A2: In House Flipper 2, assembly has been simplified. Players use a menu to assemble items in order to get a store discount. Previously, players had to manually drill, place wall plugs, and screw items in place.

Q3: What customization options are available in the House Flipper 2?

A3: Players can customize items by selecting various materials, like metal or wood. For example, a chair can have its metal legs or cushion patterns changed to suit the player’s preferences.

Q4: How has painting been improved in House Flipper 2?

A4: Painting in House Flipper 2 allows players to buy paint, place it, and use a roller to paint walls. Players can paint in different directions and occasionally need to refill the roller. The game also introduces skills that increase roller size and tiling capabilities.

Q5: Is there a story mode in House Flipper 2?

A5: Yes, House Flipper 2 introduces a story mode set in the town of Pinnacove. Players start as rookie flippers, helping residents and progressing through the game. There’s also a sandbox mode for creative design without narrative constraints.

Q6: Are there any mini-games in House Flipper 2?

A6: Yes, House Flipper 2 includes mini-games, such as tossing trash bags into bins and playing chess, to provide players with opportunities for fun and relaxation between renovations.

Q7: What is the state of gardening in House Flipper 2 compared to the first game?

A7: House Flipper 2 currently lacks the gardening DLC present in its predecessor. While there are some items available for the garden, players cannot perform tasks like cutting grass. Some players speculate that a gardening DLC might be released later, similar to how other games handle additional content.

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