Ghost Trick Phantom Detective Review – Discover the Captivating Story and Stunning Art

In the realm of gaming wonders, where dreams unfold and imaginations take flight, there exists a masterpiece that defies conventional boundaries – a game so captivating, so sublime, that it transcends mere perfection. And lo, it’s known as the Ghost Trick, a hidden gem waiting for your eager embrace. Prepare to traverse uncharted territories of wonder, because your existence will be changed forever.

Ghost Trick
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But let us embark on this extraordinary journey with a touch of lore. Born from the boundless imagination of Shu Takumi, the mastermind behind the famous Ace Attorney series, Ghost Trick graced the Nintendo DS in 2010. Though its arrival did not generate massive sales, it did cast its spell on those lucky enough to attend. Settled in the hearts of the enlightened, it grew into a cherished gem, and joined the ranks of other less-appreciated marvels of that hallowed era – Hotel Dusk, The World Ends With You, and Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.

Now, let me get to the essence of Ghost Trick, that elusive magic trick that tempts you to unravel its secrets. Prepare to have your soul tangled up in its mesmerizing tapestry, as this mesmerizing adventure is a concentrated explosion of ethereal genius, spanning a mere twelve to fifteen hours. But don’t be fooled by its brevity, dear adventurer, because it has potential that rivals movies like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and oh, it will even surpass that grand creation.

In this supernatural realm, the veil between life and death becomes just a flimsy thread for you to manipulate. As you take on the supernatural form of a ghostly hero, you’ll navigate a labyrinth of otherworldly puzzles, defying the laws of existence. With your spectral abilities, you are granted the power to change destiny. Every twist and turn unfolds an intriguing story woven with intricate threads of mystery and intrigue. Oh, the sheer joy of discovering the truth hidden beneath the surface of this mysterious world!

And as your journey progresses, you’ll witness a symphony of artistry – a mix of vibrant colors, fluid animations and evocative melodies that dance in sync with your every move. The DS’s humble canvas is transformed into a portal of unfathomable beauty, breathing life into every pixel and stroke. Get ready to be transported into a dreamscape so vivid, so vivid, that it will linger in your thoughts long after the final chapter is etched in memory.

Now, as you stand on the summit of this masterpiece, your mind may question the audacity of my claims. How can a game of such brevity, devoid of darling Hestu, dare to compete with the legends? Ah, but therein lies the magic of the Ghost Trick, dear traveller. Its essence lies in its unique uniqueness, the richness of its characters, and the depth of its storytelling. It defies conventions of what a game should be, asserting itself with unwavering confidence.

So, I beg you, drop your preconceived notions and surrender to the charm of Ghost Trick. Let its spectral embrace overwhelm your senses, and let it leave its mark on your being. Because within the confines of this supernatural masterpiece, your destiny awaits – a destiny intertwined with the echoes of a forgotten world waiting to be uncovered by your intrepid spirit. Let your life be transformed forever, dear miracle seeker, because it is time to embark on an adventure unlike any other.

Unveiling the Enigma: Embark on a Mesmerizing Journey with Ghost Trick

Prepare to be enthralled by a mystical tale called Ghost Trick – a supernatural blend of puzzle and storytelling, where the line between life and death becomes a tapestry of mysteries. Step into the place of a disorienting ghost, enter the realm of the departed without any recollection of your past or the circumstances of his or her demise. But do not be afraid, because in the depths of his spectral essence hides an extraordinary gift – the ability to perform “Ghost Tricks“. Armed with these supernatural powers, he uncovers the mysteries surrounding his existence and sets out in search of the truth.

Ghost Trick
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To delve deeper into the captivating essence of Ghost Trick, let us embark on a journey of discovery. Within its mesmerizing realm, you will encounter a labyrinth of puzzles and entanglements, intricately intertwined with a narrative that will take you into a whirlwind of mystery. Prepare yourself to surrender to the intoxicating charm of its vividly sculpted world, where every shadow hides a secret waiting to be revealed.

But hark! Don’t be deceived by its brevity, as Ghost Trick has a rare quality – a willingness to leave you craving for more rather than overstaying your welcome. It’s a masterful tapestry of storytelling that will engage your senses with twists and turns that rival even the most intricate of pasta shapes. And fear not, because within its brief confines hides an ending that will leave you satisfied, the abiding taste of satisfaction dancing on your lips.

Watch the characters that grace this supernatural stage, as they are testimony to the art of storytelling. Though your encounter with them may be fleeting, their vibrancy and depth will resonate in your soul. Through sublime dialogue and animated brilliance, they come alive, their personalities seared across your heart like a vivid tapestry of emotion.

And let us not forget Ghost Trick’s supreme gem – the stunning art direction that breathes life into every pixel, transcending the limits of mere visual representation. It is a testimony to the limitless creativity of the human soul, a symphony of colors and forms that transport you to a utopia of peerless beauty. Prepare to be mesmerized by its artistic charm, as each brush stroke and each meticulously crafted detail transport you to a realm where reality and fantasy intertwine.

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So, dear mystery seekers, shed the veil of certainty and embrace the mysterious world of Ghost Tricks. Go ahead guided by the meager light of these bare facts. Uncover the secrets hidden within, as the puzzles weave together a story that will leave you stunned. Prepare to be mesmerized, because Ghost Trick is waiting for you, ready to capture your imagination and ignite the flame of wonder within your soul.

Embrace the Artistry: Unravel the Enchanting Tapestry of Ghost Trick

Get ready to be transported into a realm where animation defies convention, where characters come alive with a vibrant energy that’s unparalleled. Ghost Trick, in all its artistic splendor, presents a visual feast that stands alone in the gaming universe. Each character explodes with vibrancy, their every movement a unique symphony of dynamism and flair, befitting their essence.

Ghost Trick
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Imagine, if you will, a witty detective making a grand entrance, ushering into the room with gusto, followed by a high-kicking extravaganza that would make even Elvis himself green with envy. And there, behold a rose-haired woman, swaying with a playful rhythm behind her, spilling her bottled rage at the wall, clinking her wineglass at her typewriter in a whimsical salute to the unfolding events. retreated to writing pulp stories. Romance. Oh, but wait till you see the spectacle of how these characters devour their chicken – a sight that cannot be explained, an experience that has to be seen to be believed Needed These living wonders leave an indelible imprint of admiration and awe on your soul.

But Ghost Trick is much more than mere visual splendor; It’s a realm of riddles that range from the insanely simple to the mind-bendingly complex. It’s a journey that guides you slowly, teaching you the intricacies of its mechanics before challenging you to unravel the threads of its puzzles. Yes, there might be a level that tests your stealth skills, maybe a little too much, but fear not, because the solutions that await you are nothing short of spectacular. They satisfy the darkest cravings of your puzzle-solving spirit, and in the realm of death itself, they evoke a symphony of emotions – shock, sadness, and even hilarity. Because, as paradoxical as it may seem, there are also moments when death itself becomes a source of laughter.

Ghost Trick dances the flimsy tightrope between life and death, weaving puzzles that evoke deep emotion with a masterful touch. Each solution weaves its own web of cleverness and satisfaction, filling you with wonder and sympathy. It is a testament to the artistry of game design, where even the specter of death can be mixed with excitement and joy.

So, my fellow adventurers, surrender yourselves to the whimsical realm of Ghost Trick. Immerse yourself in its stunning animation, where the characters become living canvases of expression. Accept the challenge of its puzzles, from simple joys to intricate complexities. Let a wave of emotion wash over you, because within this extraordinary experience lies a story that will leave an indelible mark on your heart – a story where death and laughter intertwine, and where artistic expression breaks boundaries. 

Unlock the Mysteries: Embrace the Enigmatic Journey of Ghost Trick Remastered

As you progress along your path of trial and error, it is true that you may encounter moments of repetition, even with multiple attempts. We’ve rewatched the game ourselves and felt the need to retrace our steps, occasionally seeking guidance from a helpful guide during that infamous secret level. Fear not, however, as Ghost Trick offers the ability to fast-forward through generous checkpoints and dialogue, ensuring a fast and efficient journey. Although the presence of timers in each level may initially cause anxiety, rest assured that they serve more as a narrative device than a hindrance to your puzzle-solving ability. With the ability to enter Ghost Mode, time itself becomes a flexible structure, giving you ample opportunity to tackle each challenge.

Ghost Trick
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Now, let us get into the heart of Ghost Trick – the story that unfolds is a treasure that cannot be compared. Without revealing too much, we can confidently declare that this is one of the best narratives we have ever experienced in a game. Really! Shu Takumi, the mastermind behind Ace Attorney and its unforgettable trials and tribulations, once again demonstrates his power, gifting us with a tapestry of plot twists that are expertly woven into the fabric of the tale. Each twist comes exactly when it’s needed, never feeling gimmicky or clichéd. Motives will be questioned, beliefs will be shaken, and yet, amidst the uncertainty, you will find yourself enthralled by the captivating cast. Through their words and, oh, their animation, you’ll make connections that go beyond the digital realm.

And now, let us turn our attention to the port, a matter of great intrigue for Ace Attorney enthusiasts who may miss the artistic compromises made in the HD remake. Don’t worry, dear connoisseurs of aesthetics, the team behind the adaptation of Ghost Trick has pulled off a remarkable feat. They’ve turned the dual-screen, 4:3 nature of the game into a seamless widescreen experience in line with the Switch’s single 16:9 display. Gone are the concerns of garbled visuals or jarring transitions that plagued previous remakes. Instead, you’ll see a visual splendor that does justice to the original, breathing new life into its ethereal beauty.

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Thus, we urge you to heed the call of Ghost Trick. Immerse yourself in its immersive world, where repetition drives progression, where a captivating story unfolds with impeccable timing, and where the essence of artistry adorns every pixel. Embrace the seamless customization of the port, which is a testament to the dedication and care given to this remarkable appellation. Dear wonder-seekers, allow yourself to be swept away, as Ghost Trick invites you to embark on an adventure where time bends to your will and secrets unfold at your fingertips.

A Transcendent Transformation: Ghost Trick Remastered Unveils its High-Definition Splendor

Behold the majesty of Ghost Trick as it undergoes a transformative journey into the realm of high definition. Initial concerns about the transition to a new format of animation quickly fade away, as its beauty remains as awe-inspiring as it was when it first captivated our minds on the DS. In fact, the change allows for a new appreciation of intricate details that were previously obscured on the smaller DS screen.

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However, it must be acknowledged that the remaster’s adherence to the 4:3 resolution required adding substantial bars to either side of the primary game screen. For those who are not fond of the presence of Nintendo Switch online games, this aspect can be initially frustrating. Yet, fear not, for there is a happy silver lining. The ability to customize the appearance of these bars with flashy art from the game adds a whimsical touch, allowing it to transcend any initial reservations. In truth, we found ourselves increasingly attuned to the presence of these bars, recognizing them as a small price to pay for the joy of holding Ghost Trick in our hands and embracing it once again in our hearts.

As for the absence of a second screen, it’s a departure that doesn’t do any significant harm. The top screen, which previously displayed information about in-game items, is seamlessly integrated into a single screen experience. The remaining time for each puzzle finds its place on the side bar, ensuring well-organized and intuitive navigation. Really Easy Peas!

Rejoice, dear adventurer, the magnificence of Ghost Trick shines anew in high definition. Enjoy the excellence of its animation, as each frame is a testimony to the artistry within. Embrace the look of side bars knowing that their whimsical customization options bring a touch of charm. Say goodbye to the second screen, recognizing that its absence is insignificant in the face of seamless integration of important information. Let the beauty of this remaster transport you once again to a realm where mystery meets art, and where the wonder of Ghost Trick thrives.

Unveiling the Remastered Enchantment: Ghost Trick’s Additional Delights Await

In this revamped realm of Ghost Trick, additional content awaits, offering a glimpse into the game’s creative depth. Although our personal interests may have wavered at times, the presence of four notable additions is undeniable, revealed as you progress through the game’s chapters.

The first of these is a delightful collection of combination illustrations and concept art, a treasure trove of visual splendor that becomes accessible once you’ve reached the game’s climax. These artistic gems serve as a fitting prize, offer a glimpse into the creative process, and immerse you in the world of Ghost Trick. Be prepared to be captivated by his charm.

Ghost Trick
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Next, we are treated to the mesmerizing compositions of Masakazu Sugimori, the original composer of Ace Attorney. Ghost Trick’s music pulsates with life and emotion, fueled by Sugimori’s unmistakable talent. It’s a symphony that ignites the soul, drawing you deep into the game’s narrative. However, we must admit that listening to the soundtrack on the Switch may not provide the ideal audio experience for those who want to enjoy its glory to the fullest. Rest assured, though, because beyond the Switch’s confines is an area where its musical prowess can truly be savored.

Among the extras, achievements take their place, bringing to the fore an element of playful achievement. These rewards are divided into two categories: completing chapters and demonstrating skill in game challenges, exemplifying your skill by flawlessly winning levels. Although achievements can only serve as mementos of victory, it’s worth noting that the Switch platform itself doesn’t offer concrete rewards for these achievements. However, they exist as proof of your dedication and expertise.

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Finally, we encounter the mysterious inclusion of “Ghost Puzzles”. Displayed by sliding pieces depicting game scenes, these puzzles seem to stand out as a curious idea. Unfortunately, our attempts to connect with them have met with disappointment, leaving us indifferent to their presence. It appears that the charm of the Ghost Trick is not in these particular intricacies.

Ghost puzzles aside, we reiterate that this port is a testament to the exceptional quality of the game. We had hoped to win your heart with our introductory paragraph, yet here we stand, sincerely hoping that our words have resonated in your heart and sparked curiosity in your soul. Ghost Trick remains an unsung masterpiece, one of the best and most under-appreciated games to have graced our gaming journeys. It is a rare gem deserving recognition and appreciation. Now, we beg of you, go ahead and reveal the reasons why we constantly admire the virtues of Ghost Trick. Let its magic wash over you and uncover its secrets, because inside lies an experience that will live forever in the darkest of your gaming memories.


Dear seekers of paranormal experiences, prepare yourself for Ghost Trick Phantom Detective awaits your embrace. Once considered one of the greatest wonders of the Nintendo DS, it has now risen to new heights as one of the most exceptional games on the Nintendo Switch. If your heart skips a beat with Ace Attorney, Danganronpa, AI: The Somnium Files, or any of the great titles we’ve referenced, why delay? Why delay your journey into a realm of unparalleled delight, where a great story is fused with awe-inspiring artistry? Hear our heartfelt plea and heed his call! Get the game right away, because every passing moment keeps you away from the extraordinary enjoyment that awaits you. Unleash your sense of adventure and immerse yourself in the magic of Ghost Trick Phantom Detective. Now, go ahead, set out on this amazing quest, and let its magnificence captivate your being!


What is Ghost Trick Phantom Detective?

Ghost Trick is a puzzle-based story game about a ghost solving his murder, created by Shu Takumi, the creator of Ace Attorney.

How Long is the Game?

Ghost Trick takes about 12-15 hours to complete, providing a satisfying experience without overstaying its welcome.

What Makes Ghost Trick Unique?

The standout features of the game include its extraordinary art direction, dynamic character animations, and captivating dialogues.

Are the Puzzles Challenging?

Ghost Trick offers a series of clever and satisfying puzzles that match well with the themes of the games.

Does the Game Have Replay Value?

Yes, Ghost Trick is worth replays because of its interesting story, plot twists and additional content to unlock.

How Does the Game Look on the Nintendo Switch?

The game retains its aesthetic on Switch, but the native 4:3 resolution results in bars on the sides of the screen.

Does the Game Offer Additional Content?

Additional content includes illustrations, concept art, music, achievements, and “ghost puzzles”.

Is Ghost Trick Worth Playing?

Absolutely! It comes highly recommended for fans of Shu Takumi’s work and anyone who enjoys engaging stories and puzzles.

Where Can I Get Ghost Trick?

The game is available for Nintendo Switch in the eShop or from your favorite video game retailer.

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